Dreams About Poop: What On Earth Do They Mean?

Dreams can be awkward affairs, often involving embarrassing subjects matter.  Sometimes, dreams are just weird or disturbing, which may be your feeling after dreaming about poop!  The significance of poop dreams may however be more than you first imagine.

dreams about poop

Dreaming About Poop

When you dream about going to the bathroom, that means you are going to be experiencing the opposite thing in your wake up life. If you dream about trying to scoop the poop out of your body, dreams like this may be indicative of feeling uncomfortable in certain situations. Dreaming about pooping, touching, or holding the poop; suggests that you may do things at work that make you uncomfortable.

When your dreams involve holding or touching faeces with your hands, they indicate that you may be doing things you are uncomfortable with. If in the dream, you are really touching the poop, this might indicate that you are worried you may be lost in a highly complex, and possibly sticky, situation.

Toilet Terrors

If in your dream you are terrified of touching the bathroom bowl which has poop inside, it might mean you are obsessed-compulsive.

A poop dream might mean you just spent a lot of time hiding things, where you live in a constant state of fear of letting the key go. For instance, if you dream of seeing animal-based poop inside of your home, this means something is going to go terribly wrong.

The most common explanation of a dream where you see poop suggests that your labors will be paid off. When you are having dreams of seeing human poop, it is an indication that sooner rather than later, you are going to get some good news or experience some good experiences.

human poop dreams

Human Poop Dreams

In reality, seeing human poop in your dreams may suggest you will get over any negatives. Seeing poop in a dream indicates that you must get rid of all the negative thoughts and the negative energies swirling around in your life at this time. If you are a consistent pooper in your dreams, you must take a critical look at your spiritual life because this could be an indication of manipulation.

Meanwhile, having a contact with urine or stool (poop) in a dream can be a sign you have an obnoxious consciousness. Meanwhile, if in your dream, you are cleaning poop from the floor, this could indicate that you are cleaning up something in real life. It is also better if in the dream you are just cleaning up poop by your own hands or using a rag.

Dog Poop Dreams

Dreaming that you cleaned up dog poop or garbage, or the animal faeces or garbage, with soap and bleach; usually indicates you will be working to clean up after the mistakes another has made. If you found the faeces, or did not see poop, but knew it was there, the dream means that you are concerned with another persons attempts to meddle with your life.

If you awaken from your dream related to poop and you feel no urge to use the restroom, there may be additional dream significances for feces and poop. The meanings of dreams in which an individual sees an animals poop are similar to those in which an individual sees a persons own poop.

dog poop dreams

Horse Poop Dreams

Horse poop can obviously be representative of many things, such as manure for fertiliser, associations with riding horses, or plain old yucky poop. Because poop or faeces are associated with things that we generally think are gross, such dreams may symbolize part of ourselves we perceive as gross or gross.

If we dream that we are stained by poop, this means we are receiving some amount of money or a debt we have been indebted to for a long time, or, also, this could mean our good fortune streak is starting at that time.

When you dream of playing with poop, this can be representative of the period of time in your life wherein money and financial matters will dominate your wakeful existence. If you dream of having underwear full of poop, it indicates that you are just going to pull money from savings very soon, take a loan from loved ones or friends, or make an immediate repayment.

If you dream that you tread on poop when walking, it indicates that this will change in the long run in a very positive way, even your sexuality may change. Yes, if you dream of stepping on poop, this may refer to the likelihood of having a lucky break at your job.

Poop And Positive Dream Symbolism

Dreams that include poop may indicate good things are coming for you, including money. If you are embarrassed about pooping in public, then a dream might show that you do not feel worthy of any money that you do have. If in your dreams, you saw yourself having trouble when it came time to poo, this means that you are someone who does not enjoy spending money. If you felt shame when you defecated publicly in your dream, you felt that you were not worthy of money that you earned.

If you have dreams where you cannot dispose of the feces that are laying around your clothes, or cannot flush them out of your toilet, these dreams typically represent an inability to release certain emotions that have been strangling you for a long time.

Peaceful Poop Dreamer

If your dream was peaceful, then all of a sudden started smelling of poop, this means that there is something wrong with your life as it is going on in the awakened state, and that you must concentrate on moving on. If the dream of eating poop has the poop inside of your diaper and has some odor, this could suggest that all of your hard work is about to be rewarded in some small way. While poop in dreams is never all that nice, you will have extremely vivid dreams where you will feel as though you are actually sniffing poop.

poop dreams

Scary Poop

The scariest of these poop dreams is finding your own poop, or seeing yourself pooping all over your body. If you are dreaming that you are simply walking down the street and you suddenly step on some shit, that means your future is going to positively get better from this point forward, if you are coming off of childbirth, we are going to hook up, and if you are in a poor romantic relationship, whether because of the struggle or distance, things are going to start getting better until you can get back together.

Dreams can be warnings you to deal with it and fix things ASAP. This type of dream is a fairly common, common dream, and if you are dreaming about just being publicly peed on, then the dream means you are getting humbled, or afraid of the unknown.

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