What Does It Mean To Dream About Puppies?

When it comes to animals featuring in a dream, a puppy tends to be a positive feature. Often the animals that appear in dreams can be ones that we fear, such as spiders or cockroaches. However, a puppy dream can be great.

While puppies are fantastic, you may still be wondering why they appeared in your dream and what they symbolize in your life?

What does it mean to dream about puppies

In this article, we will be talking you through the potential interpretations that can be taken from puppies appearing in dreams, and what this means for you.

Is dreaming about puppies a positive thing?

You may be happy and relieved to know that dreaming about puppies typically is a positive thing and does not usually represent negative feelings.

Many different interpretations can be taken from dreaming about puppies.


Many puppy dreams can represent your current or past friendships. When thinking about dogs and their personalities, they are very loyal creatures. This loyalty is often represented by puppies in dreams.

In this instance, the puppies can represent the loyalty and trust that you have with your friends. This is a good thing as you know that your friends can be relied upon and that you have happy and healthy friendships.

In addition to this, puppies are very trusting animals and this can represent the trust that you have in your friends. Puppies can also represent a feeling that you have of being a trustworthy and loyal friend too.

If you have recently done something for a friend or you have strengthened your bonds, a puppy dream can symbolize this.

Protective Tendencies

As well as being loyal animals, dogs and puppies can be quite protective too. If the puppy is acting protective in your dream, this could symbolize that you are quite protective over someone.

Whether this is a child, a partner, or a friend, the puppy could represent that you are worried about how someone is feeling or being treated and your instinct is to protect them from potential upset or harm.

Positive Emotions

As we have already discussed, puppies tend to symbolize happy emotions. This can cover a wide range of different feelings from general happiness to being content in life.

In addition to positive emotions, the puppy could represent that you have a sensitivity to the emotions of yourself and others. This is not necessarily a bad thing and represents that you are aware of those around you.

An Abandoned or Injured Puppy

While the majority of dreams about puppies are positive ones, they may have a negative spin on them if the puppy in your dream has been abandoned or injured. These types of dreams can be upsetting.

The act of finding the puppy can be a positive one as it shows that you are caring and selfless, however, the puppy itself may represent negative emotions you are experiencing.

Perhaps you are feeling unhappy about a certain situation or you feel abandoned. In addition to this, the puppy could represent how you feel as a result of a negative relationship. If this is something you are feeling, it is worth addressing the issue.

What does it mean to dream about newborn puppies?

Dreaming about newborn puppies could represent something new. This could cover a wide range of things, from pregnancy and newborn babies to a new job or a new relationship. A newborn puppy can mark or represent new beginnings in your life or others around you.

In addition to this, a newborn puppy could represent that you want to succeed and you have a certain goal of when you want to achieve something.

The meaning behind different colors of puppy

When you wake up from dreaming about puppies, it is worth noting the color or colors of the puppies. The different colors can represent different feelings and emotions.

Here are what a handful of different colors could represent:

White Puppy

White puppies are typically a sign that things are going well in your life and your relationships. It can emphasize that you have strong connections with the people that are in your life.

If you see a white puppy in your dream but you feel like you need to spend more time with your loved ones, take this as a sign to dedicate some time to the people you care for the most.

Brown Puppy

Brown puppies typically are a good symbol. They often represent that things are going well in your life and everything is easy at the moment.

If you have a test or a job interview that is imminent, this could symbolize that you feel comfortable about this and that you are confident that it will go well.

Black Puppy

While white and brown puppies typically have a good meaning behind them, black puppies can have negative connotations surrounding them. However, these negative connotations only tend to be linked if you are currently feeling unwell.

In the vast majority of dreams, a black puppy will symbolize that you are focusing on the good within a difficult period of your life. The black puppy can represent the dream you are trying to achieve and is an encouragement to push through and achieve what you desire.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about dogs?

Spiritually dogs and puppies represent that you have similar qualities, such as loyalty, protective tendencies, and friendship. While the dog in the dream will typically reflect your feelings and thoughts, sometimes the dog can represent the people around you.

Perhaps there are people in your life that you think highly of and they continuously protect you and show loyalty. These dreams can symbolize spiritually that you value highly the friendships and relationships that you currently have.


As you can see from the article, in the vast majority of cases, dreaming about puppies is a positive one and does not reflect negative emotions or feelings.

Puppies emphasize loyalty, friendship, and protection within your life and relationships. It is important to keep on valuing these areas of your life like you currently are.

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