Hair Dream Meaning

When we dream, we are tapping into our subconscious thoughts and feelings. Our dreams can therefore often be interpreted to understand our inner feelings, anxieties, struggles and desires.

Dreams can have such deeper meanings, and can therefore relate to our relationships, careers, development, family and fears. This is why it is so important that we understand and learn from our dreams, as they will give us an insight into our waking lives.

In many cases, some people will often dream about hair at some point in their lifetime. Hair is very symbolic and can often signify knowledge, strength and even sexual desire.

If you dream of long, flowing hair, then this can often signify freedom, confidence and spirituality. Shorter hair can demonstrate integrity, whereas white or gray hair conveys the knowledge and wisdom that we gain when we grow older.

Hair is often considered paramount to our appearance, and can make us feel empowered, confident and valued. When our hair is cut or changed without our permission, or full support, then we can be left feeling restrained, betrayed and restricted.

Losing your hair can feel like losing part of yourself or your personality, which is often why children cry so much when they first visit the hairdressers. They can feel like they have lost a part of themselves.

This is why hair dreams have a much more profound meaning than you may have previously thought. Whether you have lost hair, cut your hair or drastically changed the color, hair dreams have different meanings.

Hair Dream Meaning

If you are experiencing dreams about your hair, then we have a guide of some of the most common hair dreams and their meanings.

Losing Your Hair/Hair Falling Out

In both your waking life and in dreams, losing your hair or having it fall out is very upsetting. Losing your hair may signify your fears of growing older, or your lack of motivation.

It can also symbolize your loss of interest in certain activities or relationships, or the end of a life in some part of your subconscious.

In addition, if you have a fear of going bald due to chemotherapy or old age, then many people will suffer from this nightmare.

Someone Cuts Your Hair

Because hair is so important to our confidence and self esteem, dreaming of someone cutting your hair, without your knowledge or permission can be highly traumatic.

This can leave you feeling helpless and under the power of another person. This could relate to a harmful or abusive relationship that is no good for your happiness.

Similarly, if you dream of going to the hairdresser willingly, having your hair cut and disliking it, then you may be feeling some regret over a decision, or even guilty.

On the other hand, if you are cutting someone’s hair, then you may be feeling a sense of power and control over the other person.

Dyeing Your Hair

If you dream of dyeing your hair, then you may be feeling like you want to express a new aspect of your personality, or even change the way people perceive and think about the way you look.

However the color you choose to dye your hair affects what this dream may mean. If you are dyeing your hair back to its original color, then you are trying to recapture or go back to a younger, or past version of yourself.

If you choose to dye your hair black, then this can relate to how you want to look and feel. Black hair is full of mystery, darkness and grief. If you choose to dye your hair this color in a dream, then you may be uncovering some inner feelings of fear, mourning or mystery.

If you dye your hair bright red, then this may symbolize that you want to ignite some desire or inject some passion into your life. Similarly, dyeing your hair blonde can signify that you want to feel more carefree or have more fun and energy in your waking life.

To dye your hair brown can also symbolize that you desire more stability and normality within your life.

Hair Turns Gray

If you dream about your hair turning gray, then this could reflect some anxieties that you have about growing older and about your body ageing or changing.

Having gray hair can also reflect your knowledge and wisdom as you age, or as you reach new enlightenment.

Red Hair

Red hair is often associated with passion, sexuality and power. If you suddenly have red hair or you desire a redhead within your dreams, then this could be a sign that you need more passion in your life.

Suddenly having red hair could relate to a sexual awakening, or new relationship.

Long Hair

Long hair has long been a symbol of freedom, nature and a carefree attitude.

If you dream of having long, flowing hair, then you may feel that you have control over your life, relationships and career, and are headed in the right direction for you.

Washing Your Hair

If you feel the longing to wash your hair within a dream, this can be a sign that there is a build up or a blockage in your personal life that is getting in your way.

Washing your hair is a way of washing away those issues and problems, or even an underlying trauma that is blocking you from growing and thriving.

Brushing Your Hair

If you dream of brushing out your hair, this may signify that it has been tangled in some way. This shows how you need to straighten out any disorder or entanglements within your waking life.

This could be causing a lot of confusion or discomfort, and brushing out your hair can relate to how much you want to sort and work through it.

It is so vital that we examine our dreams, and understand why they occur or what they can symbolize. This can then give us a much better understanding of our waking lives, and how we can tackle underlying feelings and anxieties that we may have.

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