Dreams Of Loosing Your Clothes

Loosing your clothes, especially in public settings, is one of those recurring nightmares often featured in movies.  The scene is something like, you walk out on stage at your old school and realise you’re naked (or a similar story line). If this is happening in your dreams, it could indicate a number of different possibilities.

dreams about loosing your clothes

Dreams About Loosing Your Clothes

Dreaming about a person in a traditional dress is symbolic of finding new hobbies, realizing ones talents. Dreaming of someone wearing your clothes can be representative of feelings for the roles in others lives which you perceive as being normally your own. If you dream of someone wearing your clothes, this means your virtues were taken away from you and used by an outsider for his own benefit.

Perhaps in the dream, you saw someone wearing your clothes without your approval, meaning that an enemy is using your clothes for their own benefit, using your clothes to gain power, glory, and money. Seeing more clothes in a dream can also mean that someone else is making plans against you.

Black Clothes Dream Motif

If you usually wear black clothes in your wakeful life, the dream might just be a reflection of yourself. The clothes that you wear in your dreams might represent a side of you, which you have chosen to display to the world as your outward identity or persona.

To dream of everyone else wearing exactly the same clothes as you implies you are feeling outsider-like in certain situations. If the people in your dreams are wearing white clothes, or you see white clothes lying around in a dream, it may indicate changes to your life about to occur.

Old Clothes, Loose Clothes And Lost Items

If you were wearing your oldest clothes in a dream, this might indicate you are going to be facing problems in the near future. Losing clothes in your dream indicates that you will face problems in your professional and personal life.

Dreams of losing clothes show you to have a multi-identity which may sometimes be hard to keep up with. Dreaming about losing your clothes shows that sometimes you feel that speaking up in an honest way is hard simply because you are afraid that it will hurt others. Dreaming about losing your clothes is reephasizing the fact that you are a social person that needs contact with others.

loosing clothes dream

Loosing Baby Clothes

Dreaming about losing your clothes proves that you are hoarding resentment which may eventually explode and cause serious conflicts. Dreaming about losing your clothes means you wish you had considered your home to be a peaceful, comfortable place to be, a place where you felt heard and recognized.

Dreaming about losing clothes from others is a sign that you are successful in your career, as long as you are working with others. Dreaming that other peoples clothes are lost would greatly enhance your fortunes in a career where negotiating with others is unavoidably miserable, and your relationships with customers are not good. You cannot afford to wear bad clothes or clothing in a dream and expect good things to come into your life.

Loosing A Wedding Dress

If you see yourself wearing quality clothes in your dreams, it is foreshadowing of receiving good things in your present circumstances. When you see yourself washing clothes in a dream, the dream signifies you are going to get over a problem and you are going to enjoy your life. When you have no work in your real life, but you have a dream about washing clothes, it symbolizes that you will have work well done.

Dreams of washing clothes suggest you are changing your old habits in order to better your life. When you dream that you are washing clothes, but you are suffering from a medical issue in real life, the dream indicates that you are about to get better very soon. Dreams of washing clothes generally represent things that bring you joy and pleasure, things that bring you pleasure and that make you feel like life makes sense.

Stress Dream Meaning

In negative meanings, dreams of clothes indicate a need for change to occur to your identity, feeling neglected and ignored, and wanting variety and change to your life. Dreams of buying new clothes can signify the wish to change ones personality, emotions, or the way one acts around others. If you are planning on changing clothes in your wardrobe, dreaming about wearing new clothes represents starting over fresh.

To dream that you are changing clothes all the time represents a need to change, and a need to adapt to new situations or roles. To dream of shopping or buying clothes represents your anxieties of trying to fit or fit well in your changing role.

dream loosing clothes

Buying New Or Old Clothes

Dreaming of buying clothes, either new or old, indicates you are feeling anxiety and stress over a pending change coming into your life. Dreams of clothes no longer fitting you, or feeling tight around your body, suggest you are desperate to see certain changes happen in your life.

Dreams of your clothes being dirty and trying to wash them represent an effort you are making to change something in your personality. To dream that you are taking layers of clothes off represents the feelings of letting go of unwelcome or undesirable characteristics about yourself. To dream of clothes appearing bundled together, or of seeing yourself wearing many layers of clothes, represents hiding your real self behind a deceptive mask.

Writing On Clothes And Bad Habits

If you dream of wearing clothes that have scurrilous writing, that means that you are being controlled in your life by demon forces. If you dream of wearing old or dirty clothes (clothes), it means you are having a bad run and are dishonored. If you dream of wearing borrowed clothes, if it is the case in your waking life, then it means that someone is stealing your fame.

Sometimes clothing also has a symbolic meaning in the dream, especially if it is the center of attention of your dreams. The symbolism of clothes not fitting well is connected with your life, which is all right now, but is not the way you expected it to be. The dream that the sexual acts are performed while wearing clothes may represent obstacles in implementing any action or thought, this is something meaningful and overwhelming which is blocking your path.


To dream of losing clothes, one might recently be shamed by someone, recently committed an evil deed, and frequently causes problems and obstacles without cause. To see red clothes in your dreams means you will be getting rid of horrible enemies, changing your intentions just in time. Dreams that include you in sea clothes, however, such clothes may in this case stand for the womb, stars, power, investments, etc. If you encounter it, then it means that something important has been taken.


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