Dreams About Numbers: Are You Getting Lucky?

Numbers have meaning in all kinds of traditions, spiritual and otherwise. In Christianity for example, 7 is the number of holy completion, and in Chinese folklore 4 a negative number due to its resemblance to other negative concepts. When numbers arise in your dreams, the traditions you are familiar with will be important in arriving at the correct interpretation.

dreams about numbers

Dreams About Numbers

Most often, numbers in dreams are trying to tell you something, or to give you some insight into your wakeful life. As a result, we may be wondering what the spiritual significance is when we see numbers in dreams. Often, the numbers appear in our dreams to symbolise a particular person or event in our lives. If a number appears in your dream indicating a particular date or time, the first place to look, obviously, is whether this date or time is connected with any known events in your wakeful life.

In a different context, investigate the possibility that a number appearing in your dreams could be indicative of a significant event, date, era, or anniversary. Note whether you have one specific number, or series of numbers, that frequently appears in your dreams. A first in your dreams may be a sign that God is trying to turn your story around or is working on a particular area in your life. If you are trying to recall numbers in a dream, that dream means that you are about to experience something new and exciting.

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Dream Numbers Spiritual Meaning

If somebody else was writing numbers three in your dreams, then this means that you are totally prepared for a new stage of life. Dreaming that other people are writing number six means you are going to hear some good news. Dreaming of writing number eight down means you are afraid that you are stuck in a rut, and it is difficult to pull yourself out. As a result, if you regularly see the number two in your dreams, your subconscious is trying to tell you to step back and evaluate how things are actually going.

Seeing the two in your dreams may indicate that people are, or will soon be, coming together to accomplish something in your life. If Four appears in your dreams when your life is in physical chaos, it could mean that you are coming up with solutions for your problems. The number two appearing in the dream can thus indicate that finding and maintaining material stability is the main issue in your life right now. The occurrence of one indicates dependency, loneliness, an obsession with money, or even a fear of losing everything.

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Lucky Numbers

The appearance of one-hundredth in your dreams also means you must put in all your effort into everything you do. It means an overwhelming sense of self-confidence and authority, so this is usually the number that you should feel good about seeing in your dreams. If you are seeing threes in a dream, this could be an indication that there is a situation in which you are going to need the strength of God in order to succeed, thrive, and rearrange your position. If you are seeing the number three in your dream, it means you are an extremely creative individual, but you are for whatever reason not using your potential.

The digit zero can mean your thoughts are off-balance, and you are placing too much emphasis on the material aspects of life. Since the number 0 is symbolic of the void, and the gaps within your life, it means things might seem empty to you. The zero number also represents life as loneliness, a life as struggle. A dream where you see the zero, or the number 0s, in your dreams means that you are plagued with hollow hopes and troubles.

Lotto Dream Interpretation

Dreams with odd numbers may indicate that you feel like something or someone is missing in your life. Most commonly, dreams about numbers signify you are looking for logic and understanding in your life. Your dreams of numbers can have many different meanings, not only depending on what number actually appears to you and where you see it, but the various types of things that can appear in your dreams about numbers. Learning about numerology can be extremely useful for understanding the deeper meanings behind numbers in your dreams.

We draw number meanings from dreams just as we do from working with numerology in our wake lives. Number meanings in dreams mostly indicate the need for organization and logic. While particular numbers do carry definite meanings, the sequence of numbers depends on the context of these dreams.

dreams about numbers

Lucky Days?

While specific numbers do hold special meanings, the series, or simply the presence of numbers in your dreams, may also hold special implications. You might even find that placing numbers in your dreams is the key to completely unlocking numbers messages and meanings.

They are also easier for our minds to process while they are in the middle of the dream, giving us something to draw from and explore during our wake lives. Numbers provide meaning for our lives in ways that make it almost impossible to imagine our lives without numbers. Whether or not you are a highly mathematical person, you have got numbers all over your life, morning through to night.

If you are having dreams in which you are seeing numbers all over, it means that you are going to struggle with finishing all of your projects on time and producing the best results. Dreaming about a number in general could also mean that you are going to be exhausted and burned out by all of the work that you are doing, and that a vacation is going to be needed. If numbers in your dreams are made from anything mushy, it means you are going to fail at achieving your goals. If the numbers in your dreams were made of something solid, this means the circumstances in the immediate future will challenge the principles in your life to their strengths, and your ideas will be unshaken.

A dream number can also symbolise a particular object or a number of objects, such as the number of children that are about to come into your life. The significance of a 911 number in your dreams is certainly a sign of cosmic order. When the number 911 appears, it certainly represents an emergency that you should be alert for. The number 666 seems to carry a similar negative value both in real life and dreams, so pay attention to it once it is seen in a dream.

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