Why Do We Dream About Dead Relatives?

Those of our relatives who have gone to the grave before us will hold a special and emotional place in our heart. They may often be deceased grandparents or parents, but whoever they are, they will surely create an impactful dream when they appear.

dreams about dead relatives

Why they appear however, may be for many reasons. Those of you who are open to the concept of visitations, or other communications from beyond this realm, will interpret this differently to those who are wed to a material understanding of reality, but in either case, the dream is full of meaning.

Dreams About Dead Relatives

A dream of your deceased loved one may mean many things regarding your life, so understanding these is essential. It is also normal to dream of deceased persons if you have visited the cemetery, or someone near and dear to you has died. Dreams of dead people can be extremely distressing, especially if the dead person was someone you loved. Dreams about deceased loved ones may carry psychological or spiritual implications, depending on the circumstances.

It is also believed that there is no way we can affect a dream where we see our deceased loved ones. There is no scientific evidence for how to know, but it is only when you experience the visitation of your loved one in your dreams yourself that you know the deceased may be visiting you in your dreams.

Visitation Dreams

Now, let us explore a few possible explanations for what it means to dream of someone who is already dead, whether you refer to this a ‘visitation’ or simply a dream. When you dream of someone already dead, it is possible you are grieving for having broken up with the person you loved in real life. Dreaming about a deceased persons death means you are still missing this person, and you are desperate for his or her presence in your life.

Unlike the smiling dream, in which you are not processing the death of your deceased loved one, embracing the deceased person in the dream means that you still wish they were close to you. If a dead relative has a bright, radiant smile in your dreams, that means they are proud of you and the life you are creating for yourself. Dreaming about meeting and talking with the dead man means you are loved by those around you. When you dream that a dead person is holding your hand, that may be their way of saying that they are okay with and proud of you.

visitation dreams

Grief Dreams

For instance, if you meet a dead parent who was kind of cool in life, in your dreams, he or she might say how much they loved you. If someone stops you in your dreams from following the deceased relative, then this person is likely to be helpful and supportive to you should you have the above-mentioned condition at any time, or should anything awful happen to you.

If a loved one has died recently and you are mourning for them, then a dream about them may be a way for your mind to help you process and deal with the sadness. Dreaming about a deceased loved one may also reflect your own feelings of guilt, regret, or sorrow. Dreaming about death may be part of the grieving process, or it may represent major changes in your life. At the same time, dreaming about the death of someone close to you means there is something out there in your life you are not acknowledging.

Childhood Dreams

A dream of a relative also suggests that something is in your life, possibly relating to your childhood, which you are not acknowledging. When in the dream, if you talk to your deceased brother or sister in particular, this suggests you are missing them. If you are dreaming about a dead friend, it may indicate the friend feels closer to you, not the family member. According to common interpretations, a dream about a deceased relative, friend, or acquaintance means that you are missing the deceased relative, which is perfectly natural.

Seeing a smiling dead relative in your dreams may bring you comfort, or may disturb, depending on how they are smiling to you and the context of the dream. These feelings and memories will be stored in your subconscious mind, and can continue to manifest themselves as dreams where you see your dead relatives, friends, or acquaintances.

childhood dreams

Family Members

Sometimes, an individual may long to see their deceased loved ones, but never get to have them visit in a dream. A dead loved one is there to give you courage, wanting to let you know that while they cannot physically be with you, they are there for you all the time. If you see a loved one die in your dreams, that means that you are stressed out over their wellbeing, that you are concerned for their health, and you would like to pull them out of a bleak situation by revitalizing their happiness. Dreams of friends dying can indicate a worry for the person in question.

Dreaming of a loved one dying may foreshadow a breakup in the relationship, or that you might experience a significant change that may impact the relationship. Dreams of your own death may indicate you are going through a major life change, but it also might mean your friendships are going through changes, or you would rather be away from your friends. This could be called a positive dream, since it generally tells you what is going wrong in your life and how you can fix them.

Fighting With Relatives Dream

If you are having dreams of fighting with dead people, whether they’re relatives or not, that means that something is going wrong in your life, and that a dead person is there to help guide you. If the person in your life did not intend to hurt you, they did not intend to hurt you when they died and appeared in your dreams.

Before talking about relatives appearing in dreams, we need to know what dead people mean, generally. To decipher what that dream means, you need to consider your personal relationships with the deceased relatives, as well as how you feel toward them.

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We found that individuals who had an early or violent death were much more likely to show up in dreams, compared with those who had an ordinary death, like one following an extended illness. According to a 2016 study conducted in India, it is not unusual for people with a terminal disease to have dreams of loved ones dying. Many dreamers may experience closure following the visit from their deceased loved one, according to a Psychology Today report.

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