Shoes Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about shoes?

Are you putting them on? Have you misplaced them? What kind of shoes are they?

Whatever the dream may be, there are many different dreams about shoes and many more interpretations out there! It can feel overwhelming knowing where to start to decipher these.

Don’t panic; we have got you covered. Today we will go through some popular meanings and look closer at the type of shoe in the dream to help you understand your shoes’ dream meaning.

New Beginnings?

Putting on shoes is not only an act we do to leave the house or put the bins out; it can symbolize a new beginning.

Perhaps a new job or the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life, putting on shoes can represent the beginning of this new chapter.

But take a moment and think about the shoes in the dream as they can all mean different things. If they were other shoes to your usual, this could represent new responsibilities at work or home.

Did you change your shoes in the dream? This can suggest uncertainty about the new role or change is right for you. Be sure to chat with someone you trust if this is the case!

Let’s take a closer look now at the shoes and what their condition could mean!

How do they feel and fit?

Are you dreaming about your favorite shoe that fits like a glove? Properly fitting shoes can be a sign of acceptance and feeling comfortable with who you are.

Wearing comfortable shoes is a sign you are happy and content in your environment, a great feeling to have! You can achieve your goals without any pressure, how lovely is that?

Are you wearing the right shoes for the occasion? Correct shoes are a sign that you are well-grounded and down to earth. However, there may be some bumps and obstacles shortly, but the right shoes suggest you can take these setbacks head-on!

On the other hand, wearing improper shoes for the occasion can indicate you are heading in the wrong direction, and you may want to take stock before diving in.

Do you find yourself sliding about or falling out of heels too high or trainers too big? Shoes that are too big can suggest that you feel inadequate fitting into a role. Maybe you have undertaken a new job and find yourself struggling with the new roles.

Shoes feel wet or uncomfortable? These shoes mean you refuse to conform to an idea or attitude that perhaps makes you feel awkward or even embarrassed. If these shoes cause your feet or ankles to hurt, this could mean you doubt your goals and directions.

Have you found yourself in odd or mismatched shoes in your dream? This could be a sign that you are rushing into things or have not planned properly.

As a result, you may not get the outcome you expect because of poor planning. You may want to spend some time preparing to consider your options.

Shoe shopping?

Are you shopping for shoes in your dreams? This could signal a desire to travel and experience foreign places or items.

If you are window shopping and do not purchase the shoes, this could suggest some uncertainty about traveling; you may want to rethink your upcoming travel plans.


Are you giving or receiving shoes in your dream? Gifting shoes can relate to your expectation of the person you are gifting the shoes too; you may want them to walk a specific path.

For example, do you want your partner to take a promotion at work? You may be giving them some new loafers in your dreams!

We reverse this when you receive shoes in your dream. The shoes can relate to the expectation the person giving you the shoes has of you. Are you being pressured or expected to do something by someone in your life? The shoes gifted to you could signify this expectation!

Condition of the shoes?

The condition of the shoes in your dreams can mean a few different things, firstly depending on if it is a positive or negative condition!

If the shoes are new, this can suggest a new path that will bring success to your life! But beware if they are uncomfortable, as this can mean overconfidence in a new role.

If the shoes are old or worn, it can indicate hard work is near. If the shoes are damaged, it can suggest an area of your life is also damaged. Be sure to check on the people and things in your life to maintain or fix any issues.

Holes in your shoes can suggest a weakness in your personality that could impact any future successes.

If the shoe breaking is a high heel, this can link to sexual trouble in your life or relationship, be sure to check in on your relationship to address any issues.

Missing or lost shoes?

Have you forgotten your shoes? You may be leaving behind inhibitions or future travel plans! Have you had to cancel a trip you were looking forward to? The dream may be the nudge to re-book or look for another trip!

Did you lose a shoe in the dream? This can mean you are missing the right attitude or approach to a situation. Your perspective may be blinkered, meaning you are overlooking a vital part that can lead to success.

If you are looking for a matching shoe to pair, this can suggest you are looking for a significant other to share your attitudes and approaches.

Has someone stolen your shoes? Theft can imply sabotaging at work with shoes representing a loss of opportunity. On the other hand, if you stole the shoes, it can suggest you are taking advantage of people at work.

Final Word

Before you leave today, remember that dreams are open to many, many interpretations.

The ones covered today are the most popular but are by no means an exhaustive list.

Your dreams about shoes can mean a range of things, from new beginnings to uncertainty in the workplace.

Whatever the meaning, be sure to think about how you can use this interpretation to make positive steps in your life!

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