What Does It Mean When You Dream About Bees?

Does dreaming about bees mean that there’s sweetness or a sting heading your way? 

Well, like bees themselves dreams about bees can be a mixed bag. The tone of your dream can be a great indicator of whether the honey fanatics that you’re encountering are a good omen or not.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Bees 

In this piece, we will be discussing the four most common types of bee themed dreams. 

Peaceful Bees 

If you are dreaming of peaceful bees then this is very good news for you. 

What can peaceful bees look like? You may be walking around a field and notice bees happily buzzing around among the flowers and long grasses.

Peaceful bees could also take the form of a bee that has landed on your body and shows no signs of stinging you. 

So, what does dreaming of peaceful bees mean? Only good things.

Friendly bees in your dreams are a sign of good times heading your way. They represent summer and warm weather. Dreams about bees and honey together can represent good finances or passive incomes appearing in your life. 

Dreaming of the peaceful pollen collectors can come with a secondary meaning. Yes, these dreams do mean good times are coming, but they can also be hinting at how to make those good times happen.

Bees are traditionally seen as part of the farming lifestyle. This lifestyle requires two things to make it work: order and commitment. Dreaming of bees can mean that your work life would benefit from some more order in it.  

Bonus – Queen bee 

Dreaming about a queen bee is a mixed sign. It most likely means that you are currently living in frustration and that you want things to change.

Take this dream as a reminder that you can control a lot of the things in your life. You are in charge and you can make the decisions in your life. 

Swarm of bees

Swarms of bees (attacking) 

Moving on, the second type of bee related dreams – being attacked by a swarm of bees. 

This is never a nice dream to have. You will probably wake up with your heart hammering in your chest and with sweaty palms.

For that reason, you may be shocked to hear that dreaming of swarming bees has a very similar meaning to dreaming of peaceful bees. 

Dreaming of swarms of bees (even if they are attacking you) can mean that your luck is about to change and good news is heading your way.

Dream of swarms rather than single bees or small groups of them means that you will have good luck in multiple areas of your life. 

When you dream of swarms of bees then you should take this as a sign that you should trust your gut. This rule should be applied to personal relationships as well as your business life. 

If there is someone who you are weary or suspicious of and you start to dream of swarms of bees, then it is very likely that you are right about them. The same applies to any situations you find yourself in or new opportunities that you are presented with. 

In certain situations dreaming of a swarm of bees attacking you means that you need to take greater control (or responsibility for) an area of your life that is currently causing you stress. 

Bonus – Burning bee hives 

This can be a very traumatic image to experience in your dreams. Seeing this in your dreams can mean two things. 

Firstly, that you have just lost something important to you. But, that it is within your power to bring this item or person back into your life. 

Secondly, you could be dealing with a lot of subconscious guilt. You may feel responsible for something that happened at work. Or you feel guilty for not doing as much as you would like to. 

Being chased by bees 

Being chased by a swarm of bees is usually an indication that you have something unresolved you need to deal with. There is a nagging worry in your subconscious that feels like it is being pursued.

Your brain feels like you won’t be at peace until you resolve this issue. The more persistent the bees are, the more pressing the issue. 

If you find an empty beehive before the bees start chasing you then your mind is trying to tell you that there is a decision you need to make. Empty beehives often point to regret or to opportunities that have been missed.   

Bonus – Working bees 

Dreaming of working bees usually means that your hard work is going to pay off soon. You are going to see the reward for the hard work you have been putting in recently. This is a very good dream to have. Bee Sting

Bee Sting 

The last key bee steam is dreaming about being stung by a bee. This type of dream usually has four main meanings. 

You may be dreaming of a bee sting could mean that you are very overwhelmed by work right now. You feel like this stress is seeping out of work and into the other areas in your life.

You feel like work takes up too much of your time and that you don’t have time to do the things that you really want to do. 

Dreaming of being stung by a bee can be a sign that your brain is resisting something. This is usually a sign that you have boring or repetitive tasks that need to be done. Your brain does not want to do these.

However, you should get them done ASAP to avoid more stress.   

A bee sting could represent a recent betrayal by a loved one or someone you respect. Your mind is most likely shocked by this outcome. 

Finally, dreaming of bee stings could mean that you are feeling guilty about how little time you are spending with your family and friends outside of work. You feel that your work is important, but your social life is suffering because of it. 

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