What Does It Mean To Dream About Lice?

If you’ve recently been dreaming about lice and you’re wondering the reason why – you’re in the right place!

There are plenty of reasons why lice might be manifesting themselves in your dreams, and we’re here to help you uncover the reasons why. Dreaming about head lice is just as uncomfortable in a dream as it is in real life, and can symbolize anything from stress to annoyance.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Lice?

Below, you’ll find a variety of possible interpretations as to the meaning of lice in your dreams, as well as a helpful explanation of the psychology behind dreaming itself. So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the possible reasons as to why you’ve been dreaming about lice.

What are dreams?

According to psychology, a dream is a story that the brain tells us while we are in the REM stage of sleep (rapid eye movement).

Even though it can be sometimes difficult to remember our dreams, it’s very common to have multiple dreams every night, with the longest and most memorable being the dreams that we have closer to the time that we need to wake up and start the day.

Typically, dreams tend to involve elements of our waking life, though, they’re often distorted in some way, or feel out of the ordinary.

An example of this could be dreaming of your home, except your house has different furniture or dreaming of swimming deep into the ocean and find that you don’t need to come up for air.

Depending on our mental state and current life circumstances, dreams can be both good and bad.

Dream Trivia: Did you know that over your lifetime, you’ll dream for around 5 years? Depending on your sleeping habits, it could even be longer than that!

Lice Dream Interpretations:

You’re experiencing a mental block

One possible reason that you’ve been dreaming about lice lately is that you’re currently experiencing a mental block in your waking hours.

The lice could be symbolic of a situation that you’re struggling to resolve, which is causing you to feel uncomfortable and ‘itchy’ for change.

If this sounds about right, then lice being present in your dream could be your subconscious’s way of indicating to you that the block needs to be overcome.

A situation has come to a standstill

Another reason for dreaming about lice could be that a situation in your life has come to a halt, or that you’re just generally feeling as though life isn’t as fast-paced as you’d like it to be.

Perhaps you’ve been on the search for a new job and haven’t had any luck as of yet, or maybe you’ve had a falling out with a friend and haven’t yet come to a peaceful resolution.

The frustration could cause you to dream about lice.

Repressed memories are trying to reveal themselves

Now, though this certainly won’t be the case for everyone, it’s still a potential reason that we’d like to explore. Sometimes, lice can manifest themselves within a dream as an indication of a repressed memory within the subconscious.

The memory is trying to ‘scratch’ its way through the surface so that it can be revealed, and is symbolic of it passing through the subconscious into the conscious mind. Interestingly enough, many people who are in therapy report dreams of lice.

You’re feeling worried about ‘slipping up’

Has someone told you a secret? Perhaps you’re feeling scared that you might accidentally slip up’ and share the confidential information with another person.

The lice could be representative of feeling embarrassed of betraying someone’s trust and suggests that you’re subconscious is trying to let you know that the worry needs to be overcome.

If that resonates with you, try visualizing the lice disappearing one by one, and allow yourself to release any anxiety or fears during the process.

You’re experiencing imposter syndrome

Another way that lice could be interpreted is that you’re afraid of failure. For example, you might currently be doing very well in your career or flourishing within your personal life and feel like you’re not worthy enough to be in your current position.

This means that you could be currently experiencing imposter syndrome, which is a persistent inability to believe that career success or happiness has been legitimately achieved, causing you to doubt your own talent, ability, and skill.

Types of Lice Dreams:

Dreaming about seeing lice

One of the most common types of ice dreams is to dream about seeing lice.

The presence of lice within a dream suggests that something in your life is about to change, or that you’re anticipating a loss or dramatic change of events. You’ll need to devote your attention to the issue and solve it quickly.

Dreaming about having headlice

Despite the common perception that a lice dream is negative and a horrible experience, dreaming about headlice is generally considered to be a positive one.


This is because headlice is widely considered to be symbolic of prosperity and abundance, and suggests that you’re currently feeling financially secure.

Dreaming about lice crawling over your body

Have you had a dream where lice were crawling all over your body lately? If so, this could suggest that there is currently a large obstacle in your life that requires you to shake off in order to overcome the problem.

This could be anything from deciding whether or not to move to a new city to decide whether or not to enter a new relationship.

Dreaming about a lice infestation in your home

Though this type of dream might feel alarming, to dream about being a lice infestation in your home simply suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed in your daily life.

Perhaps you’ve been working overtime at work and feel swamped, or maybe you’ve had a busy few weeks with your children and are feeling like you need some time for yourself.

Dreaming about brushing lice out of your hair

Though we’re sure that this type of dream feels less than fun to experience, it’s actually a very positive sign.

Dreaming about brushing lice out of your hair symbolizes the way that you are overcoming your problems, and that you are finally getting rid of them.

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