Ex Dream Meaning

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Picture this, you and your ex have been broken up for some time now and you feel completely over the situation.

You sleep a lot better at night knowing that you are no longer in an unhappy relationship.

That is, until one night your ex pops up in one of your dreams. Does this mean that you are not over your breakup?

Do you want them back? Are they trying to get back in contact with you? Or are all these questions void? 

Dreaming about your ex can bring back some upsetting memories or may even remind you of all the happy times you had together.

The dream may also bring some clarity as to why you broke up in the first place.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, dreaming of your ex does have some significance to how you are feeling. 

Seeing your ex

If your dream features an appearance from your ex, then it could mean that you have recently met someone new who has some of the same qualities that they did.

This could be your mind giving you a warning sign over what could happen with a new love interest.

Maybe you have noticed these when you’re with your new love interest but haven’t vocalized your concerns just yet. 

If you are concerned about a new partner, then it could be useful to talk it through with either family, friends, or the person themselves.

Communication is key, after all. Your dream may be pushing you towards this sometimes awkward exchange.

It is important to voice your insecurities with a new partner as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. 

Alternatively, seeing your ex in a dream could be your mind bringing up past experiences that made you happy.

Maybe you are still struggling to accept your breakup, especially if it happened suddenly.

If this is the case, it could be a good idea to practice some self-care techniques like a spa day, a walk along the beach, or taking up a new hobby.

Self-care could help you relax and focus on yourself instead of an unhealthy relationship.

Getting back together with your ex

woman dreaming of romantic moment

If you dream that you get back together with your ex, then it doesn’t always mean that you want to be back in that specific relationship.

It could mean that you miss having a partner and company to share your life with.

If this does resonate with you and you feel lonely, it could be a good idea to reconnect with friends or family to get something planned to keep you busy. 

It is also quite common that brides-to-be dream of getting back with their exes the night before their marriage.

You may be wondering if this means you don’t love your current partner, but that is certainly not the case.

Big changes that you face with your current partner may trigger something in your mind to think back at failed relationships.

If you move in together, get engaged, have a child, or get married, all of these can make you think about how good you’ve got it now compared to your last relationship. 

If you dream that you’re making out with your ex, it could mean that you feel nervous about starting to date again or make things official with your new partner.

This is a completely normal feeling as everyone can relate to changes making them a little anxious.

Just remember that your new partner is not the same person as your ex. Enjoy it. 

All of this being said, dreaming of getting back with your ex could simply mean that you miss them and you do want to get back with them.

If you think there could be a chance, let them know that you still have feelings. However, also allow yourself to move on and rediscover all of your own amazing personality traits.

Fighting with your ex

Fighting with your ex in a dream can be a little triggering. It’s as if all of the bad memories come flying back into your life and that’s pretty much what your mind is warning you of.

This type of dream means that someone in your life is showing similar attributes as your ex.  Your mind is literally telling you to be careful of a possible toxic situation.

Take some time to think about who that person may be and evaluate whether you should distance yourself.

Your ex dies

woman swinging alone

Dreaming that your ex dies can be painful and upsetting.

Even if you have absolutely no feelings towards that person anymore, they were a part of your life and made you the person you are today.

This dream does not mean that you wish them dead.

In fact, it means that you have let go of all of your feelings about your ex. It means you have moved on and are in a much more positive headspace.


Dreaming of your ex can bring a lot of mixed emotions right back to you.

Whether you’ve recently ended that relationship or it has been years since you have seen that person, it can make you feel so confused over why they have popped up to say hi in your dream.

Most of the time, the reasons that they do appear in your dream aren’t because you want to be back with them but we also can’t rule out that reasoning. 

If you do miss your ex, your mind is most likely working overtime and all you can think about is that person.

The most important relationship you will have in your life is with yourself so take time to figure out what makes you happy, not them, just you. 

If you are in a new relationship or have just entered the dating scene again, then your mind is just protecting you.

It’s reminding you of what you should and shouldn’t be looking for in a partner.

This is a defense mechanism that your brain loves to flex so say thanks to your mind for always looking out for you and enjoy not being in an unhappy relationship anymore.

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