Elevator Dream Meanings

Elevators may seem a fairly mundane aspect of modern life, generally encountered in shopping malls, apartment buildings and offices, but their association with ascent and descent may tap into deeper themes in the human psyche.

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Dreams About Elevators

If you have dreams about standing before elevators, this represents a desire to have a certain kind of transformation in your life. If the elevator in your dream goes up, this is usually seen as a positive symbol reflecting accomplishments or progress in your life. An elevator in your dream may be interpreted as new opportunities in your life to use.

Dreams about falling down in an elevator may represent that some good situations have become bad, or have ended, because you made a bad choice. On the flipside, dreams of elevators falling down indicate that you are starting to feel grounded. Typically, a dream of moving downward on an elevator suggests someone or something is going to pull you down.

Elevator Dreams Symbol

If you have dreamed about the elevator going to the wrong floor, it may symbolise feeling uncontrollable in your life. If you dream of being on an elevator falling down like it is broken and cannot be controlled, it could symbolize that you feel like you are losing control of your life. If you are feeling sad and despairing, you are more likely to dream about an elevator being broke, the elevator going down, or something similar.

Just like when that dream was of a falling elevator, dreams about broken elevators indicate an absence of emotional control, because of some obstacles caused by the negative experiences that you have had at your job and life. If you are dreaming about falling in a elevator dream, a falling feeling typically indicates you are afraid you will lose a relationship or a safety net in your life, be it at work or with someone. Dreaming about being injured or dying in the elevator accident suggests that you might be about to lose some friendships that you had.

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Falling And Descending Elevators

Dreaming of falling as a result of being inside of an elevator represents feelings of losing control after believing that you were making a smart or positive decision at first. Just like how you do not control the elevator once it is stalled or falls, dreams about elevators can also represent losing control of your life and circumstances. If you are dreaming of an elevator getting stuck or stopping, this type of dream may represent a sense that you are not in a position to move forward in certain aspects of your life. Dreams about falling down dramatically or breaking up on the elevator mean losing control or suddenly stopping progress in life.

In the events of your dreams, if you are injured or you die as the elevator crashes down, this may represent your lack of control in your life. Dreaming about falling down in an elevator represents making an easy choice you know will make things worse. If in your dream, you are given a choice of going up in the elevator rather than down on stairs, this may indicate you are choosing an easier path out of a situation. If you are dreaming about going down the elevator in a cellar, it is likely you are making a choice that is going to put you in a precarious or humiliating situation.

That Workplace Elevator

If you dreamed of the crowded elevator not being able to get to the exit doors, it is a sign you need to be more decisive and diligent with your work. If you dream that an elevator will quickly come down as you are in it, this type of dream can mean that you are about to meet someone that is going to make a big impact in your life. If you dreamed that you were inside of an elevator filled with people, this is not a good sign, and it could mean some sort of discomfort or even accident is coming to you in the near future. On the plus side, a dream of an elevator rising quickly can represent a pleasant surprise, some kind of unexpected explosion, or a sudden, unexpected increase in your circumstances or status.

If your elevator is moving up much faster than any normal elevator might move up in wake-up time, then this dream could either be a positive one or a negative one. If people are ahead of you, waiting for an elevator as well, perhaps a dream like this indicates a need for greater patience, to put a little extra effort and time into getting where you want to go. If you were feeling sad, the dream about going down an elevator from a place that was bright into a dark area or less enjoyable might play on your emotions, showing how low you were feeling.

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Glass Elevators And Wonka Elevators

When you dream about riding a glass elevator, where you are able to look into the outdoor spaces, this represents the mental state that you are experiencing in your ups and downs of life. Dreaming of the elevator indicates the sense of acute claustrophobia, literally meaning there is something about your waking life that makes you feel trapped. Dreaming of being trapped in an elevator can symbolize claustrophobic feelings in your waking life.

If you dream of a vacant elevator without anyone inside, this suggests that your feelings of safety or peace are in danger at the moment. If you dream of an elevator being destroyed, which does not respond to any buttons, kicking, or whatever else you might be doing, but you are not stuck in it, that is a great type of warning dream. In your dreams, if you do the act of getting into an elevator, that means you are open for a transformation to sweep you up in a wheel spin and change your life.

Elevator Door Dreams

If you dreamed about installing an elevator into a building, it means that you are going to make decisions or moves that improve the quality of your life. If you are dreaming that you are late to the elevator, like if it were a bus, it indicates that you will think of new, effective solutions to problems. If you have an easier time stopping a bus or elevator in your dreams, then it is obvious that you want to go somewhere in life, but you are unsure at this point of time where you want to go.

Dreams of elevators refusing to stop so that you can leave may be indicative of deep-seated dissatisfaction with where you are at in your life. If you are dreaming about an elevator, or lifting rocks side-to-side, it suggests you are trying to change your circumstances, and are feeling disappointed in how little results are being achieved right now.

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