Pig Dream Meaning

Pig Dream Meaning

We all dream. Many of our dreams we will not remember, but it is often the strangest of dreams that we do remember.

Like, for example, when a pig turns up in your dream. Our dreams are often manifestations of things that we see in real life, and pigs are very present in day to day life.

From religious meanings, to simply a common source of food, and even as house pets, pigs are very much a part of most people’s lives. So this might be why they appear in our dreams. 

A Bad Thing 

But this is not always the case, in fact, pigs in your dream can be a sign with lots of negative connotations. In your dreams, pigs can often be a sign of stubbornness or selfishness.

Pigs have also been associated with filth due to the grim and muddy conditions in which they commonly live in. Alternatively, pigs in your dream have also been associated with greed.

Not only greed but a variety of other things associated with this, like overindulgence and gluttony.

These negative connotations could be associated with somebody in your life or could be a sign of your inner-consciousness telling you that you need to make changes in your life. 

But pigs in your dream are not only connected to negative connotations. There is no simple meaning to what this dream could be to you.

Like all dreams, one about pigs could mean a variety of different things. Pigs in your dream could be a sign that you need to reconsider your view on life.

The presence of the pig may be indicating that you are disillusioned or have misconceptions about something that plays a big part in your life.

It could be a sign that things are not the way that you view them, and that you need to take a look at your belief system and make some changes. 

A Good Thing 

As well as negative connotations, a dream of pigs has also been associated with a sign of changes. While change is always scary, more often than not it is a good thing.

Whether the changes in your life will be good or bad, will depend on the appearance of the pig in your dream. If the pig appears dirty, the oncoming changes could be bad.

But if the pig appears to be in good health, positive changes are likely coming your way. This could mean changes in your career, increased success in your business, 

Pigs have also been associated with success and prosperity. Especially if there is more than one pig in your dream, as this is a good sign of things to come.

More than one pig in your dream could mean that success is heading your way and that you are likely to achieve great things.

As well as bad connotations, pigs are often associated with new opportunities, and their presence in your dream could be a sign that you should stay alert for these. 

The Appearance of the Pig

As we have briefly mentioned, the appearance of the pig in your dream will likely have an impact on the meaning of your dream.

So if in your dream, you have stumbled upon a pig, this could be a bad sign and a warning that something bad is going to occur shortly.

However, this can be altered by the appearance of the pig. 

If the pig in your dream appears to look unwell, this is commonly associated with your career and means that you will likely experience some issues at work.

However, a sick pig is not always a bad sign as your work colleagues and friends will help you through these issues. A dirty pig, however, is often a very bad sign.

This means that someone close to you, most commonly your partner, is treating you rudely and offensively, and are not showing you enough respect.

It is a sign that you deserve better than the way you are currently being treated, and that you should not stand for less. 

But, the appearance of the pig can also be a good thing. If the pig appears to be very clean and incredibly healthy, this is a good thing.

A healthy pig indicates that positive change is heading in your direction. Most commonly, these positive changes will surround your career.

It could be a positive omen for a new business venture or a sign that your salary may increase in the close future. So a pig in your dream is not always a bad sign. 

You and the Pig 

human holding a pig

Another thing that can impact the meaning of your dream is the interaction between you and the pig. For example, some people have a dream where they are riding a pig instead of a horse.

Dreaming of riding a horse is a good sign, but not so much if you dream of riding a pig. This dream could be foreboding that you are likely to end up involved in some strange activities which will harm your reputation and cause people to gossip about you.

Whereas, if you dream of seeing a pig at a distance, this could be a positive sign for you. This usually means that you are entering a productive period of your life and that good things are coming in your direction.

This dream is your notification that you should be alert, and aware of any opportunities heading your way, as it is these opportunities that could bring a prosperous future to you and your family. 

But it is also common for pigs to be involved in your dream more violently. Some people dream of killing a pig, which you might believe would have negative connections. However, if you kill the pig to eat it, this can be a sign of financial success coming your way.

Alternatively, if you dream of cutting off a pig’s head, this could be a bad sign and mean that danger is heading your way, which shows just how altered the meaning of the dream is by the situation. 


In short, a pig manifesting in your dream could be both a positive and a negative sign.

It all depends on the situation in which the pig appears, and the way that you interact with it while you sleep. 

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