Dreams About Planes: Find Out What They Mean

Planes (aeroplanes that is) are associated with many things – flight, heights, travel, industry and for some, freedom. For some, they conjure fear and feelings of claustrophobia, and for others, a boring mode of travel associated with work.

dreams about planes

Dreams About Planes

The significance of airplanes in dreams is related to a dreamers journey through life. If we examine the spiritual meaning of planes, we can understand the motives that drive us in dreams. Airplanes in our dreams may indicate that we are going to overcome obstacles in our wake lives.

An airplane in your dreams may symbolize exploring your inner side or spiritual ideas. More often, planes in dreams are positive signs, indicating you have potential and drive to accomplish great things.

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Who’s Flying The Airplane Dreams?

Flying in a plane in your dreams is a positive sign predicting a positive phase of your life; you will be successful at whatever your starting point is. Dreaming about flying planes, or seeing yourself in them, implies that you will surpass the obstacles that currently stand in your way.

In the case of dreams about airplanes, you may realize there is a higher power inside of you, wanting to find greater freedom, whether it is mental or physical. If you dream about flying airplanes, being a pilot, or something similar, then this is a dream that is all about taking control over your life.

When dreams of landing a plane reveal you are a pilot, flying a plane yourself, this suggests that you are completely in control of your life.

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Flying To New Heights

When dreams about planes flying occur, it indicates that you are about to achieve new heights in your career or open up new levels of accomplishments in your professional life.

Because planes are made to travel in the skies, a plane dream may also represent reaching new levels of awareness and connection to your spirituality.

Dreams of high-flying planes may symbolise attaining higher goals or ideals in life. Most dreams of airplanes are symbolic of your personal life, also referring to your goals in life.

Paper Planes And Dream Symbols

Dreams about planes may take on varying meanings, but usually suggest the end of worries, changes to improve yourself, or a need to get some advice from someone who is wiser and experienced.

Dreams about seeing planes are all about early signs of the life of an idea; they are guided dreams, meant to get you wondering about things.

Most probably, these dreams are reflecting your internal drive to change things about your life and your routines; you are feeling on the inside like the time is right to go ahead, go any way. Buying a plane ticket in your dreams is reflective of your feeling bored with routine, and wanting something different to happen with your life.

Where Is Your Plane Heading To?

You usually will dream about trying to get on an airplane when making changes in your desires. Dreams about traveling in an airplane are essentially the same in that you are getting on a plane and heading off into a new horizon, known or unknown.

In dreams, if you are often traveling, or you are afraid to go on plane trips, it is possible to see the plane landing or flying. Wandering through an airport alone, as if exploring it, watching people pass and planes flying away or landing is a dream scene that has meaning similar to seeing planes.

dreams about planes

Airborne Fears

In your dreams, seeing a plane or plane represents traveling or getting somewhere. An aircraft taking off in your dreams can also represent a situation in your personal life – something that you had no control over, that you could not stop, even though you wanted to. In a dream, the plane means that you might have to leave for a new project, and can even be a symbol for fear.

If the plane takes off in the dream, this means your plans and ideas are going to be turbocharged very soon. For instance, you might have dreams about getting on an airplane, then having the plane take off as normal.

Dreams where you actually get on an plane, whether an airline plane, or a smaller private aircraft, or anything else, means you finally decided to go ahead, or, if you still have not made any real decisions in your wake life, you are going to make them soon.

Plane Crash Dreams

Of course, if you are mortally afraid of flying in real life, the significance of a dream about an aircraft wreck may be self-evident, particularly if there is a trip imminently looming in your future.

A plane crash dream may even represent the possibility of changing your life for the better. Surviving the plane crash in your dreams suggests you are capable of surviving every hurdle that life throws your way. Dreaming about landing an airplane represents winning against the difficulties and challenges that you face in your life.

Dreaming of flying might indicate changing your outlook on life as a whole; you have gained clarity on what you want out of life, have an accurate understanding of how to achieve that goal, and are extremely hopeful.

Flying High In Goals And Dreams

Your dreams could just tell you that you are capable of more than you have ever thought was possible on earth, but that fear of taking a flight and going somewhere you have never been is crushing you.

Part of the clue for explaining airplanes in dreams can even be found in the word airplane itself. Having a plane-crash-type dream is probably going to stand for something different for each person and if you take note of specific details of those nightmares, you may be able to pick up a few insights that can also help you cope with stressful situations in your wake life.

Whether you are afraid to fly or you are just itching to jump on the next flight, having dreams of plane crashes can symbolize many issues beneath the surface,a and dissecting them is the key to dealing with them. If you’re reading about a crash of a plane in a newspaper, or watching an airplane movie, such dreams are just unconscious reflections of your daily life.


A plane dream is a highly symbolic view, since it tells of a dreamers entire lifes journey – from careers, love, and relationships, all the way up to the realms of spirit. Spiritually, dreams of planes represent ones journey through life – concerning ones career, social circles, experiences, relationships, and emotions. Airplanes may also stand for spirituality and/or spiritual travel when appearing in dreams, given how airplanes fly and ascend from Earthly territory.

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