Missing Flight Dream Meaning

Missing Flight Dream Meaning

When we dream, we can sometimes gain more insight into our inner feelings, fears, desires and subconscious. Dreams can convey messages and give us a greater understanding of what we really want, and how we really feel. 

We have all heard about fire dreams, or dreaming of losing a loved one, or even dreaming about losing our teeth, and we know what they mean, but sometimes, we have more realistic dreams, and they can be a little harder to interpret. 

Dreams that are realistic, or less fantastical than others still create a lot of meaning about our subconscious, and our inner self.

A common dream that many people will have at some point in their lifetime is where you miss a train, or flight, and how this makes you feel, which can be quite upsetting. 

Missing Flight Dream Meaning

Missing a flight, bus or train can be so frustrating. This can halt your plans, or prevent you from going somewhere important.

This feeling is often replicated in a dream, as you may feel like you are being held back or your own actions are preventing you from doing something. In most cases, this means that you are feeling out of control of a vital part of your waking life.

Dreaming about missing a flight can have a multitude of different meanings, and how we interpret this dream will depend upon the problems and issues in your waking life, relationships and inner feelings. 

Loss of control:

This can mean that when you dream of missing a flight, you have lost control of time, or time may have seemed to escape you.

This may relate to a feeling of being overwhelmed at work, where you may feel that there are not enough hours in the day to get all of the tasks done that you are expected of. 

Missing a flight in your dream can be symbolic of your struggle to keep within certain time schedules or deadlines.

For instance, in the dream, you could have tried your best to reach the flight in time, set timers, or taken steps to ensure that you did not miss it, and yet you still did. This can relate to a feeling of helplessness, or if some problems are out of your control.

Missed opportunities:

Flying to a new place is a great opportunity for us. Catching a plane can transport us to new lands and new destinations where we can experience new people, new cultures, and new adventures.

This is why missing that flight will be so upsetting and frustrating in your dream, because you may feel upset that you have missed out on your big adventure. 

Missing a flight in a dream can therefore feel like missing an opportunity, and can signify your fear of this, or if you are regretting giving up a chance for something different.

This could relate to a relationship, new career path, change of situation, or any other opportunity that you may have passed up previously. 

Time is running out:

One of the most common reasons that you may be dreaming about missing a flight is if you have a fear of time escaping you.

This could mean that you are worried that time is running out or flying past too quickly, and you are unable to achieve the things that you want to. 

For example, if you have too many tasks to complete at work, or you feel that a relationship is coming to an end, and you are running out of time and ways to fix it.

You may have had a dream about missing a flight because you feel that you are unable to achieve the things that you want within the time that you have.  

Unfulfilling responsibilities: 

When you miss a flight, it means that something, somewhere has gone wrong, whether it is a mistake about the time, or getting distracted and missing your boarding call.

This relates to how you have unfulfilled a responsibility to get to the plane on time. To dream of missing a flight therefore can symbolize your inability to fulfil responsibilities. 

This could be to a friend, a partner or a family member. You may feel as if you have let someone down, whether it was purposely or accidentally.

In addition, having this dream could act as a reminder that you have a responsibility to someone, and that you cannot let it slip through your fingers, and the dream acts as a warning.

Feeling unfulfilled:

On the other hand, missing a flight in your dream can signify that you, yourself are feeling unfulfilled.

In a Freudian way, dreams such as this one can be inspired by a feeling of frustration, and in particular, sexual frustration.

Missing a flight within a dream can often relate to feelings of inadequacy and frustration within your everyday waking life, not just in a sexual sense. 


Finally, another meaning behind your dream could relate to a big trip that you have planned.

Flights are expensive and hard to reschedule or rebook, and so if you have a big vacation or trip that you have to go on, you may be suffering from a little nervousness and anxiety about that fact.

Missing a flight in your dream would mean that you have ruined the trip, or will not be reaching your destination as planned, which could in turn upset other plans that you have made.

If this is the case, try not to worry about it too much, if you are this anxious in your waking life about the trip that it shows in your dreams, then you will most likely take extra care to reach the airport, terminal and flight on time!

Missing Flight Dream Interpretation

When we try to interpret our dreams, it is important to consider other factors that can have an impact on the outcome. For example, what was it that made you late for the plane? Was it a person? A wrong turn? Did you forget to set an alarm?

All of these things will change the way the dream is interpreted.

For example, if it was your own fault that you missed the plane, then it could mean that you feel unsatisfied with your own destructive actions, whereas if a particular person made you miss your flight, you may be feeling that this person is sabotaging your success, or holding you back.

Before you try to understand what this dream means, consider all factors involved, to get a deeper meaning of why you may have missed the flight in your dream. 

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