Dreams About Murdering Someone: What Does It Mean?

Murdering someone may be a disturbing dream, if you find yourself doing something you would never dream of in real life, but what does the dream reveal about you?

dreams about murdering someone

Dreams About Murdering Someone

Depending on the circumstances, the dreams about killing somebody can also mean you are involved in an argument with somebody without any cause. In the negative sense, killing someone in the dream can reflect situations in which you are experiencing strong jealousy. There is a high probability that the murder or killing that you are doing in a dream could represent a drive to kill something within you.

If you kill someone in a dream, it is likely you are actively working on changing or ending something negative in your real life. Dreaming of killing somebody indicates you do not want interference from some person in life, rather than you actually wanting to actually murder others. You may wake up wondering why you killed someone, but it does not mean you really wanted to kill the person.

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Inner Thoughts And Dream Interpretation

To understand more why a murdered person is murdered in your dreams, you have to consider who they are for you in real life. If you knew the person in the dream who was killed, but in real life feel uncaring towards them, it is possible that they are representing something about your life you dislike and wish to rid yourself of. If the answer to the previous question is “no” and you have no strong feelings towards the known person, the person might be representing some aspect of your existence in your wake life.

Even people who are killed in dreams, whether they are people that are known to you or those that are unknown, are representing some aspect of yourself. If the person you are killing in a dream is someone that you love, love, or respect, the person may represent an aspect of you that you are not too proud of, and that you wish to remove or improve. When you dream of killing someone, and that person is someone that you really cannot stand in real life, it may indicate that you wish to cut off all connections to them.

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Negative Desires

Dreaming of killing someone you know may signify your wish to cut that person out of your life, or emotionally distance yourself from them. Dreaming of killing someone may also point out a facet of your personality that is susceptible to being affected or affected easily by outside factors in your daily life. Dreams of someone killing another person indicate you are denying yourself a sense of anger or anger, or a certain aspect of your personality that is undesirable and that you wish to be freed from.

Dreams about someone trying to kill you may usually indicate that you are worried about the persons intentions. If you are dreaming that you are helping someone murder another person, that means that you are truly lacking confidence and self-awareness in your own life.

A Sinful Dream?

Killing someone in a dream suggests to you that you have powerful enough urges that, left unchecked by your conscious awareness, you could take actions that might result in killing. If a murder-by-dreaming-of-someone keeps coming back, and you see real flashbacks of this causing your waking mind to be afraid, it is prompting you to face the hard things of life.

For instance, if you dream about killing your neighbour, or somebody at your place of work, etc., then that means that you have some factors irritating you in the waking life. This dream may even indicate suppressed anger or aggression toward someone, people, or even yourself, which you are currently experiencing in your waking life.

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Violent Feelings

Since you are not showing those feelings in your waking life, those emotions would then amplify in your dreams, turning into these horrific murder scenarios. When you dream about seeing a killer, this may mean an important part of your emotions has been shut down. Often, seeing a murderer in your dreams indicates an important part of your life has been cut off.

As far as the analysis of specific aspects of dreams of killing, theorists have suggested that if you are seeing the killing happening, you are being emotionally cut off from someone important in your life. Dreaming of seeing the murder is an expression that you are holding resentments, having hurt feelings, or do not like someone. The dream of being killed by hanging means you are confused about your relation to another person. Trying to understand why the killing was done to someone else in the dream may come from a number of circumstances.

An Unnatural Death

Dreams are far too personal, and every individual can have a variety of reasons why they view themselves as performing violent acts such as killing others. Dreams of killing a person can reflect deep-set emotions and the severe problems the dreamer has with the real-life person. In most cases, dreams of killing someone are, for the most part, metaphorical dreams; ones where whoever is being killed is the symbol, rather than an actual person. Many of my older dream books point out that dreams about killing may be representative of possible sacrifices in life, previous hurtful relationships, and, of course, of change.

Dreams of murder may occur repeatedly in your life because you still need to find a release from accumulated anger or resentment toward a particular person(s) in your life. Your inability to let go of those feelings could be turning those feelings into highly visual, violent dreams, such as killing someone. If you are having lots of problems in your life waking up, such as stress at work, productivity problems, and stressed relationships, then it is possible that you will commit mass murder in a dream. You may dream about dying when things are ending in your life or changing in significant ways, such as when a relationship ends, when you switch careers, or when you find out that you are pregnant for the first time.

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If in your dreams, you murder someone and you leave the body unburied, or run from the crime scene, this can suggest you are not facing up to your problems, and you are going to experience the consequences of your actions. If the person you know in your dream is the one that bothers you to no end, it can also signify how their presence, personality, or habits trouble you, and how you wish you could be free from them.

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