Mockingbird Dream Meaning

The mockingbird is a curious little creature, mainly because it mimics the sounds of other birds, but it also has its own vocalizations too.

A mockingbird in your dream can symbolize many things, but above all, it represents a need for you to stay true to yourself and find your individual path in life.

Following Your Own Path

The appearance of a mockingbird in your dream could be trying to discourage you from following what everybody else is doing and instead urging you to focus on your own calling in life.

The mockingbird sings the songs of other birds, and its appearance in your dream could be trying to tell you to find your own voice – to find the confidence to identify your talents and share them with the world.

We all have our own voice and our own purpose in life, so seeing a mockingbird in your dream could be a symbol that you need to find yours.

Being Anything You Want

Mockingbirds are fascinating creatures as they can take on pretty much any sound as their own, but they also have their own vocalizations too.

Therefore a mockingbird may appear in our dream to remind us that we can take on any role in life. Perhaps it is trying to tell you that you are stronger than you think and that you can adapt to whatever challenges are thrown at you.

But perhaps it’s also urging you to look deeper inside yourself. If you take on many different roles, the mockingbird could be trying to ask you who you really want to be in life?

Choice can sometimes seem a negative thing because it can feel like we have too many options, but ultimately the mockingbird may be asking you: what song best represents YOU, and which song makes you happiest?

Feeling Copied

If you feel confident that you do have your own voice, dreaming of a mockingbird could represent somebody who you feel is copying you in your real life.

Perhaps you feel that this person is getting all of the credit for your hard work, and this is bothering you. It could be a prompt to confront this person and tell them how you feel.

On the other hand, if you dream that you are a mockingbird, or that a mockingbird is nesting away from you in a different yard or building, it could mean that you are the one imitating someone else and taking credit for their efforts, in which case, you need to find your own voice to sing with.

Mockingbird as a Symbol of Confidence

A mockingbird may often appear in the dreams of people who suffer from imposter syndrome, where they feel that whatever they do isn’t worthy of the credit, or that they don’t deserve to be in a certain position or job.

If this sounds like you, a mockingbird in your dream could be urging you to have confidence in your own voice and to sing with pride.

Mockingbird as a Symbol of Innocence

It’s difficult to mention the mockingbird without thinking about Harper Lee’s best-selling American novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

In the book, the mockingbird is a symbol of innocence; it shouldn’t be harmed because it does no harm, all it does is sing, and this is an act of innocence. Jem was told, “that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird”, and this message underpins the entire novel.

Just like the mockingbird, Tom Robinson, a wrongly-accused Black man, was also innocent. Therefore, when someone takes the life of an innocent, they are said to have killed a mockingbird.

Mockingbird as a Symbol of Shame

Sometimes a mockingbird may appear in your dream to represent how you feel “mocked” by somebody in your waking life.

Perhaps you feel like people don’t appreciate you, or that someone resents you for something and is mocking you. A mockingbird may also represent something we feel ashamed of.

In reality, perhaps only we know about that action, but in this case, the mockingbird is a way of our superego shaming us into feeling bad about ourselves.

Mockingbird as a Role Model

Mockingbirds mimic other sounds, and this can be seen as a method of learning. The appearance of a mockingbird in your dream might be trying to stress the value of parenting or being a good role model.

It could be trying to remind you that you are being watched and mimicked by younger people, and it could suggest that you’re not being the best version of yourself, or living up to your own high standards, in which case, the mockingbird may be trying to encourage self-evaluation and self-improvement.

Singing Mockingbird

A mockingbird singing in your dream is a positive sign and can represent a positive outcome in your real life as long as you trust your intuition and not the advice of well-intentioned friends.

Mockingbirds, in general, stand for individuality and following your own inner voice.

Angry Mockingbird

If a mockingbird flies toward you aggressively it can symbolize that you’ve become arrogant, disrespectful, or cocky – perhaps you’ve become too self-confident and have overstepped in some way, and the mockingbird is trying to urge you to reign yourself in.

A quiet mockingbird is the opposite of this. A serene, silent mockingbird suggests contentment within yourself. It may represent your positive self-image that doesn’t need external validation.

Hiding Mockingbird

If a mockingbird is hiding in your dream it may represent an anxiety you have.

A mockingbird hiding behind bushes and tweeting suggests that you are nervous about social situations, or even confused by certain signals you’ve been given.


The key to understanding the meaning of your mockingbird dream is understanding how the mockingbird features in your dream: does it appear in your dream, or are you the mockingbird? Is it happy, singing, angry, quiet?

There is no one meaning associated with a mockingbird dream, but often this bird can be linked to a need to find your inner voice and to sing your own song.


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