You Dreamed About Cheating: What Does It Mean?

So you dreamed about your partner cheating on you or you cheating on your partner, and now you wonder what the significance is.  That can surely be an unpleasant dream either way, and may reveal some deep concerns or fears that you haven’t consciously embraced.

Alternatively, it may relate (oddly enough) to something else altogether, and may not reflect your feelings about your relationship.

Dreams About Cheating

For someone who is committed to a relationship, just the thought of being or being cheating is enough to make them pretty anxious. For those who are romantically involved, waking up to realise that you had dreamed of cheating or being cheated on can be alarming, and it triggers quiet feelings of uncertainty in your relationship. This may lead to issues with confidence, ultimately leading to your dreams about cheating by your partner. Dreams of being cheating may also indicate that you are very uncertain about your real-life relationship. Dreams about cheating by your partner may correlate to feelings of being unfaithful, not sexually, in real life.

Your dreams are not necessarily related to a relationship, but are instead reactions to a betrayal in some other aspect of your life. If a dream involves cheating on you with someone you are in a steady relationship with, and you are not physically attracted to, this may indicate there are qualities in them you would like to see your partner possess. There could be many scenarios in your dreams in which you discover you are being deceived by another person or by your partner.

Dreams Of Your Partner Cheating

While this can be a little hard to swallow, dreams of your spouse/partner being unfaithful may be an indication that something needs to be done with your relationship. If you are in a relationship in which you are feeling uncertain; about what you mean to your partner, about their commitment to making the relationship work, and any number of other things, then you might find that you are having dreams of your spouse being unfaithful. Often, dreams of cheating are rarely about cheating, but more about the feelings of your own insecurity.

Being unfaithful in the dream often feels so real you will go out of your way to blame it on your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other. Cheating dreams may also indicate you are feeling guilty for not being equal in the relationship, or for not supporting your partner enough.

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Disturbing Dreams

Cheating dreams can seem incredibly real, which is why it is very possible you will wake up feeling sad — but this is also why your dreaming mind sent you the cheating dream. So, a dream of cheating is just your subconscious giving you a wake-up call to focus more on your relationship, or talk to your partner about his or her lack of commitment. Dreams of cheating on your partner may be a sign of guilt over certain actions in your real life — this may include a busy schedule getting in the way of your romantic life, or just not feeling connected with your partner recently.

Even if your relationship with your current partner is rock-solid and the idea of cheating has never crossed your mind, having a dream about cheating on them may make you feel pretty shook. Just like having a dream of being cheated on can cause great distress, having a dream of cheating on someone is also not an exciting prospect, and it can leave people in a state of giddy anxiety, particularly because they love their partner and never thought about cheating. These questions could haunt you for a long time, and if you do not get answers right away, dreams of cheating could plant the seeds of doubt in your mind, and may even cause your relationship to suffer greatly.

A Cheating Partner

If you are having a cheating dream while on the verge of making an enormous decision in your life with your partner–like getting married or moving across the country–you might want to pay closer attention to the feelings you are having in your dreams. The people you saw your partner with, or people with whom you were in the cheating dream, represented certain aspects of you that needed to come to light. It may even be more difficult if that person is someone you know, as that material from a dream may not only change the dynamics between you and them, but also impact the relationships that your partner has with them.

It is entirely possible your dreams are showing you your partner is being unfaithful, because this is actually happening. Or, if you are being unfaithful to your partner in a dream, you are experiencing these devastating worst-case scenarios in a dream state, so that if that actually happens in real life, you know that you were in there first, and that you have woken up and survived.

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Intense Dreams And Negative Thoughts

This also means that not every cheating dream you have means that your partner did some dirty deed behind your back. In fact, you can learn more about your partners personality from cheating dreams than the actual cheating act itself. If you are able to let it out of the body and tell the partner what you are feeling, this may lead to greater trust and support, as well as less dreams of cheating.

It is important to note that anyone — even people in the most committed, happily ever after relationships — can experience cheating dreams. Cheating dreams typically stem from one of these core issues While each cheating dream is as unique as the dreamer himself or herself, Loewenberg says that most of them can stem from one of these three core issues.

Dreams about a boyfriend cheating are common among women who are caught up in emotionally unstable relationships. Dreams about cheating may indicate the subconscious fear of being overlooked by the relationship for the sake of finances or work, and vice versa: being deceived by your partner may represent the sense that you are being neglected by your partner because he/she is more focused on other aspects of life. Dreams of being cheated on by a husband may represent your psychological dependency on him, and a fear associated with losing a relationship.

Relationship Issues

Dreaming that your partner is having an affair behind you represents distrust in others, as well as vulnerability. You might be concerned for the reactions of your partner, because your partner might perceive your dreams to mean you are fantasizing about someone else, or thinking of cheating on them, and become frustrated or angry at you. If you are in a committed relationship, you might question whether you should tell your partner about your dreams.

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