What It Means To Dream About Being Bullied

Being bullied can be a serious subject, particularly for those for whom it represents something they experience on a daily basis.  When it occurs in your dreams, lets hope that’s the only place its occurring, but as in waking life, it can be a sign of serious things.

dreams about being bullied

Being Bullied In Your Dreams

Dreams of bullies in the past are standing in for the ‘nuts’, or the ones that make you mad. Sometimes, dreams of being bullied in school are portents for forgotten knowledge or earlier chapters in your life. Sometimes, if someone is being bullied in their wakeful life, they might have dreams about being attacked by dinosaurs or monsters. Dreaming about being bullied shows you are feeling difficult at times to speak up in an honest way, just because you are afraid you will hurt others.

Dreaming about being bullied shows you that you have to be more careful with things and people around you. If you are in a relationship, dreams of being bullied show you need to pay attention so you do not screw things up. Dreaming about being bullied means you need to think about your family as a calm, comfortable place to be, a place where you feel heard and protected.


Dreaming of being bullied by someone is an unfortunate warning about your tunnel vision and seemingly lacking options. Dreaming of someone being bullied is a sign for dignity, royalty, leadership, pride, and dominance. Dreams of being bullied are indicative of ones actions, manipulations of, and relationships with others.

Standing up to bullies in dreams may also indicate you are repressing uncomfortable feelings toward someone. Standing up to someone against a bully in a dream means your conscience is agitated because you did not help someone, although you had the chance to. If you did not confront the bully in a dream, you might be one to avoid challenges, or maybe you have succumbed recently to someone.

dreams about being bullied

Are You The Bully?

If you were a bully in your dream, then you might currently act in an arrogant, unbeatable manner. If in your dreams, you were the target of a bully, then this dream means you must stand up for yourself in life. Wounding or injuring the bully in the dream means you do not have to worry about if you made the right decision or not, as time will prove it was the best.

If you dream about giving evidence against a bully in court, it means the courage you swore on will be tested. Being bullied as a child is usually a scary experience, so if you are dreaming (as an adult) about going back to school or your teenage years to face bullying, this could be a pivotal moment in your life; essentially, this is an acting out dream. It may also represent a situation or a person that you wish to tackle, but felt that doing so would be too hard.

Bullied Children

Perhaps the dream symbolises an in school, or a superior or other authority figure who makes your life miserable. Dreaming indicates a social setting of some sort, either in your job or school, where you are being forced into humiliation, where you are being made a centre for ridicule. Dreaming about being bullied by older brothers or sisters, and not wanting to take it to heart, is a dream merged into reality, indicating there is going to be a slight crack in your relations between yourself and your siblings. Dreaming of bullying anyone is sadly an alarming alert for ignorance, the subconscious, evil, death, and the fear of the unknown.

Dream about bullying someone is unfortunately a warning alert for an actual life project or idea that has failed to take off. Dreaming about someone being bullied represents expected joy, demanding responsibilities, and increasing anxiety associated with the holidays. Dreaming of being bullied represents the person or situations that you perceive as purposefully holding you back or threatening your ability to do the things that you enjoy.

being bullied

Big Dreams

A bully featured in ones dreams shows hidden aspects of yourself, which bring out certain ideas and emotions, such as anger or other negative reactions to specific individuals that previously caused problems for you. Although you may not have a bully in real life, it may indicate a desire for a change to something that you perceive to be unlikable and damaging.

When you dream about a close friend becoming a bully, this means you do not agree with the persons actions. A dream where you are involved in an argument with another individual may represent a real-life situation in which you are involved.

Bullied Dream Fights

A dream in which you are involved in a fight with other individuals might be a representation of your actual life. It suggests you are inclined to rule situations, people, or conversations at certain points. To dream that you are being a means you are generally the one who takes the lead in discussions, events, or social gatherings.

To dream of seeing another person running from a bully implies that you should not behave like a conformist, as it will come back to bite you later. Dreams of past bullies indicate your need for greater caution before jumping into new situations or adventures. If the dreams include violent behaviors such as brutality or bullying, then you can expect to have troubling times ahead. Dreams about past bullies are an indication of a repressed anger and hostility that you might express or feel toward others.

Although it is unsettling to experience, people often use bully dreams to examine sources of control or grief in order to break free of it. One of the ways that bullies assault others is to make a good enough attempt, then get killed; dreams such as this indicate that fear and uncertainty pushes them toward success, since giving up means death (literally). Dreams where we feel helpless to remove the threat, settle the argument, or escape the adversary are common. We are placed in a world in which conflict is inevitable; beating the bully in one dream may be representative of any number of the various struggles we encounter on a daily basis.

Dreams about being bullied in school indicate obstacles and frustrations you will encounter on the way to your goals. Dreaming about your time spent in school is symbolic of realizations that might come to you regarding your current efforts. If you have ever dreamed of being bullied, and wondered why, then you may realize your dreams hold far deeper meanings than you thought.


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