What Does a House Mean in a Dream?

2 people laying down on grass dreaming of a house

Dreaming of a house doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re looking to get on the property ladder. Dreaming of a house is a lot more complicated than a wish for a better home. It can be a representation of your emotions, hopes, or thoughts. 

To help you make sense of the mangle of images that are our dreams, we’ve put together guides on some of the things you may dream of. This time, it’s houses. So, read on to find the key to unlocking the meaning of dream houses. 

The House as a Whole

Houses, in general, are a symbol of safety and protection. Houses are where we lay our heads, feed our families, and keep our possessions. Houses are places where we can shelter from the elements, be our truest selves, and relax. 

If you’re dreaming of a house, it could mean that you are longing for the things that a house represents. You could be looking for a place of safety, a place to relax, a place where you can be yourself. 

Another thing that houses tend to represent is status. Big houses, castles, and mansions are symbols of power and wealth.

If you’re dreaming about big houses with perfectly manicured lawns it could be that you’re wanting people to see you as grand or powerful. 

Equally, a shabby or small house could be expressing concern about how others perceive you. It could be that you feel small and rundown or that you feel like people see you that way. 

If the house is in wrack and ruin, then you might need to work on yourself. The house as a whole tends to represent the whole person.

If the whole house needs work then it could be that you feel like you need to work on your whole self. Perhaps it could be that you need to complete yourself, find the thing that is missing in your life. 

If only certain rooms or parts of the house need fixing up, then there may be a more specific area of your being you feel the need to work on. 

Let’s take a look at what the specific rooms in a house mean. 


Let’s start on the outside with porches. Porches are usually open on the sides but covered on the top. They are a place where you can experience the outdoors with some shelter. 

Often porches are places where you gather with friends and family. Think of that homely image of a couple sitting on a porch swing watching the world go by.

With this in mind, it’s fairly simple to decode the meaning of porches in our dreams. They tend to represent a need for openness. Whether that’s being open to new experiences or open to new relationships depends on what’s happening in your life. 


What do you think when you hear the word basement? You think horror movies, right? Basements represent the deep, dark recess of our brains and beings. 

The things in your basement can give you a good indication of what’s lurking in your subconscious. You may find that the basement is populated by things that you’re afraid of or worrying about.

If the basement is dark then it could represent some unknown problem or fear that is occupying your subconscious. 


Sun shining through a window in the attic

At the other end of the house is the attic. This room is at the top of the house and represents our goals and aspirations. The things we are always reaching for can be found here. 

Pay special attention to what people or objects are in the attic. They might reveal your true aspirations. 

Finding yourself stood in the attic could be your subconscious’s way of giving you a different perspective on your life and self. If you’re looking at the world from up in the attic, you might spot some different things.

Try focusing on what you can’t see at ground level. These might be the way to reach your aspirations in real life. 

Living Room

Living rooms are where we connect with our friends and family. They are places where we relax, share stories, have fun, and socialize. 

In our dreams, living rooms tend to represent our relationships. Particularly our relationships with our family or friends.

The conditions of the living room can give you an indication of the state of some of your relationships. A warm, welcoming living room suggests that you are comfortable with your relationships.

It could also suggest that you feel secure and safe in those relationships. 

A damaged, decrepit living room suggests that you need to work on your relationships. It might also indicate that you don’t feel welcome or safe in your relationships.

You might want to work on your familial relationships or perhaps cut ties with some people to remove yourself from those unsafe relationships. 

Again, the people or things that are in this room can give you a clearer idea of which particular relationships are being represented. Perhaps a friend or family member is in the room.

It could be less obvious though. It might be an item belonging to them like a blanket or jacket. 


The kitchen is the heart of the home as the adage goes. It is the hub of activity, a place of sustenance and comfort.

In dreams, kitchens tend to represent your career or work life. This is because a lot of hard graft happens in the kitchen. Whether it’s cooking a meal, cleaning the dishes, or brewing up drinks. 

The organization of your dream kitchen can reflect the order in your work life. A messy kitchen might mean that you feel out of control at work. It could be a call to action to clear up some work issues that have been plaguing you. 

A clean and neat kitchen could suggest that you’re organized at work. An overly clean or sterile kitchen might suggest a lack of connection with you and your work. It might mean that you feel a bit disconnected from your work. 

If the kitchen needs repair or modernizing it might suggest that you need a career change. At the very least you might need to make some changes to your work life. 


There are two sides to the bathroom. One side is the cleansing and bathing side. The other side is the…uh…voiding of bowels and bladders. Both activities are about clearing things out, removing things from our bodies. 

The room as a whole tends to represent our emotions. Acts of cleaning or cleansing suggest that some emotions or thoughts need to be cleaned or purged from the body. 

Pay close attention to what parts of the body you are cleaning. Then think about what emotions you tend to feel or experience in those parts of the body.

If you feel anger in your hands and you’re washing your hands, it might be that you need to release some anger, for example. 

If you are using the toilet, again it’s an indication that some things need to be expelled from your emotional awareness. Toilets are a real indication of toxicity in your thoughts and emotions that need to be removed. 



The bedroom also has two different aspects. The first is about our personal comfort. If you feel comfortable and safe in the bedroom then it suggests that you feel happy with your own company. 

If you are scared or fleeing the bedroom, it suggests that you are uncomfortable with yourself. You might want to take some time to think about what bits of yourself you find difficult to address or sit with. 

The other meaning of a bedroom has to do with finances. A nicely appointed bedroom could be a reflection of your comfortable financial situation. A ruinous bedroom might be a representation of financial woes that are taking up your mind. 

Final Thoughts

In dreams as in life, houses are more than just bricks and mortar. They are your subconscious’s way of representing the different parts of your life and being. 

If you do dream of a house, you’ll want to pay close attention to the condition of the house or room and the objects and people within it. This will help you pin down a meaning. 

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