What Does it Mean to Dream About Ghosts

Ghosts aren’t necessarily considered bad entities, but when they turn up in your dreams it can still catch you off guard. Dreams take you into an alternate reality where anything can, and will, happen – and everything seems to have a deeper meaning that our subconscious is trying to communicate to us. 

Every night we go to sleep without knowing what we are about to be transported into, and sometimes these places involve ghosts. Whether you’re afraid of ghosts or simply inquisitive about their presence, we’re here to help you determine what the ghosts in your dreams mean. 

There are many different reasons why ghosts could be appearing in your dreams, so let’s get right into exploring what yours mean for you. 

Are you afraid of ghosts?

Firstly, if you’re afraid of ghosts you might have interpreted your dream as a nightmare. But more often than not the ghost’s presence is nothing sinister – as we’ve mentioned, ghosts are not always evil. Ghosts in your dreams might be a visual representation of something that you’re worried about. 

If you’re not a fan of ghosts, you might be seeing them in your dreams as a bad thing. Much like demons can appear in your dreams as bad entities, ghosts can act as your fears. Facing your fears will be the only way to stop the ghost from reappearing in your dreams. Likewise, some people see ghosts in their dreams as a guilty conscious. 

Are you lonely? 

If you’re feeling lonely, you might be seeing ghosts of people that you’ve left behind in your life. Is it an ex-partner or friend that you might be missing? Even if you don’t think about them on a daily basis, your mind might be trying to tell you otherwise. Reaching out to the person who you’ve seen might make the ghost less likely to reappear the next night. 

Alternatively, you might be experiencing feelings of loneliness because you’ve left home or moved away from everyone that you know. Although there might be something strange about the thought of imagining ghosts when you’re alone, it might be more obvious than you think. 

Some people associate ghosts with familiarity and warmth. We know, we’re confused by it all too. But, if you’re one of these people you might actually be visualizing ghosts to make you feel less lonely, for someone to talk to and share all your fears with. 

Are you spiritual?

Psychics believe that dreams are one of the best ways for the spiritual realm to come into contact with people. This is because when we are asleep, our consciousness is at its most quiet and still. Therefore it is as open as it’s going to get for spiritual entities to travel in and out of as they please.

The ghosts in your dreams might be real ghosts that are trying to communicate with you. Some people don’t believe in spiritual entities and see ghosts as nothing more than fiction, but if you do believe in ghosts then you this might be completely plausible for you. 

So, if you see a ghost in your dream that you don’t recognize, you might be in contact with a real ghost that is trying to tell you something important. Listen to what they have to say –  it might be exactly what you need to hear at the time. 

Are you missing someone? 

Following on from our earlier point of spirituality, if the ghost is someone that you know or a loved one that has passed on, don’t necessarily put it down to just your mind playing tricks on you. It could be their ghost communicating with you through your dream as this is the easiest method of reaching you. 

A lot of people have recalled their experiences with loved ones communicating with them through their dreams, and we find it hard to believe that all of those people could be wrong or making it up. So, we’re inclined to believe that there is a way for our friends and family to communicate with us once they’re gone. 

However, seeing the ghost of a loved one in your dream could also mean that you’re simply missing them. Just because we dream about unicorns doesn’t mean that a unicorn is trying to communicate with us through our subconscious, right? 

This is how some people interpret seeing a ghost of a loved one in their dreams – nothing but a visual representation of their longing to see that person again. Whether you are spiritual enough to believe the former explanation is down to your individual beliefs. 

Do you need guidance?

Some people believe that the ghosts that appear in their dreams are their guardian angel there to help them. It may seem surprising to you, but there are a lot of people who have recurring dreams with the same ghost coming to visit them with advice and guidance. 

You are required to believe in the spiritual world to accept this answer, so don’t worry if you cannot understand it. However, people who do believe in spiritual entities will understand how plausible this explanation is. 

If you need guidance in your life, a guardian angel might come into your dream and help you when you need it the most. Whether you believe that their advice is their own or simply taken out of your own head is up to you. 

Final Say

There are many different reasons why a ghost might be turning up in your dreams at night. If you believe that dreams are simply made up stories in your head, you might interpret the above explanations differently than if you believe in spiritual beings such as ghosts and demons. 

Whether you fear or are fascinated by ghosts will change the explanation of why there is a ghost popping into your dreams. You might know the ghost or it could be a complete stranger. We’d advise you to listen closely to what they have to say, though, as we believe that ghosts always visit us in dreams for a reason.

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