Glass Dream Symbol Meaning

Our dreams are usually a manifestation of our subconscious thoughts and feelings.

Our brains can conjure the most common of household objects and materials to represent a variety of different meanings. Surprisingly, a common theme that appears in dreams is glass. But what does this mean? 

For such a common material, glass can appear in our dreams in a variety of different ways.

From glass objects to mirrors, from opaque and transparent glass to broken glass. The way that the glass in your dream manifests itself within your dream will cause your dream to have a different meaning.

This article will look at the common ways glass appears within our dreams and the possible meanings behind it. 

Possible Meanings

Clear Glass

When you think of glass, the first thing that comes to mind is its transparency. Glass is see-through and open, so there is no surprise that clear glass is linked with honesty in dreams.

Additionally, it can also be linked to a sense of clarity in your thoughts and feelings as well as in your relationships and career. 

Generally, clear glass in a dream means good things, as long as the glass is unbroken. It can suggest a sense of satisfaction in your current situation, and that you are content with your life currently.

Transparent glass appearing in your dream could be the universe’s way of telling you that positive things are on the horizon and that you have a stable future ahead of you. It has also been linked to continued success throughout your lifetime. 

More specifically, if the glass that appears in your dream is shiny or looks recently polished this can be even better. Clean, shiny glass suggests that positive outcomes are heading in your direction.

It also suggests that the actions you are completing will bring good results to you, in all aspects of your life. 

The interaction that you have with the glass will also impact the meaning of the dream.

On a slightly more negative note, if you dream of looking in a mirror and seeing your image reflected this could be a sign of unfaithfulness in your marriage.

Alternatively, dreams of looking through a clear window have been linked with employment and stability in your career. 

Opaque Glass

If the glass that appears in your dream is opaque this will have a much different meaning. Opaque glass is a glass that you cannot see through and generally suggests that your dream has a much more negative meaning. 

If you encounter glass in a dream which you cannot see through this implies that you are not seeing the truth in an area of your life, or that you are being deceived. Opaque glass casts an air of doubt over your dream and implies that things in your life are likely to take a negative turn. 

A dream including opaque glass could be a manifestation of your fear of failure. It could also be a way of your subconscious notifying you that you are waiting for failure.

As mentioned, opaque glass in your dream could be a sign that something is being kept from you, or that someone close to you is being deceitful.

Alternatively, opaque glass in a dream could be a manifestation of any health or financial uncertainties you are experiencing in your life. 

The way that the glass has become opaque could also have an effect on your dream’s meaning.

If the glass is clouded over as if someone has breathed on it, this could suggest that employment is on the horizon for you but that it is likely to be in a bad position. Whereas if the glass is frosted this could imply that you will soon encounter love in some aspect of your life. 

Broken Glass

Glass is fragile and can be easily shattered. Broken glass is commonly connected to bad luck and danger. Its meaning in dreams is equally negative. 

If broken glass features in your dream in a vague manner, this can have a variety of meanings. It could suggest that something you had expected to last will soon come to an end, whether it be a relationship, career, or friendship.

Broken glass can also feature as a reminder of things that have hurt you in the past, and could appear in a dream if it is near an anniversary of something bad you have experienced. 

In extreme circumstances, broken glass could be a warning that your dreams are going to crumble. It could also be triggered by your subconscious worry that something you are struggling with will come to an abrupt end.

On a more positive note, broken glass can also be linked to a change in an area of your life which could be a good thing. 

Any interaction you have with the broken glass in your dream will also affect its meaning. If you are the person actively breaking the glass and causing it to shatter, this could mean a termination of a relationship or career is on your horizon.

Similarly, if you break a mirror in your dream this also has negative connotations. Usually, of early or accidental death, which is much worse than the 7 years of bad luck you get when smashing a mirror in real life. 

Your interaction with the glass, once it has broken, will have a further impact on the dream’s meaning. If in your dream you find yourself walking across a floor of broken glass this could be a manifestation of the pain and heartache you are experiencing in your life.

Alternatively, it could be a representation of your fear of heartbreak. Whereas if you find yourself eating glass in a dream this could be a manifestation of the vulnerability that you feel in different aspects of your life. 


Who knew that such a simple material could have so many different potential meanings if it appears in your dream?

The symbolism of glass in a dream isn’t necessarily bad or good, instead, it is impacted by the context you find it in and your interaction with it while you sleep. 

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