Dreams About Newborn Babies

Newborn babies are a delight, and also the signal of a sacred and lifelong responsibility now to be undertaken.  When they arise in your dreams, it can therefore signal any number of possibilities.

newborn baby dreams

Dreams About Newborn Babies

Dreams about newborn babies may represent something new; it may mean good news, or it may mean hardships are coming. If you are seeing a newborn in a dream, then it means you are going to face some new unfamiliar situations very soon, and that you are going to positively grow and thrive. If you see a baby in your dream, but cannot remember any more, it may mean that something new is coming into your life.

Often, dreaming about a crying newborn can mean that you are looking at your life and wondering if there is more to life than just the way things are. If you are dreaming about a crying baby, or an angry one, that may mean there is something weighing you down for quite some time, keeping you from moving forward in life. If the baby is crying inconsolably in your dreams, it may mean that there is a person or a new development in your life that needs your attention.

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Crying Baby Dreams

If you hear the baby crying in the dream alone, it could also indicate that there is something hiding in your life. A baby crying is a normal part of babys development, but in the dream, it can signify something in your life that needs your attention. If the baby in your dream is crying unrelieved, it is a really good indicator that there is an element of something new in your life that needs your attention, Loewenberg explained. If you are seeing the baby crying in your dreams, that could be an indicator that there is some part of you that is not getting enough attention, that needs nurturing.

Dreaming about being a baby might mean you need to reconnect with your own longing for nurturing and caregiving, or, you or someone you know is acting immaturely. Dreaming of holding a newborn is about protecting, and generally, if you are in a relationship with someone, may mean you are not feeling cared for as much as you would like. Since the newborn is all about our natural capacity for loving and caring for someone, a dream may also mean that you are going to get where you need to go in your life. Such a dream may indicate if a newborn is hurting in some way, problems and heartache are a part of life, the most important message to draw from such a dream is the understanding that when things are not going well, they will get better.

newborn baby dreams

Postpartum Nightmares

In general, if we have dreamed of having a child, this may suggest we are capable of having children, and are open to new beginnings and happy, fulfilling lives. If you see a baby girl in your dreams, then that means that you are going to be blessed with a lot of good things in life ahead. Typically, seeing a baby in your dreams indicates innocence, warmth, and new beginnings, according to the Moods in Dreams. This child is a reminder of all good, clean things within you. While dreams can depict excitement over pregnancy, they can also symbolise hope for the babys future.

Essentially, if you have just had a baby-boy dream, it is not a foreshadowing of the future, but a metaphor for something else happening in your life. If you are expecting something in waking life, and find you are having dreams of having a baby boy, that does not necessarily mean that you are going to give birth to a boy. Sometimes, you might be dreaming about another person having a child, and this can influence your actual life. Fortunately, dreams of other people having babies may also have positive effects on your own personal life.

Which Gender Baby?

In this case, dreams of having a boy may signal a happier life filled with positive emotions and great opportunities waiting for you. Dreaming of a child being abandoned can also mean you are scared to have children, or are certain you are not capable of taking care of children. Dreaming about forgetting you really had a baby means you are trying to cover up your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Dreaming of forgetting about your baby might mean that, in the unconscious mind, you are feeling the responsibility of a separation, even though in your waking life, you might not feel this way.

If you have seen the dream of an unhealthy child, then this means the person having the dream will find their way out of their difficulties and will have some relief in their lives. If you get the dream, but are not pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, then that will mean you gave birth to a new way of communicating with someone. Dreaming about having a talking child might alert you to problems coming up soon, such as that someone is jealous of you and would be troublesome for you. If you are starting a new project, or creating something you do not feel is quite ready for release to the world, babies might show up in your dreams.

newborn baby dreams

Newborn Baby Suffocation Dreams

Dreams about pooping babies suggest you might stumble across some unpleasant things, or someone you trust might get you in a sticky situation. Dreaming of a violent or aggressive child means you are dealing with some really severe situations in your real life. Dreams about losing your baby often come from a natural fear for your unborn babys safety, as well as fear and responsibility associated with the introduction of new life to the world.

Children are in turn designed to be appealing to us because of their powerlessness, and if you feel powerless in your life lately, or are afraid of the unknown, having questions like, What am I doing with my life, or What is my purpose, in a dream of a young child may suggest you are able to define your true goals. If you are pregnant and you dream about giving birth to a child who has an entire set of teeth, it is a reflection of your wish to have this child at last, and to communicate with this child at last, says Loewenberg.

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