Key Dream Meaning

Just as keys open doors, they also unlock the answers to your problems, you just may not know what those answers are yet.

Like so many symbols, a key has more than one meaning if one features in your dreams.

Key Dream Meaning

The key as a solution

The key has the power to unlock doors and padlocks, and in the same way, you have a key within yourself to unlock your problems.

Our issues are metaphorical doors and locks that we need to unlock, and the symbol of a key in your dream represents a hidden strength inside you that is capable of breaking down these barriers.

Keys can also symbolize new ideas and new beginnings, and dreaming of a key can mean you have unlocked something new within yourself.

This might be a new way of seeing things or a feeling you haven’t felt before.

If there is something currently bothering you in your life, dreaming about a key may symbolize that deep down you know the solution to the issue.

It can also be a symbol of power – suggesting that you are capable of accomplishing your goals.

If this feels relevant to you, you should trust that your intuition holds the answer – the key – to your issues or challenges.

The key as a symbol of safety

The symbol of a key can also represent safety. In the same way that a key allows us to lock something away or lock the doors to our homes, a key appearing in your dream may indicate you are safe from harm.

This might not be physical harm but the harm you feel from your weaknesses.

Perhaps the key in your dream is trying to tell you that these insecurities should be embraced – you can use them to make you stronger.

Finding or losing a key

If you find a key in your dream, it could indicate that you’ve met your soul mate. This person could be the missing piece of the puzzle – the key that unlocks your potential and your happiness.

On the other hand, losing a key can symbolize a particular period of your life coming to an end.

Perhaps a relationship, a career, or a move. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing – it could symbolize new beginnings and adventures.

The key as a warning

If you’re planning a big trip or a significant change in your waking life, a key appearing in your dream could symbolize a warning.

For example, it could be trying to tell you that a certain trip or change is not appropriate at this time, or that you should cancel or postpone it.

Creating a key

If you create a key in your dream, it might symbolize an escape from something. Perhaps it means that you are creating a key to escape from a toxic relationship or a dangerous situation.

Cutting a key can symbolize that you’re carving out a new start for yourself – perhaps you’re finally taking the initiative to move to a new city or start a new job.

If you dream that you enter a key shop, it may be your mind trying to tell you that you cannot force someone to love you and that you need to let go.

The key as a symbol of truth

If you dream of finding or seeing a key in your hand, it can represent self-confidence and truth. This may mean that you know clearly what you need to move forward in your life.

Holding a key in your hand can mean that you have all of the power inside you to make your dreams a reality.

The key as a symbol of strength

A key can not only represent your ability to escape a situation, but it may also be trying to tell you that you need to remove yourself from negative situations and toxic people.

Are you involved with someone or a situation that compromises your integrity, or something that makes you feel guilty or uneasy?

A gold or silver key represents the strength of your inner spiritual power. This is a reminder that you are strong enough to overcome your challenges.

Dreaming you are locked up

Having a dream that you are being held captive and you have no key to escape can represent the burden of the many problems you are carrying.

If a key appears, it may be trying to tell you that you need – and that you have the ability – to find solutions to your problems.

If you’re seeking a key in your dream it may suggest that you are trying to free yourself from something – perhaps a relationship, or an incriminating situation in your waking life.

The key may be encouraging you to go towards positive situations and attitudes rather than to remain in the dark.

Locking and unlocking a door

Successfully unlocking a door in your dream may mean you have hidden talents. For example, the door represents a challenge or opportunity and the key symbolizes the talents and inner power you have to open this door.

If you try to open the door with the key but you are unable to, it may suggest that things are standing in your way in your waking life. It can also mean that you’re overlooking the good things in your life.

Doors in dreams symbolize new opportunities and the key is a symbolic omen of opening up an opportunity – so if you’re unable to open the door it may mean you’re overlooking an opportunity in your life.

If you are running from something and attempting to lock a door but you can’t lock it or you drop the key, it symbolizes a need for you to relax in your waking life.

It could also symbolize pressure or competition that you feel – perhaps you feel a need to win a competition or prove yourself in a certain challenge.


Ultimately, keys are symbols that can be interpreted as messages of strength. They indicate that whatever issues you are dealing with in your life, you have the power to unlock them.

Ultimately, the solution is within you, and a key in your dream is trying to tell you this.

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