Dreams About Pooping In Front Of Others? Find Out Why

Pooping in front of others is, for most people, not part of a typical day.  So when it arises in dreams, the natural question arises as to what the dream was all about? Is it something to do with social anxiety or perhaps some kind of public performance? Perhaps, as Freud might suggest, it is in some way sexual?

Popping in public dream

Dreams About Pooping In Front Of Others

Sometimes dreaming about pooping in front of others is the key to a problem that you cannot solve on your own. If you dream that you are pooping in front of people, this may symbolize that you feel that something very personal in your life has been revealed to others. In some cases, sleeping with poop in front of people can be a sign of a problem that you are not able to solve on your own. If in a dream you saw poop in the wrong place, this dream may indicate a problem or situation in which you do not want to participate.

Holding feces in your hand in a dream may indicate some problems in the near future, possibly related to legal or relationship problems. If you dreamed that you were trying to remove poop from your body, such a dream may indicate that you feel uncomfortable in some situations. If the dream is not about the real feeling that you need to poop, it can symbolize a situation where you feel like you cannot release something in your life. Thus, dreaming about poop can symbolize a situation where you feel disgusted with someone or something in your life.

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Dream Poop In Front Of Many People

If you don’t find feces (faeces) or don’t see poo, but you know they are there, this dream means you’re worried about someone trying to interfere in your life. If you are shitting on something or someone in a dream, then such a dream is not a good sign and may indicate that someone in reality has taken advantage of you. If you step on poo in a dream, such a dream is usually a good omen and may herald unexpected good fortune related to your projects and business ventures, which can significantly improve your financial situation. Dreaming of stepping on poop may also mean a disagreement between you and someone in your life.

Sleep also means some kind of conflict in your personal life if you smell poop. If in a dream you saw fresh poop, this indicates that everything suits you in life and you do not want to change anything in it. What I am trying to say here is that the smell of poop in a dream may indicate a new stage in life. Seeing the terrible smell of poop in your dream may mean that you are ready for a new stage in life.

dream poop

Habitual Dreams And Public Toilets

Pooping in public in a dream indicates an ancient dream tradition in which you feel insecure and vulnerable, open to new opportunities and getting rid of negativity. Dreaming of you pooping in public can also symbolize a situation where you intentionally tell people very personal things about your life. If you consider yourself a person who cannot do this and dream about other people pooping, this is a sign that you are shy and hesitant to take the necessary steps.

If you dream that you pick up baby poop with your bare hands and eat it, it may mean that you feel inferior or insecure and take out this disappointment on yourself. When people dream of poop in their hands, they often describe feeling guilty about something they did. When you dream that you are eating poop, perhaps some part of you feels guilty about something, so much so that you feel the need to remember your secret shame in a dream. Frequent dreams about poop may indicate that you are disgusted with what you have done, or that you have done something disgusting, such as cheating on your partner or hurting someone who does not deserve such behavior from you.

Comfortable Pooping

Seeing poop in a dream and touching or holding feces with your hands; suggests that you may be doing something at work that makes you feel uncomfortable. One of the most common bathroom dream scenarios is the need to pee or poop and the inability to find a suitable place and/or use the bathroom in an unusual, usually public place. If you dream that you are vomiting poop from your mouth, this may mean that you are experiencing some kind of discomfort in your life and may be worried about something.

If your dream was calm, and then suddenly began to smell like poop, then something is wrong in your waking life and you need to focus in order to move on. If this happened in your dream due to constipation and the fact that you are struggling to poop but without much success, the dream may symbolize that you are pushing too hard in your life, to the point where you could get hurt. Since poop can make you feel physically lighter, dreaming about poop can symbolize that you feel emotionally lighter after some discharge. Feces have a bad reputation for smell and mess, so dreaming about feces can symbolize something you are disgusted with or ashamed of.

public shame

Feces, Money and Dream Interpretation

To dream of treating feces as money and to be disgusted with them indicates that you have negative feelings about some of the income you receive. If you dream that you are cleaning the poo from the carpet, washing the poo from your clothes, or cleaning your car, it means that money is about to leave your life. When you poop in your pants, this dream means a feeling of inferiority. Poop dreams come in many varieties; however, the usual one, no matter how much you wipe your ass with toilet paper, it won’t come clean.

In this sense, the typical toilet cycle in a dream (pooping, wiping, toileting, splashing) indicates that your psyche was in turmoil. Defecation dreams also symbolize the removal of unnecessary and toxic feelings that you may be experiencing, the cleansing process that you are currently experiencing. In some cases, seeing a pile of feces in a dream means your satisfaction with how your life is going and with current circumstances.

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