What Does It Mean When You Dream About Ice?

Dreams about ice can take many forms, including ice as found on a lake or other body of water, ice as found in the Arctic or Antarctic, ice in your drinks, and more. Read on to find out what this dream symbolism means within your dream context.

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Dream About Ice

Ice is one of those dreams which is normally pretty weird, but it has an extremely meaningful, extremely relevant, explanation to your life. A dream of ice may represent certain unconscious fears you have been suppressing or are unaware of, yet are blocking you in somehow. To dream about ice, and see someone that you know is encased in ice, in the dream, indicates the same person is going to suffer a lot of pain in a very short time.

To break ice in a dream means you will be feeling scared or anxious about something in your real life. If there is something significant or distressing going on in your life, waking up with the ice may mean you are feeling a bit isolated and powerless. Ice in dreams may mean that you are feeling stressed about your life, or it is a sign that there is some unfortunate luck coming your way, such as sickness. If you have only one dream in which you are walking on ice, it indicates you are vulnerable and are unsure about what is happening in your life.

Falling Through Ice Dream

To dream of falling through the ice suggests your emotions are in danger of falling out. If you are walking across ice in the lake, then it breaks, then the dream comes as a warning that you are not making good decisions recently. If you dream about walking on an icy surface of a lake, and then the ice breaks, you fall in cold water, it is a warning to your spirit. If you dream of walking on the ice, falling through, and falling into cold water, this means people are fading out of your life because you are not willing to compromise.

When in the dream, you see a pile of ice, and feel that cold, that represents change in your life, both spiritually and mentally. When in a dream that you see food filled with ice, it represents you are going to be faced with a challenge that you are unable to overcome. If in a dream you see that everything becomes iced or frozen, then that dream will tell you very quickly that you will need a sharp, cold mind to deal with the problems coming your way. When in a dream you are on an icy mountain and see that the ice is melting, it means you are going to be making friends.

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Melting Ice

To see that the ice melts in a dream indicates that someone that has been upsetting to you from your family has been acting in a warmer way lately, that you will be doing him/her/her favors, or that person will be doing you favors. If you see that another breaks the ice in your dream, this means your loved ones will confide in you about the problem they are worried about. If you see someone else holding ice, it means your loved one will tell you good news about his or her job or university. If you see ice in a bowl in your dreams, it means you will get attention and compassion from a senior person or a superior.

To see ice in your hands in a dream means you will later engage in conversation with someone involved with your family, and that this conversation will have a positive effect on your life of marriage, love, business, or school, financially. Dreaming about ice melting in your hands: If you dream about ice melting in your palms, it is not a good or bad sign.

If you dreamed of melting ice, this is not a good sign; this generally indicates an increase of problems and uncertainties in your life. If you dreamed of ice melting, it is not a good sign and it usually symbolizes worry, stress, anxiety, and similar feelings.

Walking On Broken Ice

Dreaming of walking on broken ice underfoot – If you dreamed of walking on broken ice underfoot, it is not a good sign for the dream, and usually symbolizes the bad luck and bad fortune ahead. Dreaming of a road covered with ice – If you dreamed of a road that was entirely covered in ice, this dream may represent feeling stuck in some way with the circumstances in your present life. Dreaming of eating ice – If you dreamed about drinking a few drinks that contained ice and munching on the ice, this is not a good sign, and it may indicate experiencing some medical problems in the near future. Dreaming of ice on your house roof – This is also a bad sign related to your mental and physical health.

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Ice And Sickness

Ice is sometimes associated with sickness In this case, if you are having such dream, this is a sign for a certain sickness which is likely to hit you or somebody near you. Ice may come in a lot different forms in dreams like rivers from lakes having frozen surfaces, fear of freezing, hail, icebergs, freezing windows, etc. Ice has a symbolic and spiritual meaning too, since it references that you are freezing up your actions, thoughts, or feelings, and appears in your dreams as a warning, telling you to let go, loosen up, and relax.

Ice comes in a lot of shapes and varieties in our dreams, such as ice-blocks, ice-covered roads, frozen lakes…the list goes on. In the dream, ice may mean a different thing, it may mean you are not showing enough emotions, that you are too cool for people around you, it may mean that you are feeling stuck, you are not changing in any way, and that being steady is a danger.

According to Onirology experts, the meanings of dreams of Ice are strongly connected with a pending change happening within you. Right now, you are living a lie, and the dream about making ice is a sign to be honest and to accept the consequences for your actions so that things can get better. If you keep lying and cheating, then things are going to get messy. Dreaming of yourself making ice is a warning you are at risk for failure due to your selfishness and arrogance.

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