What Does It Mean To Dream of Worms?

Worms are not the most pleasant of creatures. We tend to feel uncomfortable around them in real life and the same is true of worms in our dreams.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Worms

Generally, dreaming of worms is a negative experience with negative implications. The actions of yourself and the worm will change the interpretation of your dream, as will the physical characteristics of the worm.

Let’s take a closer look at what your dream could mean.

Worms in General

If worms feature in your dream it’s generally a sign that someone around you is trying to halt or hinder your plans.

Worms get their nutrition from soil and the remains of plants and animals. Seeing worms in your dreams hints at this parasitic nature.  They are trying to feed off you and your plans bring you down to their level.

Killing Worms

If you find yourself killing worms in your dream, it could suggest that you need to confront the people who are bringing you down. This could be toxic people in your life or it could be yourself.

If the worms are on you or coming out of you then it could be an indication that you are battling yourself rather than others.

This doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Battling the toxic elements of your self can lead to personal growth.

Worms in or on Your Body

This is a highly unpleasant experience in real life and equally repugnant in a dream. The interpretation changes depending on where on or in your body the knives can be found.

Worms on your Body

If the worms are covering your body, it suggests that you are craving wealth and fortune. Unfortunately, the worm’s presence suggests that these things are out of reach for you.

Worms Under your Skin

If the slimy creatures have found their way under your skin, it indicates that you have some hidden secrets or guilt. This could be to do with something you did in the past or it could hint at the things you are keeping form people in the present.

Either way, the presence of these worms under your skin suggests that these secrets and guilt are beginning to eat you up.

Worms in your Body

If the worms are deeper inside your body, then they represent repressed feelings or emotions.

IF the worms are making their way to the surface it shows that these repressed feelings are also coming to the surface. This is great news as it means you can start to deal with them.

If the worms are burrowing deeper into your body then it shows that you are continuing to repress and bury these emotions.  

Worms in your Mouth, Eyes, and Nose

This image is quite morbid. It reminds us of decomposing bodies and brings equally negative associations.

Worms coming from the nose, mouth, or eyes suggests that you are going to experience a period of sadness and depression.

If you have this dream you might want to consider putting some self care in place. Go easy on yourself and make sure you do lots of loving, caring things.

Worms in your Food

If you look down and see worms in your food it is an indication that someone else is feeding off you. It is a warning that jealous people are around you and seek to profit from your failures.

It may also indicate that you’re searching for proof of problems or issues in your life. Their presence in your food suggests that there are issues that need resolving and you are not worrying or searching in vain.

Worms Eating Fish

If the worms are eating some fish, then it is a warning that you are going to be the subject of salacious gossip.

This will damage your reputation and take a toll on you. While it seems like a negative thing, this warning can be helpful. It gives you time to prepare and be on guard.

Worms Eating Meat

If the worms are munching on some meat it suggests that you are going face some crises, but you will overcome them eventually. Your triumph won’t be smooth or easy, but you will triumph.

Worms Eating Fruit or Vegetables

Healthier worms who are partial to some fruit or veg then it suggests that you will easily overcome your issues and crises.

Eating Worms

Children may snack on the occasional worm when unsupervised. However, if you’re eating worms in your dream you should feel quite pleased!

The act of eating worms in your dream suggests that you are going to accidentally overcome jealous and envious people. Perhaps you’ll give them a talking to or perhaps you’ll change their opinion through your actions.

Others Eating Worms

If you notice others eating worms, it suggests that you are going to hurt people with your behaviour. The person who eats the worms is the person who is going to be hurt.

Again, this dream is warning you of things to come which means that you should be able to take steps to avoid this outcome.

Vomiting Worms

If you’re vomiting worms it indicates the fact that you will soon have a confrontation with someone you despise. It’s highly likely that you’re going to tell that person exactly what you think of them.

You won’t be able to avoid this confrontation, so you’d better be prepared!

Someone Else Vomits Worms

If you see someone else vomiting worms it suggests that you need to see a doctor. It suggests that you have been avoiding some medical concerns but it’s now time to face those concerns.


Our brains use colors as shorthand. We see red and associate it with love, danger, or excitement. Green reminds of nature, life, or money.

When the worms in your dream are a particular color it gives you further clues about the meaning of your dream.


Red worms suggest that you are going to overcome a problem or issue in your life.


This is a reminder that you need to temper your expectations in friendly relationships. Don’t push new friends and don’t forget your old friends.


Yellow worms are a reminder that there are people in your life who are jealous of you and what you have.


White worms are a symbol of success and gain in a professional capacity.


Black worms indicate the fact that you are about to enter a short period of dissatisfaction with your life. You should remember that this period is going to be short and end soon enough.  

Final Thoughts

Worms are not the most pleasant thing to see in your dream. They generally indicate periods of pain, uncomfortableness, and jealousy.

Sometimes the presence of worms in your dream could just be a reminder of worms that you saw earlier in the day.


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