Planet Dream Meaning – Is It Cosmic Symbolism?

The planets of our solar system have always had very strong symbolic implications, and it doesn’t seem to have faded in the modern era. To our ancient ancestors, the stars and other planetary bodies in the sky were alive. As they moved across the night sky, changing over the year, they signalled to those on Earth a cosmic play, and as often told, a play that represented the interactions of the gods.

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When God told Abraham that he would make his descendants ‘as the stars’ (Genesis 22:17), one way may have been in number, but another alludes to the divine nature that the stars represented to the ancients.  The symbolism of planets and stars thus was, and remains, powerful in the human psyche.

Planet Dream Symbolism

Dreams about specific planets in the solar system can have different meanings, depending on which planets are present in the dream. If you dream of one of the familiar planets in our solar system, the symbolism associated with that planet may be associated with your dream. If the earth is emphasized in your dream, it may symbolize the desire of the people of earth for unity.   

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The meaning of these dreams is that it represents a spiritual upheaval in your life. You may dream of the planet Earth above, or that you were looking at the earth in a dream. If you had this dream, don’t panic, because I did my research (in ancient dream books) and found that this dream has a positive meaning. Well, today we will try to understand the meaning of this type of dream, which is not very common, but nevertheless has a meaning that should not be underestimated.   

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Planet Earth Dreams

Usually this kind of dream has a fairly positive meaning, as the planets can have a strong connection with the dreamer’s hopes for his or her life, their inner evolutionary path, and their career or professional level. If you dream of alien planets in your dreams, it may mean that the dreamer is not satisfied with his daily life. Sometimes dream books say that after dreaming of a planetary cruise, the sleeper will meet his true love. Other dream books interpret the parade of planets observed in the dream as a great loving encounter that will change the dreamer’s entire life.    

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The planets that appear in your dreams are signs that you will discover the deeper meaning of life. The planets in your dreams reflect your desire to learn about the world around you, including gaining new knowledge and moving up the career ladder. Dreaming that you are almost touching or touching the earth can sometimes symbolize goals and how you feel about achieving them. If you dream of unknown planets, or you just roam freely in space, this may symbolize your desire to go beyond the boundaries.    

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Red Planet Dreams

Space lacks many of the boundaries we are accustomed to here on planet Earth, so dreaming of space travel can also symbolize the desire to transcend boundaries that you perceive as unnecessary limitations. Thus, dreaming about exploring another planet can symbolize that you are looking for an environment that gives you more autonomy than you think you can get anywhere on planet Earth at the moment. For those who dream of going into space, you may feel empowered and think that you have the skills and abilities to achieve whatever you want. Usually, seeing outer space with Jupiter in a dream means that you are on the verge of a breakthrough and knowledge of something very important.    

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If Mars appears in your space dreams, you may soon have to make an important life or career decision. 

Planet Mars Dreams

If the earth shakes or collapses, and if everything sinks into the earth, hitting one part of society in a dream and sparing another part, this means that disaster will befall this place and manifest itself in disorder, injustice or pestilence. Among many, there are many meanings to see the planet Mars in a dream; An event may also occur that will greatly upset the owner of the dream, and for this reason the truth is simply impossible to restore, the lack of a loved one, the deterioration of business and family life, the receipt of sad data and the failure of each registered company.  

Seeing the movement of the planets through a telescope in a dream means that serious problems will appear in your life, which will not be easy, but urgently deal with quickly. If you see small planets, all problems will be solved quickly, and large ones say that the solution will be significantly delayed. 

Saturn dream meaning

Planet Neptune Dreams

Dreaming about Neptune can sometimes mean that you have fallen into an illusion or are trying to escape. Dreaming about Neptune can be a sign that while you may have lofty goals, you can also be very inspired and creative in your daily life.  

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If you dream that you are on a planet that does not have the necessary resources for human life, this may symbolize that you are in an environment that does not suit your needs. If you dreamed that another planet was colliding with the Earth, this could predict an event that would have a huge impact on your life. If in a dream you saw the moon fall to the ground, this means that you may be losing hope, but in the end everything will turn out well. 

Planet Saturn Dreams

Jupiter is known to be the largest planet, so dreaming about Jupiter can symbolize that something in your life has become really big, perhaps bloated beyond what it actually guarantee. After Jupiter however, comes Saturn – the second largest and ringed planet in our solar system.

Small objects often collide with Earth, and seeing an asteroid in a dream could mean the project will go as planned. Never forget, to discover a planet, or to reach one of them, or to see that planet still shining in the sky, is always a very auspicious dream and should bring optimism and hope for a new evolution in our earthly life.   

If you are on your own spiritual journey and open to new possibilities by dreaming of planets in the sky, it means that all possibilities truly belong to you. Your dream may also mean that you need to take on the challenges that are coming up in order to appreciate the finer things in life more. If you have been sailing in a dream for a long time and see the earth on the horizon, then you will have great success in various fields, you are quite promising.   

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Other Planets In The Dream World (Including The Moon)

Dreaming of traveling to a certain planet, or dreaming of arriving and staying on an unknown planet, or known as the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, means placing your trust in your future high hopes. Versatility in this sense is always a sign that you have another chance and can start over. If you dream of an unknown planet whose surface is covered with ice and snow, the vision heralds new love and a happy life.    

Dreaming about Pluto may mean that you have an important decision to make and that you need to weigh your options carefully. Dreaming of Pluto may indicate that you are facing a major choice and need to carefully consider your alternatives. If you dream of Pluto, Pluto usually symbolizes feeling helpless in a situation or feeling that you need to find strength and strength to overcome the things in your life that challenge you.    

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To dream of peace necessarily means to look at this ambivalence, it means to come into close contact with the planet Earth itself. Simply put, the Earth is connected to our own consciousness, and dreaming of the Earth as a whole planet is indeed part of the interconnected web of life.

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