Fire Dream Symbol Meaning

Dreams can symbolize a number of things within our lives. Although sometimes hard to fathom, our dreams can help us visualize what our goals are, how to attain them, and what fears and obstacles may get in our way. 

We can interpret our dreams in a number of ways in order to understand the inner workings of our minds, and our hearts greatest desires.

To determine what our dreams mean it is important that we consider what aspects of our lives have emotional and traumatic effects on our mental wellbeing. These experiences can manifest themselves within our subconscious and our dreams. 

There are many elements that can symbolize changes in our mood, inner feelings and sexual desires. Fire is one of the most important elements to signify passion, anger and desire within our subconscious.

Fire is an element that can sustain us, keep us warm, protect us, but also destroy us. Uncontrolled fire can have catastrophic consequences on our lives and ruin our most valued possessions.  

Fire in a dream can symbolize a number of things, it can convey destruction, sexual awakening, transformation, purification, desire, anger, enlightenment and change.

Playing with fire in our dreams can help us visualize events within our waking life and open up our minds to our deepest and fiercest desires. 

Seeing Fire

Dreaming of fire can have a number of meanings, and it depends on the context in which we see the fire.

Flames engulfing a person can symbolize the end of a relationship, or perhaps you are struggling with the grief of losing someone.

Fire can also illuminate the way in the dark. In this sense it can highlight important information that your waking life might be missing or ignoring.

Starting a Fire

Starting a fire within your dream can signify that there is something you are trying to repress.

By starting a fire, you are releasing that energy that you have kept within, and your emotions are out of control. 

If you set fire to something that is valuable or sentimental to you, this indicates a great confrontation within you. Even setting fire to yourself is a symbol of desperation and sadness that you would wish to damage or hurt yourself.

This can signify emotional turmoil within you that is firing up and escaping.

Setting fire to something can usually mean that you are harnessing strong feelings of hatred, jealousy or anger in your life. You are acting out and releasing repressed emotions. 

Putting Out a Fire

This is a common dream that many people experience. Putting out a fire in a dream often symbolizes that you can overcome any obstacles in your way.

This shows that you are powerful and unstoppable even in the unfriendly circumstance of fire.  

Kindling a Fire

Kindling and maintaining a controlled fire in a dream can symbolize good health, strength and fortune in your life.

This may convey that you are content with your relationships, family and home life. 

House on Fire

Seeing your own home or a house on fire is a common fear among us. Visualising your home on fire is often traumatic and scary, but this just means that you are not ready for changes outside of your comfort zone. 

A dream with a house on fire is not always an omen of bad faith. Dreaming of a home on fire can symbolize regeneration or transformation. It can also signify a rebirth from the flames, as you rebuild your life from the bottom up. 

Burned by Fire

If in a dream you envision yourself being burned by a flame or by fire, this can mean that your temper or emotions are out of control.

Some people interpret being burned by fire as an issue or problem burning up inside you until it breaks free.

Being burned by fire is extremely painful, which can emulate pain and frustration in your waking life, such as a break-up or a loss.

Invisible Fire

Invisible fire almost always symbolizes a great sense of purification or cleansing of the soul. It is a fresh new beginning in your life. 

Alternatively, invisible fire can be dangerous. If you are stressed in your dream that you cannot visualize the fire then this may signify that there is some risk coming your way that you may underestimate or ignore. 

Harnessing Fire

To dream that you can control fire yourself with your own power, references your ability to control your emotions and your anger.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher within your dream works much like a real life one.

It suggests that you are trying to extinguish emotional trauma or old wounds and let go of the past. Similarly, it can also be a means of controlling your emotions or putting out the fire in your mind.

Fire and Water

To dream of fire and water simultaneously can signify a battle of two forces within your mind. This could be a symbol of a polarizing issue within your everyday life.

You may be suffering from a problem that is tearing you apart emotionally, or pulling you in two different directions. It is important to take a breath and evaluate the emotional or physical conflict within your waking life. 

Friendly Fire

If you dream of a fire engulfing you and another person, this can convey that the two of you have a special or close bond. 

Eating Fire

By eating fire in your dream you are consuming the flames and they are entirely under your control. This could symbolize your feelings of power and domination towards your emotions.

On the other hand, being consumed by fire conveys that those emotions are overwhelming you.

Last Word

Examining our dreams can help us achieve greater meaning and understanding in our waking lives.

We recommend that you keep a dream journal and jot down as soon as you wake every detail you remember as this can provide greater insight into your subconscious.

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