Dreams About Loosing Your Hair

Loosing hair is a reality for many men as they get older, and for some women at different stages of life. However, when hair loss enters dreams, while it may relate to feelings around these more common occurrences, it can also relate to deeper themes

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Dreams About Loosing Your Hair

Someone cutting your hair in the dream mirrors the power loss and life-force in your wake-up world. When in a dream, someone cuts your hair, it represents you losing your friendship, and will incur a material loss. When in a dream that you see how your hair is falling off, it symbolizes that you will begin to lose valuables, as losing hair is the symbol of poverty and defeat.

Hair also represents power, and if you are dreaming about how your hair is falling off, this could indicate that you are losing control and feeling helpless in certain areas of your life. Dreaming about your hair falling out can represent concerns over growing older, and coming face-to-face with the beauty issues that come with getting older, like losing your hair. For someone who places importance on his or her hair, a dream of this could indicate a major problem in life, such as feeling like you are losing power or having to redefine ones identity. A dream of losing ones hair may also reflect a persons feelings regarding their attraction and how they feel others view them.

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What Hair Means

Interpretations of losing or losing hair will depend greatly on the persons feelings regarding their hair, according to cultural, personal, and spiritual beliefs. In some cases, a persons dreams may be caused by real-life hair loss, but for most, it has deeper symbolic significance to the dreamer. In others, the dreams either revealed a persons fears about real-life hair loss, or were the result of their shock caused by realizing that they were losing their hair.

Sometimes a hair loss dream is caused by a persons fear of losing something valuable, and details of the dream may detail areas in which a person fears a potential loss. In the first instance, a hair loss dream could be interpreted to mean losing something valuable to oneself during ones waking life. Often, losing your hair in dreams is also associated with declining social status, or losing power, money, or even respect from people.

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Low Self Esteem?

Dreaming about balding of your head because of loss of hair may indicate a lack of self-esteem and a fear of growing older. While beauty has nothing to do with hair length, a dream of going bald may indicate a lifelong lack of self-esteem. When you dream that your hair is falling off and that you are going bald, the vision represents failure, that you are going to experience many losses, possibly even annihilation.

Against this backdrop, losing your hair because of cutting it, or having it fall off in a dream, can represent giving up or losing authority and control over certain parts of your life. If one is losing lots of hair in the dream, it means your boss or other authoritative individual is going to become responsible for causing financial losses for the dreamer.

While its not a reason as prevalent as, say, feeling like you are losing control of your life, losing hair in a dream can be another kind of loss, and this is of your confidence and/or sense of beauty. If you feel like thereas someone out there having an adverse impact on your life, potentially causing unwanted stress, this may be a reason for a hair-loss dream.

Overall Health And Poisons

When the dream describes you losing hair due to potentially poisonous materials in the environment, this may indicate you have toxic people in your life – people that are causing you unnecessary stress and harm to your health. A dream about hair falling out may also relate to the idea that toxic, toxic relationships exist in your life. Dreaming about someones hair falling off indicates a life – draining dullness, poor mental or physical health, or the mental decline of a loved one.

Dreams that involve falling hair are usually portents of negative feelings about growing older, or coming to terms with accepting ones own age. More often than not, dreams featuring hair falling (or teeth falling, for that matter) usually speak of a dreamers fears of growing older, losing vitality, and in general being less attractive and vital than they used to be. For instance, many people dream about losing hair when they get older because they are fearful about growing older, and losing your hair is a visible indication of this, making it hard to hide from others. For instance, having just a small amount of hair on your head might indicate you are overly concerned with how others will see you.

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A Negative Omen

If hair is little more than an annoying task, hair might symbolise something from which you wish to be released. If, during your wakeful life, you put great value on your hair, it may symbolize something precious to you. Whether you have gotten longer locks or a shorter buzz cut, your hair holds many significances, particularly in dreams.

In general, healthy dream hair is reflective of a happy, fortunate wake-up life, whereas messy or damaged dream hair may indicate complications in your daily routine. Dreaming that your hair is damaged or fragile may suggest the need for thinking in a more positive or novel manner, and tangled hair may symbolise getting caught up in an untidy or difficult situation in waking life. If the hair color in your dream is the same as it is normally, this indicates responsibilities and complications related to your home life.

Losing hair is not something which can easily be prevented or stopped entirely, and a person usually feels powerless in such situations; this is why, such dream scenarios are used by our subconscious mind to portray situations in which we have no control of our circumstances.

Total Baldness Hair Dream

While dying ones hair black in the dream indicates darker thoughts and deeper sadness, doing so by bleaching it represents feelings of having ones life being equally colourless and/or stripped of its meaning. If you dream that gray hair falls away, with a tuft of beautiful new hair growing in its place, you are getting rid of something that has been bothering you for too long, preventing you from developing.

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