Eyes Dream Meaning

When waking up for a dream, we often wonder what the dream was related to.

The majority of dreams can reflect our current frame of mind and parallel the things we are experiencing when awake.

For example, if you are worried about something in your life, these feelings are likely to overflow into your subconscious and appear in some form while you are dreaming.

Eyes Dream Meaning

While some dreams are easy to interpret, others can have a deeper meaning. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at what it means to dream about eyes.

Eyes can be interpreted in a few different ways, and you may be surprised by what this means for you.

Eyes Dream Meaning

When it comes to dreaming about eyes, depending on the scenario, your dream may have felt a little unsettling or comforting.

Several different interpretations can be made when dreaming about eyes.

Caution and Observation

If your dream was a little unsettling, the eyes could represent a feeling of caution. Whether this is your subconscious telling you to be cautious about a certain person or scenario, it could be a sign that you need to be more observant in everyday life.

Perhaps you feel that you ought to be more observant of your surroundings. This could be to ensure that you are not missing out on anything in life, whether this is surrounding friends, family, or your job.


If you are dreaming about your eyes, in particular, this can represent a realization that you have had. Your eyes have figuratively been open up to new possibilities and you have realized something you did not know previously.

Again, this realization will be different for every person experiencing it. It could be the realization of something you have been struggling to figure out in your job. or the realization that you are ready to get married and have children.

The realization could be you seeing something clearly when you were not ready to before. Our minds are capable of blocking things out we are not ready to process. Sometimes it can take time to realize something.

Closed Eyes

Following on closely from realization, dreaming about closed eyes can be the opposite of this. Closed eyes can represent that there is something in your life that you are either turning a blind eye to or that you are refusing to acknowledge.

You will likely benefit from being more open-minded towards certain situations. Whether this is confronting how you are feeling, or taking someone else’s thoughts or opinions into consideration.

The Number of Eyes

The number of eyes you dream about can be significant. For example, if you are only dreaming of one eye, this may be a sign that you are being closed-minded towards a situation.

Whether this is deliberate or you are not intending to, it could represent that you are not seeing the full story or picture of a situation. Often when we reassess a situation or change our outlook on something, this can make a significant difference.

If you are dreaming of multiple eyes, this could be a sign that you feel judged or watched by others. Whether this is one person or multiple people, feeling judged or watched can be unsettling and distracting.

Perhaps you feel that someone is watching how you are carrying out a specific task, or someone is judging the decisions you have made. This can filter through into your subconscious.

Bleeding Eyes


Dreaming about bleeding eyes is not a pleasant experience. Often this can feel like a nightmare, rather than a dream. In comparison to other eye dream interpretations, this is not the most positive.

Bleeding eyes can be a representation of the physical or inner pain that you are feeling. This pain can be linked to any area of your life and tends to be felt quite strongly.

While this dream can be upsetting, it can also be a sign that you may need stability in your life. Whether this is at home or in your personal life, you likely need to feel comfortable with yourself and the situation you are currently in.

Eye Color

Often we are unable to remember the color of the eyes that feature in our dreams.

However, if you can vividly remember the colors, they may be of significance. Here are what different eye colors can represent:

Blue eyes – Light blue eyes can represent inner peace and a sense of calm. They can also reflect a positive outlook of life and that you are quite happy with your current situation.

Green eyes – As is often associated with green, green eyes can represent jealousy. Whether you are jealous of someone, or they are jealous of you, this color tends to represent a negative or selfish outlook on a situation.

Red eyes – Red eyes are often associated with negative feelings. Red can represents anger, negative emotions, and even sadness.

Yellow eyes – Yellow eyes can be interpreted in two ways. The first way is to represent an understanding of a situation. However, it could be that you are fixated on a situation, which is not always a positive thing. In addition to this, yellow eyes can represent potential fears surrounding an illness.

Many different interpretations can be taken from the color of the eyes you are dreaming about.

Rolling Eyes

If you are dreaming about rolling your eyes, or someone rolling their eyes at you, you are likely annoyed by something that you are currently experiencing.

Whether this has something to do with a specific person or a situation that you are in. Much like how we would roll our eyes when awake, this is a similar concept.


There are many different meanings behind dreaming about eyes. The interpretations we have covered are some of the more popular and common ones.

While some of them are positive, others can reflect a negative frame of mind. Remember that eyes can be interpreted in many different ways depending on what you are currently experiencing.

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