Eggs Dream Meaning

Sometimes, when we dream, we can gain a greater understanding of our emotional needs, desires, feelings and fears.

Dreams happen in our inner subconscious minds, and can symbolize what we want in our waking life. 

Dreams can often be very distinct, detailed and strange. We can dream of far off places, or sometimes just dream about mundane things such as school or work.

Eggs Dream Meaning

It is important to remember that these dreams have just as much meaning as others. For example, many people will experience dreams relating to eggs

No, we’re not yolking! Eggs are a great omen that can be featured in many dreams, and in many different ways. 

Eggs Dream Meaning

The image of the egg is a popular omen in many dreams. Eggs symbolize fertility, change, new life, or new beginnings. They can also signify nourishment, feeding or support.

As eggs can have a variety of meanings, there are so many different ways to interpret your egg dreams. 

New Beginnings

The most common reason for dreaming of an egg is if you are thinking about a new start within your life. Eggs typically symbolize fertility, life and life cycles.

This could mean that you are considering having a child, or having a great change within your life, or taking new steps. This could be in your career, relationship or everyday life. 

New beginnings are very exciting, and should be taken seriously. They can bring new experiences, new relationships and much more happiness into your life.

Looking after an egg

If you are protecting an egg in your dream, or taking care of it before it is hatched, this may be a message that you are nourishing and supporting a situation.

You could be helping something to develop, whether it is a child, person, skill, or relationship, and looking after the egg is symbolic of your need to protect and look after this. 

In addition, if you are protecting an egg from harm or a potential danger, then you may be aware that you have to support this ‘egg’ in your waking life.

You will have to take care of this ‘egg’ and its possibilities in your waking life if you want to help it fully develop and grow. 

The egg could also be symbolic of your potential, or a potential idea such as a business venture. You will need to care for it, so that when it grows and hatches, it will be able to take flight and become successful. 

Egg hatching

In a similar way, if you dream of your egg hatching, then this can mean that your goals are about to be realized and achieved in some way.

What you have worked so hard for is about to become a reality! 

Egg hatching

Walking on eggshells

This is an obvious one. If you are walking on eggshells in a dream, then it is a clear sign that you feel like you are tiptoeing around problems within your waking life.

Eggs are very fragile by nature, and so walking on eggshells can mean that you are feeling fragile in your real life. 

When walking on eggshells, you are stepping on something very precious and fragile, and you will need to take great care in moving forward.

This can relate to a delicate situation in your waking life that you will have to deal with gently. 

Throwing eggs

Once you throw an egg, it will crack and break beyond repair. Keep this in mind when you dream of throwing eggs as it is a destructive action.

If you are throwing eggs at someone, or someone is throwing eggs at you, it can relate to actions that are done without care for the other person’s feelings or emotions. 

If someone is throwing eggs at you, or vice versa, it can symbolize someone hurting your feelings, or throwing insults at you. The fragility of the egg relates to the fragility of a person’s feelings and how these can be hurt easily.  

Stealing eggs

Eggs are often symbolic of wealth or good health. Therefore, if someone steals your eggs, then this can symbolize how they may take advantage of you, or they will benefit from ‘stealing your eggs’ at your expense. 

Likewise, if you steal someone else’s eggs, then you are taking advantage of them, or trampling on them in order to further yourself.

If you dream this, then you may feel guilty about the way you have treated someone, or if you dream of someone stealing your eggs, you may want to be wary of them. 

Selling/Buying eggs

As eggs can be seen as great success or wealth, buying eggs can relate to some sort of business exchange or venture.

Similarly, if you are selling eggs, then you may be feeling that you want the support of another person to join you in your venture, or invest in your goals. 

Eating eggs

Eggs are a wonderful form of nourishment. If you are dreaming of eating eggs, then this could be a sign that you are going to embrace your potential, your feelings and your actions.

This is nourishment for your soul, as you embrace yourself and see the positive effects of your actions.

Reptile eggs

Reptiles are often seen as dangerous or treacherous creatures.

Seeing reptile eggs may symbolize that you are nervous of a sort of fear that is manifesting, or some sort of danger that is growing. 

Basket/nest of eggs

A basket full of eggs represents a basket full of wealth or good fortune.

This could relate to a sum of money that you have amassed, or an investment that is going in the right direction. 

Basket nest of eggs

In a similar way, if the eggs look lavish, healthy and glowing, then most likely the investment is going well.

If the eggs in your basket in the dream look unwell, dark in appearance or broken, then this could mean that things are not going too well in your waking life. 

Eggs dream interpretations

How you interpret your egg dreams will depend upon how the eggs appear. For instance, if the eggs are black, rotten or broken, then this may signify that there is a loss in your life.

Black symbolizes sinister forces or bad omens in your life. You may have lost a friend, opportunity or a partner, and the rotten eggs are a message of how you are feeling about that. 

On the other hand, golden eggs can symbolize wealth and winning, or pure, white, perfect eggs can relate to happiness, or that you are completely satisfied in your life. The perfect egg means the perfect life! 

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