What Does Rain Mean in a Dream?

Rain in real life can be a huge inconvenience, especially if you happen to get caught in it without an umbrella or raincoat.

Rain in a dream is a different story, though, and could symbolize any number of things.

In this article, we are going to be exploring what it means to dream about rain, and what the different types of rain could mean.

What does rain symbolize in dreams?

Dreaming of rain can symbolize many things, and it all depends on exactly what the situation is when you dream. What we mean by this is that the meaning of rain in your dream can change depending on whether you are watching the rain, you are caught in the rain, if the rain is heavy, if it is accompanied by thunder, and much more.

Rain is typically associated with negativity and depression, what with the gray skies and damp, miserable atmosphere that often accompanies it. However, in a dream, the meaning is a little more in-depth.

Rain can be a symbol of communication, that is, it can mean that you need to work on communication in an aspect of your life or a relationship. If you have been struggling to communicate your feelings about something or someone then rain in your dream could be a sign that it is time to get over this and communicate with them.

With this in mind, it seems that the general meaning of rain in a dream is symbolic of the need for communication, whether that be the communication of emotions or feelings to another person, or with yourself.

Is rain a sign of good luck?

Rain has also often been associated with good luck. Seems odd seeing as being caught in the rain doesn’t necessarily seem that lucky.

However, when it comes to dreaming about rain, many people interpret this as a positive occurrence. This perhaps stems from the Old Wives’ Tale that rain on your wedding day symbolizes a lucky marriage.

With this in mind, dreaming of rain could signify good luck in any romantic relationship you are embarking on.

Similarly, rain can sometimes symbolize an upcoming stroke of good fortune. This can be applied to any aspect of your life, not just that of monetary fortune. You can simply understand it as a sign that good things are going to be coming your way very soon.

What does it mean to dream about heavy rain?

Dreaming of heavy, torrential downpours can often seem very frightening. You may notice this type of rain in a nightmare, where the rain is a source of negativity, or you may feel that the rain is a positive occurrence. However, it is presented in your dream symbolizes a different thing.

Heavy rain that has a positive association could be seen as something cleansing, and reminiscent of new beginnings. It is also symbolic of release and the fact that you may need to release something from your mind or life to gain a more positive outlook.

Heavy rain that has negative connotations, such as when accompanied by a thunder and lightning storm, could be a sign that you are being stopped from communicating something that you need/want to.

It may also be a sign that you have unresolved anger or tension over something or between you and someone else that needs to be addressed.

What does it mean to dream about rain and flooding?

Dreaming about a flood caused by rain could mean that you feel that your emotional wellbeing has been affected in some way. It is symbolic of feelings of turmoil and feeling like your emotions are out of control.

It can also be a sign telling you that you need to regain control of these feelings and other aspects of your life that you may feel are uncontrollable.

As well as being symbolic of a lack of emotional control, flooding and heavy rainfall also have very religious connotations. Biblical floods were caused by heavy rain, and so Christians dreaming of this may interpret this slightly differently, perhaps as a sign from God. it could be seen as an effort from God to remove something stressful from your life.

What does it mean to dream about being outside in the rain?

Dreaming about being outside in the rain could mean several things. If you are caught outside without an umbrella or coat and the rain is a bother to you or negative in any way, then this could be symbolic of the fact that you have some emotional issues that you need to overcome.

It might be that you are scared to voice an issue at the moment, and so this dream is an encouragement to share your worries.

If you are outside in the rain with an umbrella or coat the dream can symbolize the fact that you are ready to protect yourself against anything that threatens to disrupt your life at the moment.

Getting wet in your dream from being outside in the rain can be a positive omen that good things are coming your way and you do not need to worry.

What does it mean to dream about being inside watching the rain?

This dream can have two meanings, one positive and one less so. Some people may interpret this as a sign that there may be something negative happening in your life and you are watching it as a bystander whilst you work out how to get past it.

However, try not to worry if this is the case, and use this dream as a sign that you should act now and do your best to help matters.

Other people interpret this dream as a sign that good fortune will soon be thrust upon them, perhaps in the form of financial gain. It also presents a time for reflection, particularly if you are watching the rain through a reflective window in your dream.


As you can see, dreaming of rain can have many meanings, and we hope this article has helped let you understand your rain dream.

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