What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elephants?

Elephants have always had strong spiritual significance and have strong links to many different religions. They are strong, powerful, and resilient animals.

Elephants are often seen as a symbol of loyalty and intelligence too.

Dreaming of a herd of elephants

Elephants are matriarchal herd animals. This means that the females and young elephants tend to travel in large groups known as herds, while the adult male elephants tend to be more solitary.

This could suggest a longing for this deep sense of community, particularly if you are experiencing feelings of loneliness at this time. Some people believe that seeing herds of elephants in your dream is a message from your spirit guides, alerting you to their presence.

Dreaming of an angry elephant

This suggests that you are repressing some negative emotions in your waking life. Typical repressed emotions include anger, rejection, and resentment.

If these have been building for some time, the physical representation of them as an elephant indicates that they are becoming a dominant presence in your life.

Stop pushing these emotions down and face them head on. It may be scary, like the angry elephant, but allowing yourself the time and space to deal with the problems will only help you.

Dreaming you are an elephant

Elephants are creatures that make no apologies. They are loud, powerful, and make their presence known.

Dreaming that you are an elephant could indicate that you need to be more secure in yourself. Make your voice heard and do not be scared to stand your ground.

Dreaming of a dead elephant

When an elephant dies, its herd will openly grieve and create memorials for their fallen friend. Death in dreams is rarely a fatal omen but instead tends to suggest large changes in your life.

Seeing a dead elephant in your dream may indicate that you are holding onto old and negative memories. Accept that these situations have happened, mourn them, and then move on as the elephants do.

Riding an elephant

This indicates a sense of personal control and acceptance, particularly if you are in control of the elephant. This suggests that you have a good deal of control over your personal life.

It could be an indication of authority and deserved fortunes making their way to you.

Dreaming of a baby elephant

Despite their cute appearance, baby elephants are still intimidating creatures. They weigh around 200 pounds and are incredibly strong.

To see a baby elephant in your dream may indicate that you are facing a tough time or a period of personal growth. The strength of the elephant suggests that you will be able to overcome whatever issues you are facing and come out stronger on the other side.

baby elephant

If you have just started on a new path in life, this dream can be seen as a good omen for that venture. If the baby is playing in water or appears happy, this is a sign of fortune and prosperity.

If the baby is injured or upset, the decision you are making could be leading you down the wrong path.

Dreaming of being bitten by an elephant

This is generally regarded as an indicator of a shock that you will experience in the future.

This could be the breakdown of a friendship or something falling apart that you were not expecting.

Dreaming of an elephant chasing you

A herd of elephants chasing you in a dream can be very intimidating. It suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed and as if all of your problems are ganging up on you, or that you are running away from something.

This dream means that you should take some time to focus on yourself and face the issues you are hiding from.

If you are being chased by a singular elephant it could mean that you are allowing yourself to be pushed around and guided by others. Take this dream as a sign that you should stand up for yourself more and become more confident in your own abilities.

Elephant color symbolism


This signifies that you are mulling over a repressed memory that is going to resurface. Take this time to reflect on yourself and attempt to deal with underlying issues.


The color blue in dreams represents wisdom, loyalty, and peace. A blue elephant could symbolize peaceful times ahead and suggests that you have the clarity of mind to deal with any problems that may arise.


A golden elephant symbolizes good luck and personal fortune. You have been putting in lots of hard work that will come to fruition. This work has laid the foundations for you to reap the rewards soon.


This often indicates a relocation in your life. This may just be mental, but it is often indicative of a physical move. Green symbolizes new growth and positivity and this is usually interpreted as a good omen.


This is a sign that you need to focus more and work harder on important issues. Be more secure in yourself and do not shirk responsibility.


Pink colors in dreams tend to be a representation of love and healing. Pink elephants can be indicative of upcoming romance or alternatively, a warning about pointless spending.


Purple has long been associated with wealth and royalty. This could be a sign that you are trying too hard to keep up appearances to compete with others.


Red has long been associated with passion, courage, power, and impulsivity. Take cues from your feelings in this dream. If you are feeling happy and confident, it can indicate positivity in your future.

Red can also represent anger, so if your dream makes you feel negative then maybe take this as a sign to stop and consider your path of action.


This is a symbol of innocence, purity, and peace. Seeing a white elephant in your dream is a symbol of power and value. It can suggest you are soon to be presented with great opportunities, rewarding you for all of your hard work.

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