Dreams About Needles: What Do They Mean?

Needles have a number of different connotations in waking life, including sewing needles, medical needles, tattoo needles and others. Thus, when you dream about needles, the meaning interpretation is complex.

dreams about needles

Dreams About Needles

If you are dreaming about needles, it might just be something that you are looking for, you can follow along in the article below if you would rather read.

Since there are a lot of dreams related to needles, we are not going to have a chance to cover all but will certainly help you in the explanations for some common dreams regarding needles, therefore, you should continue reading if you are looking for answers about dreams related to needles. When you are having dreams related to needles, it is important to take a deep look at all the things surrounding those dreams so you can take anything from them which is relevant for your life. Dreams related to needles may have a great effect on our everyday lives, and it is important that you put extra focus into that dream so you will be able to identify its significance easily.

When you dream of needles, this may really be related to our sexual life and this may mean that you are going to feel unsatisfied about something.

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Knitting Needles

To see yourself taking the needles in a dream means you are going to be helping somebody, and at the end of it, you are going to feel satisfied. If you are trying to take the needle out of your body in the dream, it means in reality that you are going to be trying to rid yourself of the troublesome circumstances causing pain. Seeing or having a hit from the needles in a dream may be a sign you have tried doing some things in life, but it has not worked out as planned.

I will say, dreaming about having pins and needles may simply mean you are experiencing that feeling. If you are dreaming of sewing with pins, it is a warning you are going to be experiencing something uncomfortable in your job. Dreaming of seeing a sewing needle is a warning to watch out for the people around you, because somebody wants to hurt you. Having a sewing needle dream also means you are going to be faced with a bad situation, and that you need to be prepared for those situations to avoid being caught off guard.

dreams about knitting needles

Syringe Needle Dreams

A dream where you see someone reaching for the needle is a sign that the two of you are going to have to make difficult choices. If you see someone else looking for a needle in the dream, you will have to choose between two options in the waking world. Finding the needle in a surprising location in the dream means that you will find a solution for your problems shortly.

To dream about finding a needle in an unexpected place means that you will soon find a non-traditional or out-of-the-box solution for solving your problems. Usually, dreams about needles from the syringe indicate all problems will soon be solved, and you will come out on top from whatever situations you are facing in life. Having dreams with incidents caused by syringe needles means that the problems you are facing are just temporary and they will be over soon enough; you will emerge victorious from the situations you are facing. If, however, you have a dream with a needle being stuck to your body by a needle, that means that eventually, you will begin to care for your health.

Sewing Needles

If you dream of puncturing yourself with needles as you stitch, and bleeding, this type of dream is a good sign, it indicates that you are fulfilling your desires for the work. If you dreamed that you were sewing with a needle, such dream is a good sign, indicating that you would learn from your mistakes and attempt to correct them. Seeing the needle tickling your hands as you stitched something in a dream can symbolise the happiness and pleasure that you will be seeing in friends during school. If a needle is placed in your ear, dreams usually mean being gossiped about by someone with bad intentions toward you.

Often indicates that someone is gossiping about you, jeopardizing your reputation by spreading untrue rumors. If you are having the needle pushed into your eyes, dreams may signal that there are false friends around, and that there are people with whom your best interests are not at heart. In case, you have a dream about looking for a needle and finding it, this is a sign of a couple of interesting people coming into your social circle in the coming days.

Pine Needles

If in your dreams, all you can see are needles, then you may interpret this to mean maligning or rocky relationships, losing friends, even being betrayed by someone who you think is important in your life. Dreams of using, or only seeing, needles may represent a need to repair certain situations or relationships. Dreams of seeing a needle with no wires, or needles in damaged condition, suggest emotional problems caused by lies and rumors. Dream of broken needles indicates a breakdown of the relationship, possibly caused by the talking behavior of the person.

Considered given, needles in dreams may represent dangers that we may find ourselves in when we lose our focus in life. Often, dreams of needles signify unnecessary worries about something, and they urge action to make changes to the situation you are unhappy with. When needles show up in your dreams, this may be your subconscious advising you to pay closer attention to things in your daily life, relationships, job, etc.


Being needled and syringed in a dream indicates you must evolve and concentrate on goals in your life, this may also suggest a time where you are feeling anxious. If in your dream, you are needled, the pain would be similar to what you experience with small things that worry or upset you in real life.

Looking for the needle in the dream is a sign that the dreamer is looking (or it will be happening to them in the future) for something so unimportant and insignificant that the chances of finding it are reduced to zero. Taking a needle from your clothing is a dream indication that you will be able to fend off another persons attacks or halt an angry slander in time.


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