What Does It Mean To Dream About Dead Bodies?

Dreaming about dead bodies is no doubt a little unsettling, and may be gory depending on the state of the bodies and the detail in the dream.  But as to what the dream means for you and your life will take a little more analysis.

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Dreaming About Dead Bodies

Let us figure out what your dreams mean when you see a body of an individual or of a dead animal. To see a crime or homicide scene and then to have a body that is dead appears usually implies something has reached the end of its life-cycle. Seeing a dead body in dreams at these times represents you transitioning from one stage of your life to the next. One thing is for sure, however, that if you do see a dead body in your dreams, it is very possible that you are going to undergo change very quickly, either in a particular part of your life, or all of it.

A dead body dream is a sign of things to come, but can also mean you have to concentrate on something at this time. Dreams of dead bodies may also mean you know exactly what is bothering you, what is going wrong with your life, but knowing does not help, it makes things worse. Dreaming of a dead body may represent the negative things in your life that you managed to overcome, as well as the negative thoughts or bad habits from your past that you discarded in order to better your life.

A Corpse Dream

A dead body in a dream indicates suppressed thoughts that feel like you cannot go on with life in the wake up state the way you are, and therefore that a major change is needed that you should not ignore. A dead body in your dreams may be a sign that you are suffering from depression, reflecting the feeling that you are lacking in life or motivation, that you are not feeling any positive emotions anymore, or that you are unable to see any positives in your waking life at this time.

As the water in a dream mirrors your emotional state and current well-being in waking life, while a dead body indicates change, a dream that involves both indicates that you will not be feeling that way forever. Seeing a dead body floating above the water in a dream indicates that the time has come for you to take it easy, you are feeling somewhat burned out in your life. A dead body in the dream certainly represents there are a lot of different aspects in your life which are blocking your individual view of yourself and the way that you are going through the rough patches of your life.

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Spiritual Death

Dreaming that you are sitting around with several dead bodies means you are going to experience losses in your life, but in what form is unclear. One possibility to consider is a spiritual death – that you sink into the darkness as Jonah did. If you dream of someone with no head, or of dead bodies with no heads, you will get sucked into others situations in life, so pay attention to your situation. Seeing dead people in a dream is a warning that you might be in the wrong circles with people in waking life. A dream where you see someone you know die in a coffin Someone you know dies in a coffin is a good sign, especially to the person that you are dreaming of.

Meanwhile, you will at least have one dream in your life where you saw a relative, who has been dead for years, resurrect and come to you trying to speak, to give something, to convey something. A dead sibling or relative in waking life, but living in waking dream life, suggests you are missing this person, and that you are trying to bring back some time that you spent with him. When in the dream, you find a dead body, this indicates that there is something dead inside of you, that you need to bury a painful past.

Does The Dream Symbolize Infertility?

Some have considered dreams of dead bodies to indicate infertility in the dreamer, but this is not necessarily the case at all. When you see a dead person giving you new clothes, the dream is symbolic of the fact that while he is alive, you will share that persons destiny. In the spirit world, the dead person in your dream is calling out to you to fulfil your own unfinished wishes and duties. This dream usually mirrors the way in which a dead body in a dream is the end of your quest, but your surroundings can reveal new opportunities. If a dream is a pleasant one, then it is a lucky dream, and if a dream is sad and serious, then it is going to have some misfortune.

This dream can mean you are coming to terms with reality, you are not going to change some circumstances, or you are going to be powerless. This dream also might indicate that you are trying to change the way you believe about a certain situation, group, or person, or your tastes. Your dreams might represent you being uncertain about how you perceive the world and others around you.

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Bodies In Bags And Dead Statues

When you dream about a body in a bag that is deceased, it is a sign that you must make changes and improvements to every aspect of daily living. While imagining a hoard of unidentified dead persons is not a great dream, it does suggest you need to make significant changes to your life. Now, I do believe a murderous corpse that is dead appears in the dream when you need to undergo transformation, maybe some troubling situations that you will have to deal with, or maybe that you will have failures in certain aspects of your life.

This is one of those vivid, unsettling dreams you may have, and when you wake up, you still will have that feeling of dread. The other night, I remember having dreams that there was a corpse next to my bed sleeping with me, and I was really afraid. Dreaming bodies can be very frightening things, foul and scary, and a dream experience that makes us wake up feeling weirdly unwell. Obviously, when we get this type of dream, we are trying to recall whether in the last couple days, we saw a scary movie, movie in which people died, or saw corpses dead and disfigured.

A Horrifying Scene

When you have a dream where the dead tells you the day you are going to die, that means that it is true you are going to die that day. When an undead creature pursues you in your dreams, it indicates that something bad in your past you have forgotten about is going to come back to haunt you. While most dreams of death involve the finality of life changes, the specifics of your dreams may offer clues as to how you are processing change.

In this dream symbols dictionary, you will find common meanings of common dreams with dead bodies that you can use to interpret them on your own. There may be times when there is an unnatural death, and your subconscious is just trying to seek closure through dreams like these.

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