What Does It Mean When You Dream About Animals?

Dreams about animals can be highly variable, and interpreting what they mean for you will depend on a large range of factors.  You’ll need to consider what animals were involved, how you feel about those animals and what associations you make with them, and how you interacted with them in your dream.

dream about animals

Obviously, if the animals were chasing you or attacking you, that has very different implications to you petting or perhaps riding the animals, for example.

Dream Animals

Different animals have different archetypal meanings, and interpretations of animal dreams are dependent upon relationships between individuals and animals. Factors such as animal species, habitat, mood, behavior, and language (yes, animal language but also your own language), among others, also play a critical role in determining the precise meaning of the dream. Dreaming of saving an animals life suggests you are successful at acknowledging specific emotions and characteristics represented by the animal.

Such a dream may also suggest that there is a person in our lives who displays behaviors or characteristics similar to that of the animal that you are dreaming of. If the animal frightens you in your dreams, then this type of dream may also be an indication of problems you have with daily relationships. If you saw strange-looking animals like those that have multiple heads or something like that in a dream, then this kind of dream may point out to you some unusual and unexpected problems in your life that may be of great concern to you.

Zoo Dreams

When you get a dream in which you saw strange looking animals, this is an indication that you are going through some unusual and unexpected problems in your life, which would worry you a lot. If you have dreams about trying to keep certain animals in a cage, such as in a zoo, then this type of dream may be an indicator of you trying to control your own instincts and wild behaviors. When you dream about trying to put animals in a cage, then this indicates that you are trying your best to control your behaviors and instincts. If in a dream, you are trying to hide from or run away from certain animals who are following you, such dream may indicate that you are unable to control your desires or instincts, which is an issue for you.

zoo dream

Wild Animals

Dreams about running from wild animals indicate you are not prepared enough for the tasks that you are taking on. Dreaming of hiding from animals or running from them may mean you are not able to control your instincts or desires, and this is something causing problems in your life right now. A dream in which you see beastly animals might mean you are lacking self-control in your life, have over-needs, and are experiencing unrealistic fears. When you have a dream in which you see another person with animals, that is an indicator that, in your waking life, you are trying to please a person that is making noises about you and has no regard for you.

Dog Dreams

If you have a dog spirit animal dream, that is because there is somebody who is actually protecting you, this person is and always will love you, no matter what, even if you do not realize. Whenever you are dreaming about an animal, you can rest assured it is related to some personal aspect of your life. When you have dreams of animals, in some ways, they help you to figure out your deeper desires and emotions, and each animal brings a spiritual message, too. Through the dream narratives, animals can assist you with a self-exploration process, by exploring how you interact with the world, and ultimately reconnecting you to nature, so that you regain a connection with the Universe.

Animals relate to us, teaching us, through their actions, habitats, and methods of survival, new ways to look at and think about our lives, and for that reason, recording your dreams is a good thing. Everyone uses universal symbolism, combined with individual insights, to interpret dreams symbols and images. According to Shelly Smith, animal symbolism in our dreams is highly personal, and we need to hear, and feel, our personal messages within these images. Animals in dreams are highly significant, symbolizing our deeper instincts and unconsciousness, which are suppressed.

animal dream

Burrowing Animals

Any type of burrowing animal in dreams is a sign of hidden emotions we are either unwilling or unable to confront. To dream that you are fighting with an animal represents some hidden part of you that you are trying to push away and shove into the unconscious. If you are dreaming about freeing the animal, this type of dream is a good sign, and may be a sign that you are finally starting to express your primal instincts and desires.

If in the dream, you were led around by a dog, this suggests that you are at ease and/or are in a good place moving forward with your plans. Seeing a dog in your dream indicates an ability that you might have overlooked or forgotten. To see a horse in your dream indicates you must become less arrogant and get off of your high horse. Perhaps your dreams are telling you that you need to show more insightfulness in your wake life.

Dreaming of the dog biting your leg suggests you have lost the ability to balance aspects of your life. If you are dreaming that a wild animal attacks you, it may be a warning to be careful around crooked people. If you are dreaming of other people hunting down wild animals, that means someone close to you is going to let you down.

Wolf Dreams

Now, in terms of dreams, the spirit animal wolf means intellect, powerful instincts, and protection, so it is possible your situation is you wish to protect someone that you love or care for, and because of this, you have feelings of compassion towards the person. To identify meanings in dreams of animals, it is also important to think of our personal relationship to the animal in the dream, whether we love the animal, whether we felt happy and satisfied, or scared in the dream, etc.

I felt after reading dream psychology literature by Carl Jung and Freud, animals may relate to ones sexual nature, and this may be also depicted in an animal that you saw in the dream.

Pig Dreams

Dreaming about a pig is usually a good sign, but if the pig in your dream is violent and mean, then this indicates the dreamser has difficulties in their present life. Sometimes, dreams like this indicate certain aspects of our uncivilized personalities which we are afraid, or ashamed, of showing the world.


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