Dreams About Mice

Mice can be oddly alarming to people, with the old stereotype of people jumping up on to chairs the moment a cute, fluffy mouse appears.  While this may be hard to understand for those not terrified by mice, they carry deep dream symbolism that goes far beyond their powers to scare.

dreams about mice

Dreams About Mice

This dream is a wonderful opener, allowing for a greater understanding of your life, as long as you remember what the mice said to you. Dreaming of a dead rat is not a great feeling, except when you are either an extremely violent person, or if you are just really uncomfortable with rats. This dream represents other people making a big fuss about something in your life, and you cannot figure out why they are doing it.

Dreaming of a dead rat represents that you are unwilling to allow a situation to destroy your mood or destroy your life. Overall, the dream represents your feeling overburdened with negativity, and your willingness to release that negativity for good.

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Are You Killing Mice

In dreams of killing mice, it may also represent your will to purge your life of all bad people and to live free from any one that burdens you in any way. In this case, a dream of killing a mouse represents you winning against a foe in your real life. If in the dream, you saw yourself killing the rats at home, this means you are going to beat an enemy soon. Killing mice in your dreams represents your competitors intentionally getting in your way in your wake-up life, and that you will defeat them all in short order.

A tiny mouse in your dreams represents hope and fertility, and a dream of mice in your home means that you will have luck coming to you if you keep doing things the right way. Dreaming of mice in the house suggests there are false friends and others in your wakeful life that do not want you to succeed.

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The White Mouse

The best thing to say about dreams about mice or rats is that if they represent fear, you should not be worried, as there is probably nothing you are worried about, or they are a few minor problems. A mouse dream can also symbolize fear, and if it does, then that is generally not cause for concern, as it is typically either an unfounded fear, or some unimportant problem you are afraid of.

Dreams of mice can also bring up certain psychological issues that you may be having about feelings of not being enough or good enough. That is, dreams of mice might even simply be representing fears or anxieties you have that you have to work through in your actual life situations.

Mouse Symbolism

A dream where you choose to allow the mice to run away could indicate you are going to face some financial problems in the near future. In fact, dreaming of catching a mouse generally means you will make some financial gains in the near future.

If you have dreams of feeling bad about letting a rat or rat run away from your trap, these dreams are generally not a good sign. Dreaming of giving a mouse or mouse something to eat – If you dreamed of giving a mouse or a mouse something to eat, such dream is not a good sign.

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Rat Dreams And Mice Dreams

Dreaming of a rat or mice running around your home – If you saw a rat or some rats running around your home, this type of dream is a bad sign, symbolizing conflict in the near future, perhaps with a member of your family or friends. If you saw mice running through your home unimpeded, such a dream may signify some conflicts in the near future with your family members.

If you saw mice in large numbers around your home, such a dream is a bad sign, perhaps presaging that you may be a victim of malign gossip, destroying your reputation. Dreaming about a rat or mouse on your clothes: If you dreamed that there was a rat or rat on your clothes, such dreams are a bad sign, suggesting the likelihood that you may be a part of some scandal in the near future.

A single mouse in the dream typically symbolizes a certain fear that you are feeling, and mice generally represent small discomforts, but interpretations can vary. While mice generally symbolise small things and minor inconveniences taking up most of your time, one mouse generally symbolizes a certain kind of fear. Seeing a mouse in your dreams generally indicates fear, meekness, low importance, and a lack of assertiveness.

The Dead Mouse

To have a dream where you see a pet mouse suggests that you are domesticated and controlled by your fears. Dreaming about chasing after a mouse but not actually getting one might suggest that you are letting small problems get to you. A rat being chased by a cat or dog in the dream could mean others are bullying and holding authority over you. If you saw yourself eating the mouse in a dream, this type of dream might warn you to avoid unsafe places, potentially life-threatening.

If you were attacked by a rat or mouse in your dream, it means you are having a problem communicating with others, and you must work on that aspect of you, so you can have a simpler life.

Cat And Mouse

Dreams about cats that catches mice: If you see a cat, catch a mouse, or some mice, in your dreams, such dreams are generally not good signs. When you dream of many mice, this may mean it is a good time to leave the bad place that you are stuck at right now. White mice are not that common, but if you dream of them, then this indicates that you are going to get married happily, and you are going to be blessed with luck in your love life.

Dreams about giant mice are a sign that you are annoyed with the mundane things which are now becoming troublesome. If you have dreams about mice running from your home, this likely means you lack the courage to confront your problems in real life, so you are running from them. If you have found yourself dreaming about rice and rats trapped in a maze, that shows a feeling of powerlessness about your career. If you are starting out with something new, and have no idea whether the project is going to turn out well or not, a mouse dream indicates your hard work is definitely going to pay off.

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