Dreams About Leeches: Sucking Symbolism?

Leeches seldom have positive connotations in modern life. They conjure notions of swamps, hidden creatures and unpleasant attachments, but in earlier times they were often used in medicine.  What symbolism could they be conjuring in your dreams?

dreaming about leeches

Dreams About Leeches

If you do not usually come into contact with leeches, then you need to be aware of leeching dream meanings in order to interpret your dreams. If in your dream, you are walking around, and you are being stuck by leeches, this is interpreted to mean there are people out there that wish to rely on you.

If you are dreaming about leeches on your feet, you are concerned about somebody in your life trying to take advantage of you. Having a dream of leeches crawling all over your body could mean that you are feeling undermined by your own thoughts or by some other critique.

A Killing Leech Dream

Dreaming that you are killing leeches suggests someone in your life might drain you of all motivation, energy, and positive thinking. Dreaming about killing leeches could indicate you are getting rid of toxic people that are draining your energy in life.

To dream that you are throwing away leeches suggests you are feeling disgusted with your body, thoughts, or the things that you have done. If you are feeling undermined by others actions or inactions, or your own thoughts, you may wish to dream that you are covered with leeches.

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Numerous Leeches And Worms

To see numerous leeches and infestations in a dream indicates you are being sabotaged and pulled down by certain people in your life. To dream about leeches infestation, implies a large number of people are ruining your life, sucking you dry, literally, down to your last dribble. If you are lucky enough to dream of removing the leeches, you are betting that there are tens or hundreds of people and problems that are draining you mentally, emotionally, and physically. If in your dream, you had lots of leeches on your feet, that is because there are a lot of aspects of your life that need changing to get to where you want to be.

To dream about leeches on your feet means you need to change your life in order to improve aspects of your life which are taking up so much energy for you today. To dream of leeches on your feet is an obvious warning that you must make changes to your life in order to succeed. To dream of seeing leeches covering your bed is a sign that you should reflect carefully on decisions and actions that you wish to take.

Leeches Crawling Beneath Your Skin?

To dream of leeches crawling beneath your skin indicates that someone is trying to enter your thoughts in order to make you do undesirable things. If you find yourself dreaming of leech sucking the blood from your skin, it may mean someone is trying to get into your mind in order to force you to do things that they want. To dream about a leech in your mouth, foretells someone is going to throw a horrible insult at you, one that destroys your self-confidence. To have dreams of crushed leeches indicates that the people you love and care for will be mean to you regarding one issue.

Dreaming of medically crushing leeches onto others means that a friend of yours will become ill, or your friend is going through trouble. If you dream of someone placing a medical leech on you with the intention of curing an illness, someone in your family is going to have a serious illness (if you are lucky enough to be spared). The declining health and poor state of health of someone or people from your immediate surroundings is what dreams where you are supposed to be using leeches for medical purposes means.

dreaming about leeches

Medicinal Leeching

If in your dreams, the doctor or a nurse applies the leeches to your body as a part of a medical treatment, it is a sign that you are concerned for your health, and may have legitimate concerns. Leeches drain blood from their victims in a very literal way, so seeing or being involved with one in your dream could be a sign that you are feeling depleted in your life.

When you are thinking about animals such as leeches, the interpretations for dreams begin poorly, as these parasites would sap any and all positive energy from you, causing you to experience a fatigued state. Generally, the leeches of the dream world represent people, habits, problems, or emotions sucking the energy from you.

To start, having a black leech appear in a dream indicates that there are pessimistic, negative-minded people in your life and in the vicinity. Often, slimy creatures in dreams are representative of your friends, or, if we are allowed to speak, soul-sucking leeches in your life.

The Solitary Leech Dream Interpretation

If it is just one leech, then you have nothing to worry about, but the more leeches you meet in the dream, the more it is probably someone in your life trying to take advantage of you. If the leech in your dreams is used for therapeutic purposes, then it may represent the negative things being removed from your life.

If you dream about the entire body being covered with leeches, this may be symbolic of the lack of confidence, causing your work and personal life to suffer. Dreaming about leeches may also be an invitation for your characters strength to overcome obstacles in your life. Dreams can also be an expression of the Lord sucking the anxieties or stresses from your body and healing you. Dreaming might represent your conscious mind beginning to cope with the negative energies, either defending your stance or pushing back.

The Leech Bite

Dreaming of being bitten by a leecher suggests that you are going to experience unpleasant complications as you attempt to disengage yourself from the negative leechers in waking life. To dream of leeches trying to latch on and assault you, indicates an acquisitive individual or vice which can hook you, like a vampire or a bat.

If you see leeches sucking blood from you in your dreams, that means you are being taken advantage of. When you see someone else getting caught by leeches in a dream, it means you need to be extra careful about signing contracts.


Leeches are the symbol of drained people, and if you see one in a dream, it suggests there is a person who is just that, and they are making things hard for you in your job or home. In the dream, leeches typically represent negative elements in your life that sap the energy and vitality from you, and habits or people who cause things to go wrong, physically and mentally.

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