What Does It Mean To Dream About Dogs

Dreams about animals can be full of symbolism, and dreams about dogs are no different. Dogs are a big part of many human’s lives, offering companionship, love and company, along with slobber, hair and chewed furniture!

dreams about dogs

A dream about dogs can herald feelings you have associated with dogs, but perhaps it may hint at something deeper.

Dreams About Dogs

Dream analysts think dreams of dogs can be indicators of things that you are hiding from others, and maybe yourself, too, and these messages may help you to find the source of a problem or a feeling.

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When dogs are present in dreams, the messages they carry symbolically may hold deeper significance to the dreamer. The mental symbolism of the dog in a dream may mean they have appeared for a reason, and it involves relationships and safety. Dogs may appear in your dreams to offer insights or spiritual help, since they are known for loyalty and trust.

If you have a dog, or a strong bond with a dogs spirit, then it is likely that it appears as a guide of the animals spirits in dreams, likely giving you feelings of comfort, companionship, or protection when you are feeling spiritually or energetically threatened.

Dog Symbolism

Considering we all see dogs in our daily lives, either in the neighborhood or at home, it makes sense they could be a spiritual means to receiving messages. While our day-to-day interactions with dogs may not carry any complicated hidden meanings (except to say they are fuzzy friends that are awesome), in dreams, dogs can symbolise all sorts of complex things.

Dogs, as symbols of human relationships, in dreams may even represent how you feel about an arduous problem in your life. Dreams about dogs represent feelings in all areas of your life in which you require emotional protection. Dreaming of a dead or dying dog represents changes and closures about to occur in your relationships and domestic life.

dog dream symbolism

Dreams Of A Dog Hit By A Car

Dreaming of a dog being struck by a car or being hit represents you or someone you care about making a major change to the direction of your life, one that could affect your relationships for the long-term. Sometimes, if you are having dreams where you cannot catch a dog that is running, this represents there is something in your life falling apart, and you are not in a position to control it.

Dreams about seeing dogs being killed by others can indicate someone in your life is competitive, jealous, or damaging your closest relationships.

Dog Biting Dreams

Dreaming of the dog biting or biting you may symbolize you are dealing with dishonesty in your life. A dog leading you around in a dream suggests you are having trouble getting your own way out of a situation.

If you see a dog attacking someone else in your dreams, this is a sign that someone might need your help after they are struggling. If you dream of a dog holding onto you and sitting on your back, this symbolises the existence of someone in waking life that is too reliant on you and is difficult to shake.

dog bite dreams

White Dog Dreams

If you dream of having a white dog, it represents getting rid of someone or something in your waking life. Sometimes a dog will symbolise you in the dream, other times it will symbolise the people in your life. When you dream about a white-colored dog, this is a sign that there is love, peace, gratitude, loyalty, and protection in your wake-up life. If you meet a friendly dog in a dream, this type of dream is a good sign and indicates the loyalty from the people around you.

Friendly dogs in dreams indicate loyalty, commitment, and the importance of loving relationships in your life. In general, humanitys relationship with dogs as a good friends for men means seeing a dog in your dreams represents loyalty, trust, and unconditional love. Dreaming about dogs also symbolizes your inherent bravery and capacity for dominance and persistence under difficult times in your life.

Dreaming Of Small Dogs

Dreaming of a small dog indicates you trust in your friends to stand by and be faithful to you, and should be used as a reminder to be grateful for those who you hold dear. A scenario in which you see yourself giving the dog a bath in your dreams is a sign that you are nurturing, and you take pride in your generosity and loyalty.

Dog symbols in dreams are about loyalty, protection, and insight, and can indicate that your values and intentions will bring success to your life. As Jungian analyst Vocata George, PhD, told HuffPost, having dogs appear in your dreams may represent a gut-level quality about you, and dreams about different dog breeds or behaviors may signify anything from feeling as though you are experiencing a positive shift in your own life, to believing in the loyalty of a longtime friend.

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Animal Dreaming

Animal dreams, generally, are said to symbolise your fundamental feelings, behaviors, and instincts, which are often hidden within your subconscious. These dreams are usually about powerful, suppressed emotions, and they often reveal the darker side of the persons daily self.

According to the ongoing dog dreams study by the Heidelberg University, people who own dogs are far more likely to have positive dreams about dogs, while those with negative real-life experiences with dogs are far more likely to have a negative tone in their dreams about dogs. For instance, if you love dogs, seeing them in a dream would make you feel good, but someone with a phobia might feel slightly less good – they might even experience the same dream as a nightmare. A dream of a hoarded dog, like a border collie or German shepherd, might suggest you are feeling defensive. A dream of a vicious dog growling, howling, or yapping might indicate that you are feeling at odds with yourself.

Dog Love Dreams

When you dream of embracing a dog, it represents love, attachment, and close friendship. In a dream, this represents your gentle, loving nature, as well as showing that you will be reciprocated in the waking world by others who love and feel the same way.

Dogs in dreams often indicate a certain drama or major event around friendship, loyalty, or protection (because friendship is the characteristic that we usually associate with dogs themselves–yes, the dream analysis can be quite literal).

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