Dreams About Lions: King Of The Jungle And Your Dreams?

A King among animals, the lion holds a special place in the human psyche. Noble, strong, self-assured, when a lion crops up in your dreams, the symbolism is powerful.

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Dreams About Lions

A lion in your dreams may stand for resolve, power, and encouragement, as well as bringing willpower and strength together in order to accomplish goals or remain persistent. Seeing a lion in a dream represents a coming together of your personal willpower and determination, coming together with Divine will and support. I really do believe a lion, when represented in dreams, indicates you are about to meet with strength, courage, and power in your life.

When the lion appears in your dreams, he holds the message of your personal strength and power, which may lie beneath the surface. The lion animal appears in your dream to praise your bravery and resolve, or may urge you to be more brave. If the lion appears in your dream, it is meant to provide you with courage for facing challenges that lie ahead, therefore, seeing the lion in your dreams could indicate there are obstacles that lie ahead.

Aggressive Behavior

For some people, more commonly, dreams about a lion can mean suppressed feelings of aggression and anger toward a person who is being mean to you. Specifically, if you have a lion dream, this means that you are lacking in internal peace, feeling conflicted with some aspects of yourself.

If you saw a lion in a dream, it means that you are filled with negative emotions, but that you can overcome those emotions during your later periods. A lion in a dream also means having the power to overcome some of your emotional problems by getting in touch with feelings and taming them, if needed. Dreaming about being a lion means getting over emotional difficulties, particularly if you are going through difficult times and are calling out your own personal issues.

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Great Strength And Lion Symbolism

Dreaming of seeing a lion means that you are aware of your potential, but perhaps are unsure of how to tap into that. If you are dreaming about seeing a real animal, or the motif of lions somewhere else, that means you are going through a phase in your life in which you are going to find out where your real strengths are, and what your best qualities are. How the lion appears in your dream is so important in understanding what the dream may really mean, as well as how you can interpret lions spirit symbolism with regard to your own life.

Dreams about the lion have a strong symbolic value, which is why such dreams often leave you wondering about the deeper spiritual significance. Lions also carry a considerable amount of significance in dreams, and waking up to a lion can trigger quite a number of powerful emotions. Dreams of lions usually contain much of the spiritual significance lions are known for, and are either a manifestation of those characteristics you possess, or a sign that you must strive for greater possession of those characteristics to advance. If dreams of lions feel dead and boring, then perhaps it is time to claim some more strength in your everyday life.

Is A Lion Your Spirit Animal?

When you dream about a lion, the universe is likely sending you the message that you must exert greater passion and aggressive focus in whatever it is that you are pursuing for yourself to be successful. If you dream of riding a lions back, that means you are going to win over your aggressive side and put your energy to work as best as possible. You must notice this dream, and acknowledge that a lion is your power and your power, you must allow that power to come to you, and accept the traits that are within you. If you had this dream, and you are feeling like your own doubts or self-doubt are holding you back in your wake-up life, a running lion is there to remind you that you really do have the internal strength to reach your goals.

If in your dream you saw yourself feeling safe around a lion, this is symbolic of protection and caring. If you dreamed that you ran from the lion, this represents an opposing significance, it symbolises your escapism tendencies. Since the lion has an extraordinary amount of speed when it comes to hunting its enemies, this is telling you to resist it bravely, never to let the enemy prevail. When lions are after us in dreams, it may symbolize something that we cannot see, but we feel within, something that is hunting us, something that is going to overcome us and eat us alive.

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Roaring Lion And Bible Lions

If you see a lion in a dream, but you do not see it attacking you or others, then that means either you are fascinated by its beauty, or enchanted by its fierceness. When you see a lion attacking someone else in your dream, it means you are feeling helpless to help your loved one. If you see a sleeping lion in your dream, it means your strong, unknown guardian is not with you, so the person cannot help you when you are stuck with either financial or legal problems. If the lions seem odd, scary, or alarming in the dream, this is best interpreted as enemies trying to consume and swallow you.

Having the lion talk to you in a dream indicates the enemy is trying to tear your fate to shreds. When most common dreams of lions occur, a symbolic spirit animal, lion, is trying to connect you with personal struggles and aspects of your life you are trying to run away from, and showing you ways of coming out of it. Dreams where the person sees the lion, or becomes friends with the lion This majestic, dangerous animal The lion These majestic, dangerous animals are extremely positive, as they indicate the dreamer is enjoying a lot of protection from the sky.


Apart from the raw energy, power, powerful will, pride, and fame, the lion in your dreams symbolizes self-confidence, self-control, and coolness. The lion has a capacity for manifestation related to underlying fears that you must conquer, or that you have triggered new, found, powerful potentials inside.

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