High School Dreams: Are They Flashbacks Or Something Else?

High school was for some their greatest glory days and for others they were days of torments, frustration and feelings of isolation. Regardless of your memories of high school, dreaming of high school may reflect something more contemporary in your life.

dreams about high school

Dreams About High School

For adults, dreaming of middle school can be a reflection of nostalgia, stressful professional lives, or the wish to be free from the responsibility that one never had in middle school. For adults, dreams of going back to high school suggest you must face a particular issue or unresolved problem in your past that is holding you back from moving forward further in your life.

Often, when someone has this type of back-to-school dream, it indicates the dreamer needs to learn important life lessons. Dreams about going back to school symbolise the need to be more aware of ones surroundings and understand the things going on in ones life.

You In the Classroom

If you remember going back to college again in the dream, this could be an indication that you are concerned with the way you are doing in life. Seeing yourself in the classroom in a dream may indicate that you have to pay attention to how you behave in life. Seeing yourself sitting for an end-of-year test in a dream may suggest that you need to work through problems in your life and behave more maturely.

To see yourself taking the final exams at high school in a dream indicates you are feeling underprepared and anxious about dealing with sudden problems that come into your life.

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High School Tests

If you are dreaming about taking the high school test in order to get a high school diploma, this type of dream may represent a disconnect between the face that you present to the rest of the world and how you really feel about yourself. For someone who is grown up, a dream of taking a school exam represents an opposition between the face you show to others and your real self. A secondary school also stands as symbolic for anxiety, pressure, and worries that are commonplace in your professional or educational life. Dreams of a high school, particularly if repeated, may suggest certain irrational fears and anxieties, issues that you need to work on.

School dreams are usually signs of uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, and worries that we feel regarding certain situations in our lives. School dreams are often reflections of memories from the past that for whatever reason, came back to haunt us. A dream about school can bring up things that happened in our lives that may have been troubling, or things that we should take care of. A dream taking place at school may be a metaphor for the lessons that you are learning in your wakeful life.

School Students

If you consistently dream of being at school, it is connected with your internal drive to learn and advance in your life. Dreaming that you are looking for school suggests you have to increase your knowledge and your studies. To dream of being running from a school means you are not open to new ideas and perspectives. To dream that your childhood school is destroyed suggests that you are dwelling on some sort of childhood problem you have not solved.

Dreaming about specific, evocative locations from the schools you attended can reflect a current emotional state that is based on these memories. Dreams about former classmates can represent symbols from the past that are being experienced again in the future, or memories that are being stored in the unconscious mind.

A more common dream about going back to school and attending college again suggests you are feeling unsafe in the workplace. Examples of life situations that might prompt a dream about going back to school might include being nervous about dating someone, feeling anxious at work, or caring a lot about how others are going to react to the project you are working on or plans you have.

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School Grades And Shattered Dreams

For instance, school grades are minor issues, whereas college dreams suggest some serious issues that you are dealing with. If you are dreaming of an elementary school, then your issues are likely to be minor, but if you are dreaming of a college, then you are likely dealing with a major problem. When you finished school, a long time ago, and you have now a dream of going back to school, that should strike you as intriguing, and you definitely want to find out what that really means. You may dream of being at an elementary, middle, or elementary school, and it may indicate that you may be somewhat immature at times in your life-style.

Thus, the subjective interpretation of dreams about a secondary, junior, or university school regards you, the dreamer, as the pupil or student, who is supposed to learn something from your dreams to grow and advance. In contrast to an objective interpretation of your school dreams, a subjective interpretation includes symbols in your school dreams in order to communicate something about – to – you. An objective interpretation of the dreams means you are dreaming of the school you once experienced in real life.

The Dreams Academy

To figure out what is meant by your school dreams, and find a proper interpretation, pay attention to two main roles in dreams: your unconscious vs. conscious mind. To interpret school dreams of middle school, you must consider the dream setting, age of the dreamer, the conditions of the school building, the physical surroundings, followed by the dreamers emotional reaction after seeing a school within his or her surroundings.

A school building to a person in high school represents current stresses in daily and academic life, whereas for someone in an adult setting, a high school dream represents a warning of things that are incomplete or yet to be learned. Interpreting a dream of being a student in high school can illustrate the need for making good decisions through reasoning rather than acting on emotion. Your dream about taking an exam that you did not study for in school reinforces the idea that a test is all about experience and life strengths, rather than what anyone can teach you.

High School And Exams

Maybe you had a major exam coming up, felt anxious and scared, and that is why that is reflected now in your dreams. Taking tests is no fun for anyone, and this is when we all experience some degree of anxiety, so having dreams of taking a school exam, which are repeated continuously, may be a good indication of something deep inside you.

We often have dreams of middle school while we are adjusting to some kind of new surroundings, such as visiting an alternative school, moving to a completely new apartment and worrying about our neighbors, changing jobs, and so on. These are all situations where we are concerned with being accepted well by new people that we meet within the unique circumstances we are placed into.

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