Dreams About Looking For Someone

Dreams about looking for someone can occur in many settings, and herald many symbolic meanings. Who are you looking for? Is it a loved one, someone you work with, or perhaps someone you don’t know in waking life?

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Dreams About Looking For Someone

According to one theory, when you are in your dreams looking for someone, that means something is missing from your real life, and you are trying to find it. Another dream interpretation theory says that if you dream looking for someone that you know, it could mean you are scared your relationship with that person might fizzle. When you dream about looking for someone and cannot find them, it can mean you have lost someone important, or that you are on the verge of losing that person in real life. The dream may mean you are trying to rebuild an intimacy and connection you once shared with a person that you knew.

When you dream about someone that you love, that means you are subliminally longing for this person to be present in your life. In addition to wanting, dreams mean you are thinking about them positively, and want to make them part of your life, however it is. Your dreams might mean you are going through a major personal change, and need to have someone you can talk to about it.

Soulmate Dreams

Another meaning that it can have, where you are looking for someone in a dream but cannot find it, is you are trying to find something or someone who will meet your desires, and yet, you are still not getting there. If the person you loved is no longer in your life, dreaming might represent you yearning for a relationship that once existed.

Say you are dreaming of finding the person you loved; this may indicate you are missing them. Dreaming of searching for someone might represent the feelings of awakening to your life regarding a facet of your identity that is not working in society anymore. It is possible the person who dreams about you is thinking of you because they might wish to connect to you in some way, causing the wish for contact with them to occur in waking life. Dreaming of an ex or of someone still in your life, but not in the relationship you are currently in, may be a sign you are looking to do something new with this person.

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Ex Dreams

People often interpret having an ex in their dreams as a sign of deep-rooted feelings they have towards that person. Dreams can easily be interpreted, and it is even possible that someone else, not the ex, may also show up in a dream. It may even be helpful to find out what the other person looks like, whether you were present when a dream of someone else occurred, or there are certain objects in the dream you can reflect on.

Remember, sometimes in the dream world, the interpretation is different than the one you are seeing, so a dream can even mean someone you love is trying to distance themselves from you. This dream might also mean you admire someone, and want to develop traits and qualities from that person into yourself.

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This is not likely to occur, as if you had such a dream, it means someone that you are attracted to is attracted to you, but does not know how to get close to you. When these types of dreams occur, your subconscious is trying to communicate to you what you want, and that urge is to meet that person and spend time together. This can also be a kind of questing dream that you experience after the relationship ends, when you are adapting to not seeing the people you knew as often.

A really nice experience that has the highly unusual characteristic that, although you are not thinking about the person you love the whole day, you may end up seeing them or them in a dream. Unfortunately, dreaming is not the type of foreshadowing where if a person you like shows up, that means that you are going to have a relationship with that person, though legend says that if two people dream of the same thing in the same night, then that dream becomes real. Dreaming about the person you like is one of those dreams which has no specific explanation, but a specific motive. If you begin dreaming about the person that means so much to you, this may be because you are connected at the subconscious level, and this person may guide you on the emotional rollercoaster called life.

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Indigenous Cultures

If you had positive interactions with a person that annoyed you either before or after your dream, it is likely also that it is simply your subconscious setting you up for something good. The dreams are probably caused because somebody ignored or did not participate in your advances.

If the dream seems out of nowhere, and you do not have any reason to suspect that it is from our significant other, then the dream does not mean they are. People can worry about other people, and may have dreams about them, due to certain emotional states that they are in at that moment.

For some, dreams might mean that they view their crush as something they can rely on, or might symbolise their desire to have a person from whom they are separated. If you are dreaming about looking for something you never had, this might symbolize feeling that you are missing out on something in life. Sometimes, dreams about searching for someone in the crowd are symbolic of an actual life project or idea that has not been able to take off.

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