Money Meaning in Dreams

man dreaming of money

What is your subconscious trying to tell you while you’re catching up on those much-needed 8 hours?

Created by our brains while we sleep, dreams are a state of consciousness experienced when we enter the REM stage of sleep, a period when our brains are most active.

Though dreams can often feel out of the ordinary or just downright bizarre, according to psychologists, they’re actually an insight into our subconscious mind and can help us to learn more about ourselves. 

Money dominates our waking life, so it should come as no surprise that it’s a common dream theme for many people.

There’s a lot of interpretations out there, though, so if you’ve been dreaming about money lately, we’re here to help you figure out what it might mean. 

Money symbolism in dreams

There’s plenty of different interpretations for the significance of money in dreams, but the meaning will be a little different for everyone.

So, before we begin, first take a moment to think about where you saw the money, and how it made you feel. This will help to provide you with a more accurate picture of the money’s meaning. 

You should also keep in mind that dreams about money might not actually be about money. In fact, the presence of money in a dream could symbolize your state of mind or current life situation.

As an example, if you’ve been dreaming about giving away money, this might be because you’re feeling emotionally drained due to giving too much of your energy and time to other people.

In contrast, if you’re dreaming about having an abundance of wealth, this could be signifying that you feel rich in self-confidence and happiness. 

What does dreaming about lending money mean?

If you’ve been dreaming about lending someone money, chances are this is your subconscious’ way of letting you know that you’ve been lending your energy and concern.

Maybe you’ve been worried about a loved one lately, or perhaps a friend is going through a rough patch and you’ve been spending a lot of time investing energy into them to make sure that they’re ok. 

What does dreaming about finding money mean?

Maybe you’ve dreamt about walking down the street and finding a 100 dollar bill on the floor, or perhaps you’ve dreamt about putting on a pair of shoes and finding money inside them.

Whatever the scenario, dreaming about finding money is an indication that you have a renewed sense of self-worth, and a newfound ability to have an appreciation for the little things in life you might have been taking for granted lately.

On the other hand, if the money you’ve found isn’t yours, you might be experiencing self-doubt for receiving praise and credit for something you might feel undeserving of. 

What does dreaming about losing money mean?

losing money

Even though you can wake up and sigh in relief that it was only a dream, this type of theme might be indicative of your current feelings towards your financial situation in real life.

Not the case? An alternative interpretation of this is that you may be afraid of ‘losing’ different aspects of yourself, such as your own self worth or confidence.

The emotions that you feel during this kind of dream can help you to gain a better understanding of what you are feeling, and how you can move forward.

What does dreaming about paper money mean?

If you’ve recently dreamt of paper money, this could be a sign that your subconscious is reminding you about some bills that you need to pay out soon.

Another interpretation is that wrinkled paper money is a sign that you might be bored with your current circumstances and are wishing to get a change of scenery and try something new. 

On the other hand, if the paper money you’ve found is crisp and clean, this can be a sign of wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

It could mean that you’ve been feeling proud of yourself lately and that you are feeling confident in your current career path. 

What does dreaming of finding coins mean?

Similar to finding notes in your dream, seeing or finding coins in your dream can be an indication of monetary success.

Coins might suggest that you are feeling happy about your path in life and that you feel confident that the recent choices you have made will help you to achieve your goals.

What does dreaming of holding money mean?

man holding money while sleeping

If you’ve been dreaming about holding money in your hands, some people believe that this could mean you are feeling indecisive about making a decision about something.

This type of dream might mean that you have an important life choice to make, but you’re unsure what to do.

The money you are holding in your hands displays that you have the power to make a decision, but that you’re stuck at a crossroads. Oftentimes, this type of dream can occur during times of great change, or when you have to make a decision that will affect your future. 

What does dreaming about stealing money mean?

Dreaming about stealing money in a dream can indicate that you’re feeling distressed about a certain situation in your waking life.

Maybe you’ve been hanging around with people that you feel are walking you down the wrong path, or maybe you have recently had to make a big decision and deep down you feel that you have made the wrong choice.

In contrast, finding stolen money could suggest that you need to break a bad habit. 

 What does dreaming about receiving money mean?

Did someone give you money in your dream? If so, this could be a sign that you are open to receiving gifts from the universe and desiring a fresh start or a new opportunity.

If the money was given to you by an older person, this could also mean that you are seeking advice or wisdom.

Dreaming about receiving money could also indicate that you have a big decision to make, and you would like someone who can provide you with some assistance and advice. 

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