Why Am I Dreaming About Lightning?

When lightning strikes your dream the symbolism is immense. Lightning is powerful, primal, destructive, but also a source of light and beauty. It can destroy, or bring the spark of electric life. What it means for you will depend on many factors. Read on to find out.

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Dreams About Lightning

When the dream of a lightning bolt appears in the middle of a thunderstorm, it indicates powerful, essential energy about to release into your life. If you are dreaming of a lightning strike, then it indicates something mundane and unexpected is going to occur very soon in your life. If you dream of seeing a lightning strike, then this type of dream may indicate that something unexpected is going to happen soon in your life. Dreaming of lightning striking something close to you – If you had a dream such as this, in which lightning is striking something close to you, and if you were filled with fear and panic over it, it is a sign of something unexpected happening in your life.

If you saw somebody being struck by lightning, and even killed, such a dream can be a sign that there are difficult situations developing between you and someone near. If you saw this dream vision of someone being struck by lightning, it indicates that some difficult situation could be developing between you and someone close. Dreaming about seeing your emotional partner being struck by lightning means that you are going to be having some problems with them sexually or mentally. If you are seeing lightning hit you in a dream, this suggests you are going to get into some serious arguments with your friends or family, that are going to be annoying for them.

Caught In A Thunderstorm Meaning

When you dream of being caught up in the storm with lightning, this will cause you to be hard-pressed, something that you cannot escape. Dreaming of having a bad time in the weather, having storms, and having lightning represents a certain kind of storm or hardships coming into your life. If you dream about storms followed by lightning, this dream represents a meeting with someone who will be a major part of your life.

If your dreams of lightning were the cause of lightning-caused wildfires, then it is more than likely you have met with an unknown individual who will become a big part of your life. Dreaming of lightning causing fires – If you are dreaming of lightning causing a fire, this dream usually indicates a chance to meet someone that is going to be a huge part of your life. Lightning and fires in your dreams may mean there is going to be something important, or one that piques your interest, happening.

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Good Luck And Dream Lightning

Dreams about seeing lightning usually mean experiencing small slivers of luck, but it is not going to make a big difference in your life. If you are dreaming of seeing lightning coming out of the clouds, this is generally a very good sign, indicating abundance and prosperity coming to your life. When you dream about seeing lightning, it means there is going to be a stroke of luck in your immediate future, but you need to know it is not going to last for long.

While a lightning – strike dream may be an anxious thought and frightening experience, it is a good sign. Lightning is an unexpected event, so dreaming about it can mean you are going to experience many new twists in life, changes are coming. In some cases, dreaming about lightning means you are going to get some incredible breakthrough ideas that change your way, it can also mean something unexpected is coming to you.

Rainbow Lightning Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about lightning means that there is some unforeseen beneficial change of circumstances that will bring balance back into your life. Dreams of lightning represent inspiration, sudden changes, new ideas, and an easy ability to overcome difficulties. Lightning dreams symbolise sudden change or transformation, struggles, and disruptions, and also represent unexpected events occurring in ones life while awake. Sometimes, since they are such wonderful sights as well, dreams of lightning and fire can signify inspiration is on the verge of striking your waking life.

If you dream about lightning storms or thunder, it may indicate a sudden awakening or epiphany. Often, dreams about thundering and lightning carry a feeling of wonderment, as well as powerful emotions like joy or fear. Sometimes, a dream like this may hold good meaning, indicating a sudden inspiration or intuitive understanding about something.

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A Spiritual Revelation Coming?

If in the dream, you saw lightning and heard thunder, your dreams also brought about difficult decisions. Dreaming about being struck by lightning is a portent for a lot of things, depending on the nature and the intensity.

Being struck by lightning in a dream indicates that you are about to make tremendous strides on your personal journey, perhaps even spiritually. Your dream of getting struck by lightning is a reminder that you must first make major changes inside of yourself, before expecting more changes in your life to come. Seeing a lightning bolt strike and storm appear in your dreams indicates you are going to conquer any fears, stresses, or challenges you have in life.

A Possible Warning For You

Seeing a lightning bolt before then seeing a thunderstorm in your dream indicates that you will get some kind of warning of an impending danger or shock. Seeing lightning striking a home during a stormy night in your dream vision, particularly if the damage caused to the property is significant, is usually interpreted as a bad sign. If the lightning strikes near you and you feel the shock in your dream, this indicates that you will get hurt from the comments made by friends, or that you will get annoyed with backstabbers and snarling. Dreams about lightning striking which illuminates a specific object in your visual field, especially if you are puzzled or surprised at the sight, can be interpreted as meaning that someone near you is about to make some weird but wonderful turn that baffles the mind.

Seeing lightning and fire in your dreams may mean there is something that you are about to embark on in your wakening life – a big decision, for example, or a big move, and it may be a warning to reconsider whatever it is that you decided to do. Seeing a flash of dark green lightning appear in your dreams represents a sudden change in your life, caused by your selfish nature and the ignorance of others. Let us say that you have seen lightning flashing in your dreams before, and heard thunderclaps at the same time.

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