Falling Dream Meaning

Falling Dream Meaning

Nobody likes to have a dream about falling, and often they can feel like they are real, even though they aren’t. These dreams can be really scary when they do occur, and they can make you feel rather uneasy, especially if you keep having these dreams repeatedly.

However, learning the meaning of the dream will probably make it seem a little less daunting, and we will explain what falling dreams actually mean here. 

Most of the time, we wake up before we actually hit the ground, and there is a myth that states that if you do hit the ground in a falling dream, that you will die.

Thankfully, this is nothing more than a myth, and you will not die in your sleep if you land after falling.

Dream interpretation is one of the best ways to understand what your dreams mean and figure out why your unconsciousness has led you there. 

Looking at your dreams can actually help you to find out how your mind works and how you interpret information surrounding your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Don’t worry; your dreams are not an active reflection of your life, and they often have hidden meanings within them that help us to explore our unconscious minds.

If you are dreaming about failing, the dream is not literal in its meaning, and you aren’t going to fall off a building the next day, but it can be an abstract representation of ongoing issues in your personal life.

We are going to explain all the ways in which this dream could be interpreted, and we will look at the meanings behind the dream of falling. Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of your dreams by the end. 

What Does Dreaming About Falling Mean?

Falling Dream

If you have been recently dreaming about falling, there are actually meanings behind the dream.

People are often afraid of these dreams due to the myths and legends that surround them, but thankfully, these are just myths and nothing more than that.

There is no science that suggests that your dream of falling will actually have any life-threatening consequence if you were to hit the ground after falling in a dream. There would be much more research surrounding this if it were true.

Dreaming about falling is actually one of the most common dreams that there is, which is because our bodies are literally falling asleep in a sense. We will provide the meanings of these dreams here for you below. 

One of the most common reasons for having this kind of dream is that you feel like you are losing control of your real life.

Anything in your personal life that is becoming out of control can induce dreams about falling, which is a representation of something that you can’t control.

To help stop these kinds of dreams, you will need to evaluate your surroundings and think about the things that you want to be more involved in.

This could be by making big decisions or by taking back control of something that has slipped away from you.

Finding out the reason for this dream, and doing something about it is the best way to stop them from recurring.

Usually, when the situation has been resolved, these dreams will go away, as your subconscious is no longer stressing or worrying about the situation.

Your dream might even give you clues that will help to identify the problem. Perhaps if you are dreaming of falling in places surrounding your workplace, it could be an issue to do with your work life.

Whatever it is, identifying the problem is key to being able to find the solution. 

Another reason that these dreams about falling keep happening is because you are feeling depressed.

These dreams can happen due to your mood being much lower than it usually is, and resolving your emotional state can help to make these dreams go away.

However, this one is much trickier than others, and it can be more difficult to resolve.

Finding the route of your unhappiness can be helpful, as if there is something causing your down mood, there might be something that you can do to resolve it.

You can also seek help from a medical professional if you feel that it is something that you would want to do. Sometimes, talking to someone else about your problems can help you find the cause of them.

The final reason for dreaming about falling could be that you are in need of support from another person.

Essentially, nobody wants to fall down, but when things are becoming out of your control, you can ask for help from those surrounding you to help stop you from falling.

You might be able to ask someone that you love and trust to help you in these situations, which can help to make these dreams go away.

Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of support to help us work our way through our problems.

Having somebody around that you can talk to when things get tough can be really beneficial and should stop these dreams from happening.

In this instance, your dream is simply telling you that you need a friend or trusted person around to help you. 

Why Do I Jerk Awake Soon After Going to Sleep?

Sometimes, right at the start of your sleep cycle, you might be just drifting into a deep sleep when suddenly you get the feeling that you are falling.

This makes you suddenly jump awake, only to then realize that you are fine and still in your bed.

There is actually a name for this, which is Hypnagogic Jerk. Hypnagogic Jerks are sudden and brief contractions of the body that occur right at the moment that you are falling asleep.

This is actually more common than you might think, and around 70% of people have experienced them, some more than once.

Nobody can say for definite why these jerks occur, but there are some theories that say that they can be caused by anxiety and stress. 

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