Horses Dream Meaning

We have different and unique dreams every night. Sometimes it is really hard to remember what you dreamt about, but other times the dream is so vibrant, intense and fantastical that we struggle to think about anything else when we wake up.

Our dreams are an extension of our subconscious, and sometimes what we dream about can have valuable meanings and links to our real life hopes, goals and fears. Think about your dreams as a window into the inner workings of your mind.  

Understanding our dreams can help us interpret what is really on our minds, and work out how to solve the problems vexing our brains when we are unconscious. 

One of the most common dreams that we all have will feature horses. Different animals have different connotations and meanings when it comes to our subconscious, and the horse is a prime example. 

The horse is a beautiful and powerful creature, and dreaming of a horse can signify certain feelings, or your inclination towards the animal. 

As a strong and mighty beast, the horse is known for freedom, power, strength and endurance. Seeing multiple horses in a dream can also convey feelings of sexual power and prowess. 

Horses can be interpreted differently depending on the masculine and feminine. For instance, horses are often associated with war and battle in a masculine sense, whereas for females, horses can symbolise fertility or sexual awakening. 

When we try to develop meaning from dreams, it is crucial to think about what other elements are present. What do you dream about horses doing? 


Beautiful Horse

If you see a beautiful horse with a glowing coat and stunning long mane, this is a good sign.

You may even be brushing or tending to the horse; this can indicate success, prosperity and happiness in your life.

Lone Horses

If you see a black or white horse alone in your dream it can symbolize mystery, wildness and freedom. A black horse may stir fear in you, but can convey a mighty power within.

A black horse can connote the unknown, or taking a chance on something that you do not know the outcome. This vision symbolizes mystery and secrecy. 

Typically if the horse is white then it signifies purity, goodness and prosperity in your life. If you are being chased by a white horse, you may be struggling with feelings of intimacy or repressing your sexuality.

Sometimes for women, seeing a white horse can symbolize a good, strong marriage coming your way.

Wild Horses

One of the most common and interesting horse dreams is the ‘wild horses’ vision.

To dream of a herd of wild horses running and galloping clearly signifies feelings of freedom and a carefree nature. This can be a liberating experience that replicates your lack of responsibilities or worries. 

Wild horses often signify a wildness or liberation within you, for instance you could be freeing yourself from emotions or a toxic relationship. Seeing horses running can often symbolize the release of repressed energy.

If you feel yourself riding a wild horse or watching wild horses you may be carried by your passions and releasing your sexual desires from restraint. 

If you are trying to ride a wild horse in your dream, this can be a symbol of large obstacles coming into your life. You may be starting a new venture, or trying something new, and it can be hard to overcome difficulty and weakness. 

Horse Riding

When dreaming of riding a horse, you may feel powerful, free and in control.

This is a direct link to the meaning behind the dream. Riding a horse places you in a high position of power and control and may indicate that you will be successful in your goals soon.

If your horse is uncontrollable or you are struggling to maintain your position and control over it, then you may be fighting feelings of being overwhelmed.

This could mean that you are inundated at work or in your relationships, or that you are struggling to meet your goals. Take a step back and think about what could be bothering you. 

War Horse

Seeing a horse that is armored or used in battle in your dreams can signify passion, aggression and rigidity.

These horses are usually fierce in nature, which may reference your behaviour in your life. 

Are these horses unstoppable and scary? If so you may need to consider whether you are too confrontational in life, or something is vexing your mind and unsettling you. 

Dead Horse

The symbol of a dead horse within your dream may be replicating something in your life that has moved on or has gone.

This could be the end of a relationship or situation that brought your strength and comfort. 

The phrase ‘beating a dead horse’ can mean to continue doing something when there is no point anymore. You can apply this to the situation, a dead horse in your dream could mean that you have lost love or interest in a partner or friendship. 

Horse Kick

If at some point during your dream you were kicked by a horse, this is an extremely dangerous and powerful attack.

This symbol is not a good sign and can signify a time of sadness or pain in your life that has been inflicted upon you.

An aggressive or angry horse can be a warning sign of something that is coming that is out of your control. This could be an accident or a bad omen that you will not see coming. 

Crossing a Body of Water on a Horse

If you have ever dreamt about crossing a stream or a river on a horse, this usually symbolizes that you will have success in reaching your goals.

The dream shows that you will overcome obstacles and gain good luck in your ventures.

Horses Grazing

If you are observing horses grazing peacefully in a field, then this is a good sign.

This indicates all is well within your life, wellbeing and work environment. Horses grazing in a dream symbolizes great success and happiness.

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