What Does It Mean When You Dream About Alligators?

Unless you’re an Alligator conservation expert, you probably wouldn’t be very happy to bump into an Alligator in the wild. The same goes for seeing Alligators in your dreams. 

While dreaming about Alligators can be a good warning so something unpleasant in your life, they’re never a fun dream to experience. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Alligators

Let’s take a deep dive into the 8 most common Alligator dreams. 

Gigantic Alligators 

Alligators tend to represent the horrible people in our lives when they appear in our dreams. If you’re dreaming of huge Alligators or hundreds of Alligators then there is most likely a person who is making your life miserable. 

The larger the Alligator the more space that person is taking up in your life. This is a sign that it is time to start making small (or big changes if you can) to take back control from this person. 

By taking these small steps you should start to see your dream Alligator shrink, or take another form as they become less of an emotional burden. 

Alligators in the water(river) 

Seeing an Alligator swimming below the surface of a big body of water like a river or ocean (we know Alligators don’t live there, but in dreams, anything can happen) usually means one thing. There is something coming up in your life. 

Seeing an Alligator usually indicates that your subconscious is very nervous about this approaching event. Your brain is very resistant to taking part in it and wants to run away. 

The best way to deal with resistance is to get some more clarity. Look more into what the event will involve if you can. This will help your brain to understand that it does not need to be afraid. 

Alligators in water (pools/hot tubs) 

Dreaming of seeing an Alligator in a small body of water usually means that there is an area of your life that is making you feel extremely stressed. However, you feel like you have done a good job at containing it or neutralizing it for now. 

These types of dreams are a message from your subconscious mind that you will need to address this situation eventually. Failing to address it will lead to very severe and bad complications. 

You may currently be feeling very calm about the situation right now. But you should keep tabs on it in case the situation takes a nasty term. 

Alligators eating you 

One of the most terrifying dreams you can experience is the dream of being eaten alive by an Alligator. As you can probably guess, this isn’t a good dream, but a warning from your subconscious. 

Alligators tend to represent horrible people or situations in our lives. They often drive our stress levels up and eat away at our happiness.

This type of dream is a warning from our subconscious that we have found ourselves in a situation that is consuming us. Our brain wants us to take action and prevent this issue from doing any more damage to us. 

If you are having this kind of dream then you should begin to deal with the situation that is making you unhappy.  

Alligators chasing you 

This type of dream can include being chased across the land by Alligators, as well as trying to swim out of Alligator infested waters.

Again, this is not a pleasant dream to experience, and it points to something darker happening in your subconscious. 

Alligators chasing you

If you are having these kinds of dreams then there is most likely an area of your life where you are overwhelmed, stressed, and where you’re left feeling vulnerable.

Seeing predators in our dreams usually points to feeling like we have no control in a situation and we are worried we will be bitten by the consequences. 

If you are having these dreams then it’s time to stop running away from the situation and face it head-on. 

Reducing loved ones from Alligators

Dreaming about rescuing someone from your life is a very common dream. It is important to take note of what kind of situation you are rescuing them from. Alligators tend to represent people when they appear in our dreams. 

So, what does this mean if we are rescuing your loved ones from the jaws of an Alligator?

Well, most of the time it means that your loved one is being bullied and you feel helpless in the situation. You want to help, but you feel powerless, and don’t know where to start. 

These dreams can also mean that you know the loved one is struggling with a heavy workload or is struggling with their boss. Similar to the bullying situation, you feel powerless to help, no matter how much you want to make a difference. 

Killing an Alligator 

Dreaming of killing an Alligator is definitely less terrifying than being chased by one, however, it is still not a pleasant dream. Dreaming of killing an Alligator has a very similar meaning to dreaming of killing a snake. 

This kind of dream points to the need for you to cut someone or something out of your life. When you start having this dream it usually means that your subconscious mind feels the need to leave the situation or say goodbye to the person. 

This type of dream usually comes after you have reached a turning point or revelation when it comes to the situation. You may also experience this dream after having cut someone out of your life. 

You have a pet Alligator 

Dreaming of an Alligator who is your best friend or one that is your pet is a very good thing. This is possibly one of the only positive iterations of the Alligator dream. 

Dreaming of a friendly Alligator usually means that you have made peace with something in your life that had been previously causing you a lot of grief. 

You have taken control of a bad situation and improved your own life. This kind of dream is your mind celebrating your success. 

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