What Does It Mean When You Dream About Kittens?

Let’s face it, you’ve had much worse nights of sleep if your latest bedtime cinematic experience was soundtracked by little meows.

As dreams go, those featuring tiny furry bundles of joy are pretty adorable, to say the least, even if you aren’t the biggest fan of our feline friends.

Our minds are equipped to activate their squeezing instincts through the sheer power of natural selection when we see these angelic creatures, just because of how cute they are!

Wondering why such a doe-eyed, innocent little dot is penetrating through to the realm of your dreams? You’re not alone! Unless you’re a cat lover, it seems a strange fixation.

Read on to hear some theories from dream psychologists who might be able to shed some light on this super-sweet situation.

On Cats In General

When you have a dream revolving around cats, your mind is diverting attention towards femininity and intuitiveness, as well as the side of you that needs nurturing.

History class might have taught you that cats were a powerful symbol to Ancient Egyptians, who believed they were bringers of luck, connected to their gods.

As such, dreaming of cats is a sign you might be looking for communication with your higher spiritual self, so maybe some meditation is on the cards for you?

Your appreciation of felines is important to consider: those who are allergic to fur and can’t stand the sight of them will require a different interpretation to a full-time cat enthusiast.

Whilst it may just be a reflection of your attitude towards them in general, depending on the context – aka, what the kittens did and any interactions – it could be something more.

Widely regarded as representations of innocence, naivete, or vulnerability, cats appear in your dreams to offer insight about underdeveloped or fragile aspects of one’s personality.

Cats are notoriously stubborn and tend to play hard to get, so this dream might be touching on your intuitions and gut feelings towards others in your life.

Should you be struggling to decide if someone is who they say they are (Catfish, anyone?) this may be a reminder from your brain to trust those instincts.

Kittens: What Do They Represent?

If you’re familiar with the simile “as weak as a kitten,” you might have already guessed that as a metaphor, they serve to denote timidity and shyness, or a desire to feel protected.

You may also be entering a transitional phase of your life, preparing to grow and change whilst seeking more independence – do you have an overbearing parental figure?

Perhaps you’re feeling powerless in a situation you’re experiencing in your waking life, as though you’re unable to obtain any control or overpower superior figures.

Subconscious feelings of femininity and emotions more typically associated with women may also be coming to the fore in the form of kittens if you’re repressing that side of yourself.

For men, dreaming about kittens might imply that you’re looking to experiment with your more womanly traits, which there’s nothing to be ashamed of! 

New Cat Parents

Much like when you have a child – pets are members of the family, after all! – introducing a new pet in your life, especially something as precious as a kitten, comes with a lot of anxiety.

Whether you’ve bought the perfect purebred or adopted a flea-ridden stray (we’re not here to judge), fears that some harm will come to your new furry friend are common in dreams.

Sometimes involving traumatic road accidents or worst-case scenarios, these unpleasant dreams indicate your desire to protect your pet and are a sign you are worried about them.

If you don’t have a kitten, but you dream about saving – or failing to save – one from an accident, it suggests you’re worried about the safety of a loved one in reality.

Successful rescue missions might also indicate a desire to help others that aren’t being fulfilled when you’re awake – maybe you’re interested in volunteering or a career change?

When Kittens Attack!

Was the little kitty in your dream particularly nasty, hissing with its fur stood on end like a spooky Halloween cat? Did it bite, scratch or otherwise injure you?

Fighting with a feline implies difficulty with another woman or women in your life, whilst chasing one might say you’re trying to avoid obstacles that these ladies are throwing at you.

Likewise, it might also suggest that you’re worried about hurting someone’s feelings by telling them a hard truth, or not wanting to hurt somebody that you love.

Disturbingly, you may experience the reverse: if your dream self injures or kills a kitten

(yikes!) you could be feeling frustrated or having trouble communicating in a relationship.

A Litter Of Newborns

Aaaaaaw. Dreaming that a cat has kittens, or – with slightly less goop – experiencing a bundle of babies once they’re all clean implies a number of new experiences on the horizon.

What were your interactions with the kittens like? Did you shy away, or avoid contact? This could suggest a fear of change, especially lots of differences happening all at once.

Relishing in the adorableness of the little fluffballs and engaging in play or getting excited may mean you’re ready for these wild new paths you’re going to take.

Being present at the birth and observing the new life as it enters the world is highly suggestive of a desire for a fresh start. Or maybe you just REALLY want a kitten.

Color-Coded Cats?

The majority of dreamers report that black and white kittens appear most frequently – this may simply be because they are the most common or favored furry friends!

However, should you want to read more deeply or seek lengthier interpretations…

Black signifies the subconscious desires, wants and urges we might be repressing, so think about what the kittens are doing and how that might relate to your own aspirations.

White symbolizes purity and reflects the virginal, reinforcing the kitten’s innocence and your desire to protect it – are you worried about a potential sexual encounter you have planned?

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