Dreams About Knives:

Dreaming often concerns lofty themes and grand symbols, but sometimes the seemingly mundane makes a clear appearance. Dreaming about knives may seem trivial, but the fact that you’ve come to this article suggests what you may already know – the dream was more significant than you might be tempted to think.

dreams about knives

Dreams About Knives

Dreams of knives are usually a sign that you have to act in order to address and resolve certain issues that you are experiencing. Dreams of knives are often a sign there is something in your life that you need to let go. In dreams, knives generally represent separation, and seeing one means you have to look at your life, take things down, and perhaps let go of a few things.

If you are dreaming of knives, or knives, perhaps the dream is an indication that you need to cut out something or someone from your life. Seeing yourself in the dream cutting things with a knife is really a sign that you might be at serious risk in your life. If you saw someone holding a knife, a dream like this could mean someone in your life is controlling you in some way. If you are holding a knife in your hand in your dreams, such dreams may mean you want to attack someone, or need to protect yourself from someone.

Sharp Knives Dream Symbol

If you were dreaming about holding a sharp knife set in a dream, such dream might indicate that you are ready to cut the toxic love relationship out of your life and move on. If you saw the blades of knives in a dream, such a dream could indicate that you are willing and intending to stand up for your decisions. The dream uses a knife as a symbol to refer to certain significant events in your life. When you see a knife lying on the floor, the dream is symbolizing the fact that you should be careful about what you are doing.

While, when in a dream, you see a knife on the table, it symbolizes that you are in disagreements with your partner, which could lead to a breakup. When in a dream that you see someone else sharpening the knife, this means you are going to sacrifice yourself for others. If you dream of someone else cutting himself with a knife, it means you will be warning your loved one to no avail of the potential negative consequences of certain decisions, as the person will be unwilling to listen. If you dream that someone is going to cut you with a knife, this type of dream typically alerts you to be careful of the actions of this person toward you.

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Special Knives

If you killed someone with a knife in a dream, such dreams are actually good signs, perhaps suggesting that you have romantic tendencies toward someone, perhaps even towards that person in the dream. If you dreamed of your mother threatening you with a knife, such dream is not a good sign, perhaps indicating conflicts and contentions in your relationships, especially with family members or friends. If you saw a really sharp knife in your dreams, such dream is not a good sign, possibly indicating that someone close to you, like family members, friends, or even romantic partners, may be cheating on you in the near future. If you are going to deal with someone in your wakeful life, you may get these types of dreams about trying to stab someone with a knife.

If you have dreams about holding a knife or dagger, it could be that you are having lots of problems in your waking life. If you dream of being stabbed, it could be a sign that you need to work on your emotions and figure out why they show up in dreams.

Knife Carrying And Nightmares

Dreaming about carrying a knife around indicates violence, aggression, and disassociation. For example, a dream about knives can symbolise the sense of having experienced unfairness and fear when you are in contact with people.

A knife in a dream is generally interpreted to be symbolic of lying coming from your side; the benign lie you might need to tell in order to save someone you care about something nasty, unwanted, and uncomfortable. If you dream of seeing or holding a particularly large knife, this means someone in your life has been deceiving you the whole time. Having a dream of seeing or using an injured knife is a sinister sign predicting that some unforeseen event or circumstance may soon wipe out all of your hopes and dreams. Dreaming about having a dream in which you see or have encountered a big pile of knives is usually interpreted as a sign that you were offended by the words and actions of someone.

dreams about knives

Strong Symbolism And The Knife Drawer

Dreams that include knives are symbols to draw attention to things being removed from our lives. Knife dreams may in some cases carry a positive significance, so much so that you would feel excited about waking up with a knife. Dreams of knives may indicate there is something in your life that needs cutting You might need to sever ties or break up a relationship with someone, or that a negative habit or behaviour needs to stop or cut.

Dreams of killing someone with a knife represent cutting out a bad habit or breaking up with someone. A knife used in the dream to hurt or kill an imagined enemy suggests your unconscious wants to help you conquer fear. If you use a knife or dagger to wound or kill a perceived enemy in the dream, it indicates that your subconscious wants you to overcome your fears. When you dream of sharpening a knife, this dream signifies that you must be more flexible and not always pretend you are right about everything, as your role may harm those rightfully on your side.

Pointing The Dream Knife

If you are the person that is being pointed a knife at in your dream, then it is time to sit with yourself and try to figure out who is treating you this way, and why. Dreams about finding the knife are a sign that the people closest to you are going to have conflicts, and it is up to you to make peace with them, to soothe your soul. A knife is usually a sign of separation, and seeing one in a dream means you will have to take stock of your life, slash things, maybe let go of a few things from your life.


If you have dreamed about being knifed in the back, either by some friends, then those dreams mean that you need to examine who are your real friends. Sometimes, a dream like this may be representative of someone in your life that you feel is trying to get back at you, for whatever reason.

If you see another people washing their knives in the dream, that means decisions made in an impulsive way will have bad consequences at one time or another.

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