Wedding Dream Meaning

So, you’ve just woken up from a beautiful dream about an even more beautiful wedding.

Maybe it was your own wedding, or maybe you were watching a loved one get married. Maybe you were even attending the wedding of a stranger. Whatever the scenario, one thing that you can’t get off your mind is this: what does it mean? 

Deciphering dreams has been a pastime of many people for centuries and is a practice that is still very much alive.

Luckily, this puts us in good stead when it comes to understanding your wedding dream.

So keep on reading to find out what exactly that dream meant for you. 

The first thing to note is that the meaning of your dream may differ slightly depending on the scenario of the wedding. Being a wedding guest will have a different meaning to being the person getting married in your dream. 

General Meaning of Weddings in Your Dreams

If you are planning a wedding right now, then it would make sense to dream about that.

Your dreams could be reflecting the worries you have about wedding planning, especially if it is your wedding. The pressure that comes with wedding planning even follows us to bed!

However, what if you can barely commit to a coffee order in the morning, let alone another person? You’re dreaming about weddings even though you have no intention of getting married for quite some time.

Or maybe you’re in a relationship and a wedding dream has cropped up a few times, in turn getting you all confused about what is going on in your love life. 

An unexpected wedding dream can throw you off and have you questioning your love life (or lack of in some cases). Believe it or not, though, dreaming about a wedding doesn’t necessarily directly relate to all things relationships.

To piece together the meaning, you first have to pick apart what a wedding means. 

A wedding is a commitment. Whilst in real life, that commitment is made to another person, dreams work differently. When you dream of a wedding, it could be a sign that you have a commitment happening in your own life.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a commitment to a person but could be something like a new job, a new hobby you are embarking on, more responsibility in work, a new house, or even something as simple as a new car. 

Your dream may be your subconscious mind testing to see if you are ready for this commitment, letting you know that it will be something you will be committed to for the long-haul. 

A wedding also signifies a big change. It could be that something drastic may happen in your life soon, whether that be positive or not. If the wedding is a happy one, you can be assured the change will be positive.

If the wedding fills you with anxiety there is no need to lose all hope. This could just mean that you have some anxieties about the big change that need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

What Does It Mean If You Dream of Being a Wedding Guest?

Okay, so we know what dreaming of a wedding generally means, but what about specifics? What if you are dreaming of being a wedding guest?

Whenever you dream about being someone who is not an active participant in something it means that you are being a bystander in real life. This could mean that you are not involved enough in an event or situation in your life.

For example, there may be a goal in your life that can only be met if you are more proactive in trying to achieve it, and this dream is your subconscious’ way of telling you to stop procrastinating!  

This sort of dream scenario could also mean that you are observing something that a friend or family member is going through but are unable to help them with as it does not involve you.

It may be the embodiment of the powerlessness you feel coming out in dream form. 

If the marriage you are attending is between two people that you know, this could mean that you need something from these people.

They may have a trait that you wish you had, for example, maybe they are both confident and happy people. Your subconscious may be trying to get you to channel these traits. 

What Does it Mean if YOU get married in your dream?

Maybe you were not a guest at the wedding in your dream, but the person getting married. This presents even more interesting meanings, and it all depends on who you are marrying in that dream. 

 If you marry your current partner in your dream, this could be an indicator that you are ready to take the next step with them. This doesn’t necessarily have to be marriage, though.

It could mean that you are ready to become exclusive if you have been dating for a little while, or maybe even that you are finally ready to move in together.

It signifies the commitment that you have to each other. If you are already married, it may suggest that a new phase is coming in your relationship, maybe having children or buying a house. 

If you marry someone other than your current partner, like an ex or a stranger, this could feel awful. Don’t worry, dream cheating isn’t a thing! This could actually mean that you have some unresolved feelings that occurred in a past relationship that need to be dealt with before you commit to your current partner.

For example, if your ex left you with bad self-esteem, be sure to deal with that before you marry again. Another reason you could dream of marrying someone else, particularly a stranger, is because there is something in your current relationship that leaves you unsatisfied.

Don’t freak out though, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner, just that there is a conversation to be had between you to ensure you’re both as happy as possible. 

Final Thoughts

…and there ya’ have it!

Wedding dreams can be a fun experience to have, and can even give you some inspiration for your in-real-life weddings, as well as some much-needed insight into our noggin’s! 

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